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wicketglen7 09-12-2003 03:41 PM

Yeah thank you!

SweetJade1 09-12-2003 07:23 PM

The kind of diet that worked for me was a Gluten Free one. If you visit the "Sugar will destroy your skin" thread you will get a MUCH better idea as to what kinds of foods you can and can't eat. So when you asked if I dont eat bread, that's right I don't, but you can eat GF bread. When you mentioned rice, I eat that almost daily and every now and then I'll have some GF pasta (NO regular pasta).

Here's the thread, please visit page 2 - [url=""][/url]
If you have any further questions, ask away ;-)

SweetJade1 09-15-2003 11:58 AM

Big Wreck,
How are things going for you? Have you read Joeh's posts? He's taking spiro, maybe he can help you out with this.

Best of luck

wicketglen7 09-15-2003 02:03 PM

I always thought a diet like yours would be very limiting as to what types of food you can and cannot eat, but I was proved wrong! So do you have to shop at a health food store to find the GF breads and pastas? Is that the only type of food that contains gluten? I tried a search on gluten stuff but mostly you had to buy the book to read it...

Big_Wreck 09-15-2003 05:51 PM

Hi Sweetjade, yes i have read his posts and i am strongly considering it. The problem i have is i am not sure if i can get this drug. I am in Canada (not beverly so i am not sure. i really feel this drug would help me and i am disappointed that i wont be able to get it. if you think the doctors in the U.S. are ignorant about acne, the doctors in canada are very sad. I guess i will just have to see. i am considering B5 as an after treatment as my accutane treatment will end in about 1 month. But this Spiro really seems like something that will hit the core of my problem. Once again thanx for all your posts and advice.


Entimann 09-15-2003 06:24 PM

right now i'm on a low carb diet. apparently when u start a diet like this chances are that you will breakout and i definately have. hormones are stored in fat and since i am not eating carbs i am burning fat. luckily i have little fat so i should stop breaking out soon.

i think what really ****ed me up was that i started to do the diet and then stopped for a day and ate LOTS of carbs. the next day i broke out pretty bad.

SweetJade1 09-15-2003 07:06 PM

LOL, that's what most people think. A change in diet doesn't have to be limiting. It only depends on how strongly certain things affect your body. If ALL graisn are a problem then you're more than likely going to have make all your meals, but you can still pancakes if you want (made with almond flour). ;-)

As for my diet, I don't really eat much bread products. When I do, yes, I usually purchase them at a healthfood store. Of course, there are some grocery stores that will carry some actual GF/Wheat Free items and you will find PLENTY of stores online that are in the U.S., Canada, UK, etc. My fav. store actually is in Canada (Kinnikinnick), but they offer only 10 shipping every 100 (or 200) dollars worth of food you order(U.S. customers). They make food fresh, and then ship it out. They make yummy cake donuts (I don't like cake donuts), cookies, and their bread is one fo the better ones I've tried (outside of baking my own). There's other bakerys that will ship foods, even pies, but the costs aren't that affordable.

You can get GF Pasta, Cereal, Waffles, Chicken Nuggets(the batter), Canned foods (like spaghetti), Packaged Soups (like Thai noodles), Soy Sauce (this is really good), and even Glutan-o's (Oreo Cookies). For my birthday, my coworker baked me GF Brownies, rather tasty ;-) Of course, most companies offer sample packs and that's a great way to try out different brands for yourself. Just do a search or visit some Celiac webpages and you'll find the companies (may have listed some on the board). No, I didn't have any repercussions from eating these foods.

Have fun =)

bunny9987 09-15-2003 08:12 PM

I take accutane , I am now completely clear, and I eat WHATEVER I WANT!!! :bouncing:

Big_Wreck 09-15-2003 08:28 PM

Why waste your time on acne boards if you are completely clear? and lets see how long U stay clear.....cause I would say for alot of people, the acne comes back if they do not seek treatments afterwards to hinder oil production. Goodluck


[This message has been edited by Big_Wreck (edited 09-15-2003).]

SweetJade1 09-15-2003 10:19 PM

LOL, Thanks big wreck. This post had over 1200 views and then you had to edit it. Funny how it does that. ;-)

ali44 09-18-2003 03:54 AM

hey sweetjade1, when you say look for 85%-95% sterols when buying saw palmetto, can you explain what you mean. i cheched the back of mine and it says 0.2% sterols on it. what does this mean? thanks.

Big_Wreck 09-20-2003 07:40 PM

Sorry am not experienced enough on these boards to even know the effects of editing a do have a question for you. Can you tell me what U know about topical Spiro for acne. How effective is it, the effects it has, how its used, the percentage needed. Or any other information you can give me if i choose to buy it. I have found a hairloss website and considered getting some. I am also still considering getting some internally. Thanx in advance for your reply.


noname 09-20-2003 08:41 PM

if i understood right by having sex you make your acne worse? that is just too much...

Big_Wreck 09-20-2003 10:48 PM

Well its true, but with a remark like that, your obviously ignorant. It does not make my acne worse, its apart of what actually causes my acne. If you actually had to ask after reading this thread, that shows you couldn't understand anyway so no reason trying to explain to you.

joeh 09-20-2003 11:55 PM

sweet jade 1 you really did ur research maybe u should be a derm. its been close to a year now and im 100% clear.i think big wreck might try the topical before he takes the oral.spiro has been great for me.maybe u can prescribe the oral in low doses with the topical.yes its a tricky drug to keep a male from becoming sterol.i think i had the worlds worst skin before spiro and now it looks great.if acne is really effecting a male mentally then he should see an endo or probably u on how to take anti-androgens without getting sterol.also i know some transexuals do a on and off cycle thing so they wont get sterol.that is pre-op ts.most m to f transexuals know a lot about anti-androgens cause it supresses androgens and estrogen gives them the fem features.its sorta like a see-saw effect.see girls males r the cause of ur acne i have seen girls that have excess body hair also with acne problems too.they definitely have to much androgens.

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