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owlcity1 10-10-2009 02:00 PM

finally figured it out
Ive never really had "bad" acne but i seemed to never be able to make it go away. I play baseball and never get acne on my forehead where my hat and sweat just sit, but instead i always got it on my jaw line and it was really annoying. I tried tons of different creams and scrubs and none of them made a difference and the acne kept appearing in the same spots. So I sat and really thought about what could be causing it seeing as my face and shoulder are the only places i get it and its usually only one side of my face and shoulder at a time. And the only habit i could find was the way i slept. I noticed the side that i got the acne was the side that i was sleeping on at night and my face was on the pillow at pretty much the same area where i get my acne. So the past 3 days ive been sleeping on my back and my face has almost completely cleared up.

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