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I Give up! What do I do for hormonal acne?

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Old 10-05-2003, 05:40 PM   #1
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Pestimistic HB User
Post I Give up! What do I do for hormonal acne?

I have had this problem for around 5 years now; currently 21 old male. I get blemishes always in my chin area and forehead, it comes and goes; but when I breakout it is always bad and lasts for a couple of weeks. I always think that I have ridden of it after I get done with a breakout because I will be clear for a couple of weeks...but it always comes back, and it is always in the same areas. I think I am jsut gonna give up for a semester..gonna grow a beard ot goatie and just concetrate on school. Not worry about partying and hooking up with a girl. I am also going to work towards getting the perfect body..I signed up for a gym where I dont know anyone so I can just go in ther and lift and not care...but anyways I would like to try something for hormonal acne...I have no idea what to take. I do not belive in any facial washes, I think there all crap. I also have a bad picking problem so I think growing out a beard would help a lot...even though it may look like crap; might be worth it in the long run. Anyone have suggestions for what to try?

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Old 10-05-2003, 06:01 PM   #2
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CraigJ HB User

Have you tried looking at your diet? If you know that your acne is hormonal (which I think most acne is), it may be linked closely to what food you are eating. I am really starting to subscribe to this theory. Check out SweetJade's many recent postings on this subject. She has a LOT of really compelling information on how diet is linked to hormones and acne. I have been trying a low-GI (glycemic index, not gastro-intestinal), diet for about a week and I have seen a difference so far (although a week is nothing - it could just be a coincidence at this point, but I'm hopeful ).

Good luck!

Old 10-05-2003, 07:22 PM   #3
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Amby HB User

Hey Pestimistic

Iím a 21-year-old female and have acne basically all over my face but I really break out badly particularly on my chin. Itís a spot that just never gets better. On occasion, it will heal a bit and Iíll have some relief but sore, big blemishes always come back.

When you said youíre going to work on getting the perfect body, you sounded like me. I figured I couldnít do anything about my face right now. All the topical gels/creams and facial stuff donít do anything for me so I might as well work real hard on getting fit and toned. Iím also thinking about getting a better haircut, etc.
If I canít change my face, I will change other aspects of myself to try and gain SOME self-esteem and distract the hatred I have for my skin!

I have a bad picking problem too. Youíre not alone in this. Obviously, I donít know about facial hair but growing a beard may help at least with staying away from picking and scratching. The only thing that I can really suggest since Iím a bit of a failure when it comes to acne, is to use hot compresses. This doesnít prevent but when you already have breakouts it helps to reduce the soreness, swelling and redness and makes them heal faster, at least for me.

Take it easy and good luck on that bod (and the acne issue).

Old 10-05-2003, 08:58 PM   #4
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Pestimistic HB User

Craig I follow a very strict diet...because I lift weights and I eat a lot of proteins and low amounts of carbs..also I have very little sugar...besides I do not think my skin was ever related to eating, because I use to eat like crap and I broke out and now I eat really healty and I still breakout. Amby Yeah I am not sure if a beard will help but it always seems like I get a whole bunch of whiteheads after I shave..very annoying, since I have a picking problem I always mess with em and it makes my face look crappy..I think I am just gonna grow a goatie...I have had one before and it doesnt look to bad, plus it keeps me from picking. Yeah I think that is what I will do...that and continue my working out...wanna go for the brad pitt(body) look...halfway there. Hopefully with eating real healthy, drinking a bunch of water and will just flush its self out...well see.

Old 10-06-2003, 10:23 AM   #5
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Micheybell HB User

Amby, I have what I think is hormonal acne as well. What helped the most, for me, was birth control. It took 3 months for it to kick in and start helping my acne but it was well worth it. My chin always cleared up on birth control. I did recently go off the b/c so I did experience a breakout from that. But it's slowly getting better. There's always something lingering on my chin though.

I've been eating alot of garlic which I strongly believe has helped improve my skin. There was even a posting on garlic and it's benefits with acne. It's kind of gross to eat raw garlic but it's has really been helpful. A good tip is to eat a clove or two with a cucumber it helps mask the scent.

Old 10-07-2003, 03:45 PM   #6
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Amby HB User

Pestimistic - Yeah, it's common to get those white head things after you shave. Also, diet doesn't seem to do anything for my skin. I used to eat so crappy - bad skin. I now eat very healthy/clean - still same acne problem.

Micheybell - What B/C were you on? I was on orthotricyclene for almost a year and I only noticed a very slight change, like around my period my acne wouldn't get so crazy but my skin relly didn't improve much. I wonder if I should try it again or go on another one? I was thinking about going back on B/C anyway... Also, I happen to really like garlic but I never ate it raw! That supposedly helps, huh? Hmmm.. how much garlic do you eat? Thanks for the tip.

Take care

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Old 10-07-2003, 08:51 PM   #7
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SweetJade1 HB User

Out of curiosity, do these breakouts come around the time that you are doing your heaviest of lifting? I'm not to familar with wieght lifting, but from what other acne sufferers have said, they intentionally bulk up on not just protein but also lots of carbs so that they can boost there testosterone levels and build muscle. You say that you eat lots of protein and low carbs and you still manage to put on a lot of muscle?

I personally know that the only way I could (barely) gain weight was by eating the carbs. People that stop eating grains and have protein, fruits, veggies, left end up loosing that heavy muscle and are left with lean muscle. Unfortunately, some weightlifters that have acne decided to give up on becoming really big in order to have clear skin, would you do the same?

Others follow a low carb diet of some sort when they aren't training and found that their skin improved (some cleared). Of course, when they started training again, they would breakout because they started consuming all those grain carbohydrates again. So I'm just wondering if your breakout cycles seem to follow (shows up a few days or weeks later) your weight training periods???

If I said something wrong, well I told you I'm pretty clueless to the above ;-) Yet, I do know that there is a BIG difference between a "Healthy Diet", a Low Carbohydrate Diet, and an Insulin Balancing Diet. They aren't the same and of course some people arent' going to clear up if all they did was "lower" the carbs. Hence why one doesn't "notice" a difference when they switch diets or eliminate a certain type of food that. They may not have eliminated the problematic food item.

So for some people Sugar in and of itself is a problem, but for others it's specific forms of sugar. Like, for some of us, it's not a matter of "low carbing" so much as it is a matter of eliminating CERTAIN types of carbohydrates. No, junk food isn't just what I'm referring to (do add a lot of carbs though), but I'm referring to the amount of grains, particularly WHEAT, we get in our daily diets. This is what most dieters and acne sufferers have had to eliminate.

Of course, it's not always a matter of eliminating grains or "low carbing' to improve acne sufferer's Insulin Resistance. Sometimes you've gotta think about the possibility that you are INTOLERANT to certain OTHER foods (causes inflammatory reactions...cysts?). These other foods MAY just be what is causing your cystic acne (?) on your chin. Is there anything you stop eating and start eating again within your Clear Periods? Or is there something you are eating daily and than INCREASE at some point during this time?

No, I'm not asking you to eliminate everything, but just to be more aware. I personally discovered that not only does Gluten Grains (wheat, barely, rye, etc) cause me problems, but so does GF Refined Cereal (acne in/around earlobe), Soda, Bananas, Peanuts (forehead, eyebrow acne), and Cherries. They all give me cysts and some do so usually in Specific areas. Otherwise, I do what I please with my diet. Sugar isn't too big of a problem for me. At the worst, basic table sugar or candy seem to give me the tiniest of acne (if at all)that goes away immediately, where as the other foods take days - weeks before the cysts disappear.

Just some thoughts for you, good luck =)

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