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JenniferGeo 04-14-2010 12:50 AM

Pore size, acne treatment in late 20's
Is pore size purely genetic? I have never had "big" blemishes but as i enter my late twenties 80% of my face is slightly bumpy with barely there seems like every pore on my face can be squeezed and you get a tad bit of white stuff. No treatment seems to do much and my pores seem to rapidly be getting so much bigger! I use the Acne Free line, retin a & antibiotics were not effective. I cant afford accutane and started taking generic Vitamin A, but i really doubt it does anything for the acne. Any treatment suggestions?

WhenItRains 04-22-2010 12:53 PM

Re: Pore size, acne treatment in late 20's
I had no luck with Retin A either.My face just peeled all the time,yet the acne never cleared.Have you ever tried Differin gel? It is in the retinoid family,but works in a different way then Retin A.Many people who find no relief with Retin A find that Differin works well and is less irritating.
You can also continue using your acne free line with it as long you don't get too much irritation.
Also,I think pores get bigger as we age...

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