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Dawn1162 10-28-2008 07:18 AM

daughters acne wont respond
My daughter is 15 (almost 16) and dealing with mild/moderate acne for 2 years. Went to a derm. and tried some topicals (differin/retina a micro) also an oral antiobiotic. We really saw no improvement. Decided to take the natural route. Started buying organic, cut way back on her cheese intake, added some fish oil daily, added an antioxidant drink daily, she takes a great multi vitamin. Also had her hormone levels checked because there were other symptoms we were concerned with. Found out she is low in all her hormones. On June 5, 2008, she started a natural hormone program. She uses a pregnenolong cream daily and on cycle days 14-28 she use a natural progesterone cream. This treatment has definitely helped with her other symptoms but really dont seem to notice much difference in her acne. My daughters acne is not severe and cystic but some tiny little pimples. Mostly on her forehead (she does not have bangs) and on her lower cheeks (little above her jaw). We were told by the naturpathic endocrinologist that it does look like hormonal acne, but why hasnt her skin responded. We have a follow up visit in 2 weeks. Diet is very decent: no pop, very little dairy, sugar only in moderation, organic as much as possible, water daily. What is the problem here. Are we missing something? Any advice would be helpful.

ukladybird 10-28-2008 12:33 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Hi there,
is she a Picker?? because I know this makes it so much worse :( I am posted Under Picking...I have had ACNE when Pregnant had what I describe as " bubbling" with puss I had a perscription just from my FP and it was a mixture of an anti-biotic and Benzoyl Peroxide, it did help dry it up, then I got on Proactiv , I am sure you have heard of it? like with Anything and everything there is good and and Bad claims...I dont think theres one treatment for Acne sufferers sadly its trial and error.

I never went to a Dermatologist yet (was too embarassed then heard mixed stories of how they can put you on very $ skin care with hardly any results..but again the Internet can be your best friend or worst enemy!

I am not here to tell you what to do, sounds like your daughter eats well though its also said that food rarely affects you having or getting ACNE its a myth greasy foods give you Acne! I tend to agree I think its hormonal often but not always, again I am not Dr :(

just give your daughter as much support as you can, and if you dont know ask her if she picks? this I know and read over and over DO NOT PICK and I am 34 and finally realizing its very important to not touch your face ...let alone spend 30 minuites in the mirror picking...sometimes even in our intellectual mind we know to not do something but still do it... but I really am deciding to make this change to improve not jsut my skin but how I face the world........

I think you are being a wonderful mum trying to get help for your daughter and I am sure she appreciates it very much too...having bad skin is very difficult ..I would know!

but be there for her and try and just see what she is telling you, listen to her she will tell you if for example something shes using is making her skin feel worse, listen to her..

though I know changing products too often also makes treatment harder your skin takes time to have affect or bad affect and if like me you change over and over you never know what product is helping or not....

I wish I could give you a magic answer..I wanted to just offer some support to you

but keep doing what you think is whats right for you and your Daughter...and try to listen to your inner voice and dont take it too much of what you read on the internet

Take care!

Dawn1162 10-28-2008 12:44 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Thanks for the support. I do find her occasionally picking; not a lot though. I am always telling her not to; she says she is just picking the dry skin off. Its not constant just once in a while. We are very close so we talk openly about everything. She is handling it great but does get a bit frustrated at times because we have been doing everything right. All my cleaners are non-toxic, no chemicals or anything. I wash her pillow case daily; she uses shampoo and conditioner with no harsh chemicals in it and nothing seems to show her improvement. Fortunately, she is a girl and makeup does help somewhat. She uses tea tree oil rather than benzoyl peroxide; I heard that is less harsh on your skin than BP. Good talking to you.

ukladybird 10-28-2008 01:02 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Make-up can be very irrertaiting for Acne , one thing I found that is great and if you like the more natural approach (its mineral there are cheaper Knock offs but this I think is very good at hiding blemishes, imperfection) infact when I tell my friend about my spot say she looks at me like what bad skin! unless its a big scab then yes its harder to hide

good luck!

Dawn1162 10-28-2008 03:15 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
She does use mineral makeup. Its naked minerals makeup - just the foundation. I know there are all kinds of mineral makeups out there. I read about this one and it doesnt have any of the ingredients I was told she should stay away from. Her acne is not inflamed and cystic. Its really weird. She has some tiny little pimples but she has it seems some dry patches that get flaky. Its really strange; but I am trying so hard to help her through this. I myself had terrible acne, the cystic kind. I have scars to this day. I just dont want her to have skin like mine. I cant wait to see our naturpathic endocrinologist next week and see what see says. Thanks again.

ukladybird 10-28-2008 03:30 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
well let me know how that goes :) and I know having Acne is very hard and you have been through it too, I hope my daughter gets her dads skin :) we will husband does not get any! he doesnt even wash it with anything! not fair hay!

keep me posted with your Daughter
I wish you both the best!

does she come on here to talk to teenage girls in the same boat? I wonder if there is a thread for teenagers in particular, just a thought.

Dawn1162 10-28-2008 04:36 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Yeah it certainly is not fair. My daughter knows kids that eat like crap, dont do anything to their face and are completely acne free. I get so angry about that. No my daughter does not come on this board; she doesnt even know I come on here to talk. I dont want her to know I am doing this because then she might feel like I think her acne is terrible. Its not extremely terrible; I just dont want her skin to get as bad as mine was. I absolutely hated high school. I am wondering. We have been dealing with this for about 2 years now; is it possible it will still get worse or is this the worse of it. If it was going to be the big inflamed cystic acne would it have already been like that or could it still get that bad. I was just talking to her and she had some red spots on her forehead - I asked her if she was picking and she there was some dry skin there and she picked it off but sometimes it bleeds. I got a little upset with her for doing that. I am constantly telling her not to do that. But the little flakes of dry skin bother her. Is it possible to have acne and dry skin? Thanks so much for talking.

ukladybird 10-28-2008 05:24 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
yes I think it is definately possible to have dry patches even with Acne, I had this idea that I had to dry up all all oil (though I was always like combination T zone) not lever oily all over...whats your Daughters like? what skin therpay is she on now? if its to ask? :)

yes , I am sure you feel badly for your daughter but you are being a great mum trying to help her , and yes I know you want only the best for her....and giving her grief when shes picking her possibly is totally natural becuase I really think often it makes it way worse...........

does she has a moisterizer (oil Free ?) for her dry patches she says shes flicking off?

I just washed my face for the night! ( didnt pick it today a small step but it feels good to have a little will power!!!) its tingling a bit, feel clean I think its the benzoyl Peroxide , I have read so much too about skin and I know theres many bad things sad about what I am using right now! I have tried many things, Murad, over the counter everything once probably...and then posh brands like CLARINS and CLINIQUE but they all are for people with just "NORMAL SKIN" CLINQUE does have a ACNE range I tried for a while no luck :(
I tried Organic too! that helped for a while but then started getting blackheads! my skin felt comfortable though like balanced but I was breaking out all on my head!!!! its so frustrating.......

I never thought I would be worrying about this at my age! 34 I thought I would be using the Anti-aging cream!!!!!

I think though for Acne its about not being too dry or oily because thats when you break out so getting that right balance is tough!!! then hormones!!! I am on Birth control that helps with ACNE (yeah right) but again with me is that fact I PICK that have made a nightmare for myself ,I have myself to blame , so i am mad at myself :(

I used to have lovelly skin when I was like 13 till like 21 then it jsut started slightly but during pregnancy and since my kids it seems my skin has never really been truly Clear for so long!!!!actually thats not the whoe truth it is if I have a tan! but thats not good for ACNE afterwards think again thats my DEMON is coming off tanning beds recently :( you cant win!

well hope you have a goodnight! its been nice to talk today and I will keep checking in , so anytime you want to chat, I am here :)

Dawn1162 10-31-2008 08:00 AM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Hey there,
Thanks for responding back. I use to think my daughter had oily skin because she was dealing with pimples and stuff; but I am wondering if it is actually dry. Lately, she has these dry patches that are terrible. She picks away at the flakes of dry skin then sometimes it bleeds a little. Which, ofcourse makes it look worse. I am wondering if these patches are old pimples that are drying out. She does use a moisturizer by Kiss My Face. These company doesnt use any harsh chemicals in their products which is what I want. I want to keep things as chemical free as possible on her face. I absolutely hate acne and pimples and everything that goes along with it. I feel like it is a constant battle to try and keep her face blemish free. I know she is a teenager and it kinda goes with the territory, but it totally SUCKS! Well, thanks for chatting.

ukladybird 10-31-2008 08:28 AM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Hi Dawn!
yes maybe she does have Dry now? and that can still cause Acne I have learned being too dry isnt good either....I like the Proactiv moisterizer I have...its Oil free..maybe its what shes using to wash her face drying her out? and also temperature of water need to be cooler rather than HOT...I have started using warm water see I love HOT! hot showers but its gotta turn the temp down :) hard but trying hard!!!

maybe see if cutting back on her products helps? unless otherwise advised by her for me I see the Repairong lotion can be drying so using it once a day as of is a hard your right

Picking has been my biggest enemy , I had a little fall back today I started to mess with my zit I ahve ...but I stopped after it did nothing...I felt bad BUT before I would ahve kept going till I knocked off skin to like a graze!!!! mine is looking better tingles a bit with the Benzoyl Peroxide! but think its normal and stop in a little while...

I hope in a few weeks its much better in time for a wedding I am going too!!!social things are hard! but with a clearer face it makes a difference!

well I will talk to you soon I hope...I am not feeling well :( and Daughter had me awake alot coughing and sons got a cold and I feel blah..least I am home with no make-up on letting my skin breath!

well not sure if your into Halloween ? your daughters older :) I do treack or treating! I love is usually but this years a bit of a disaster! oh well will go for an hour then come back home //the kids love it even if there not 100% kids jsut will go and go!!!!


Dawn1162 10-31-2008 10:31 AM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Yeah Im not sure which is better - being oily or dry. Both are hard to deal with. She uses a sandalwood bar soap from Whole Foods then put an acne serum on her face from Young Living Essential oils (this serum has tea tree oil in it). This tea tree oil in this serum is like benzoyl peroxide but milder. Benzoyl peroxide was way too harsh on my daughter. She then puts on the moisutizer by Kiss My Face. I did have her cut back on the acne serum to only in the evening. At least for a few days. She usually puts it on AM and PM. I am wondering if maybe dabbing a little vaseline before bed on these dry patches will help. Not all over her face; just on these dry patches. What's your opinion? And yes, my daughter is older but still going trick/treating. She is being Tinkerbell. Going with a group of friends. Well, hope everything goes well for you. Enjoy your trick or treating with the kids.

ukladybird 10-31-2008 11:47 AM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Hi Dawn!
Argh Tinkerbell will be lovelly :) I hope its not too cold where you are? I am in MD supposed to be 60 not too bad!!!! my Daughter Katelyn is 4 shes a fairy ...LOL
my son Nick hes almost 8 is a skelington .....heehee! both are not feeling well nor am I so it will only be a quick trip out sadly but they are so wanting to go even if its an hour!

anyways back to skin...maybe the combonation of the soap and Serum is drying her out? I have used Tea Tree products before also many years ago from the Body shop and it can be drying if you use too much tea tree products.

I dont know about Vaseline, your right its great for dry patches but that might Block her pores? she might just like you said need to do the serum once a day? maybe a combination therpay of like Acne products to wash amd perhaps a moisterizer thats not for ACNE anything really fragrance-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic might be good to use the time she washed then doesnt do the serum ? like wash and moisterize? I am just throwing Ideas out long has she been using these products?

Dawn1162 10-31-2008 12:20 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
Weather is good here in Illinois. About 68 today so not bad at all. Yeah I am not sure about the vaseline either. My husband suggested it. I wouldnt have her put a heavy amount on just dab it on those nasty dry patches overnight. I wouldnt have her use it during the day. She has been using these skin care products since about May. And she never has had these dry patches before. She also goes tanning 1 or 2 times a week but she has been doing that since April. I did tell her to hold off on the tanning until these dry spots have cleared. These young girls always want to look tan. They say it makes you look better. Almost everyone in high school goes. She knows one girl who goes at least 5-6 times a week. I told my daughter no way; that is too much. Anyway, ill talk to you soon I hope. This is kinda fun.

ukladybird 10-31-2008 12:35 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
as for the Tanning Yes I Tan usually in the Spring ready for Summer ...but I stopped proably umm September after getting back from England for a wedding (I am from there) I think stopping that has contributed to my skin .. I likes how good my skin was on old is your daughter? yes girls have so many pressures dont they to be brown, thin, perfect hair, teeth, smile...clothes ..nails...popular etc etc!!! its awful, I am not looking forward to those days :) still a few years to go though !! (though I must say the years fly by)

ok well have fun tonight and be safe! and dont eat too much candy :)


Dawn1162 10-31-2008 07:08 PM

Re: daughters acne wont respond
My daughter will be 16 on December 22. There definitely are pressures for young girls these days. But my daughter is very well adjusted. She does handle the pressure of being a teenager fairly well. I think I am going to have her put a little vaseline on those dry patches - not on her entire face just those 3 patches for a few days and see if it helps. We are not really sure what they are. I dont know if its an old pimple that got really dried out or what. I never had anything like that when I had my acne. I certainly hope my daughter's acne at least doesnt get any worse. My skin was horrible; I have scarring today from it. My daughter's acne is not inflamed and cystic. They are more tiny pimples usually not even with a whitehead. Not sure if I mentioned this to you, but we found out in May 2008 that Heather is hormonally imbalanced. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are all low. Her estrogen and progesterone were extremely low. She uses 2 hormone creams. The endocrinologist thinks her acne is more hormone related; but so far we havent seen too much improvement since starting the hormone creams. We have a follow up with the endocr.on Tuesday (11/4). Well, hopefully something will kick in. Well, have a great weekend. Talk to you soon.

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