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Danielle 12-24-2000 07:54 PM

Please help... bad acne scars
I've had acne for 14 years and I have terrible scarring from it. Thanks to Ortho Tricyclen birth control and Tazorac, my skin has been a lot better. But now I can really see how bad my scarring is <IMG SRC=""> I am talking about pitted scars. Does anyone know what's good for this? Has anyone had dermabrasion? Does it work? What about a chemical peel? I'm waiting for my next derm. appointment to ask what I should do.

I probably have to wait until my skin stays clear longer or the scars will just come back! Can anyone offer some advice? This really depresses me.

ryan 12-24-2000 10:52 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
you don't wanna do dermabrasion. it's a bit outdated. lasers are much more effective. not only that, but they're also somewhat less risky than dermabrasion as they're more precise, and in the hands of a skilled surgeon can produce pretty good results.

how deep is your scarring? chemical peels (tca) might do the trick. they usually involve a series of two or three, depending on what's necessary.

there's also a new laser out (nlite) which is non-ablative, and works not by removing the outer layers of the skin, but ny bypassing the outer layers to stimulate collagen growth from within. there are virtually no side effects, and even more, no down time. i've heard it produces about 80% of the effect of a co2 laser peel, but like i said, there's no down time, virtually no negative side effects, and it costs much less for full face. not sure what kind of results it might produce, but it'd be worth looking into. hope i helped.

Danielle 12-25-2000 10:56 AM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
Thanks Ryan.
Laser surgery sounds a lot better than dermabrasion. Do you know if a regular dermatologist does this or do I have to see someone else? Have you had a chemical peel yourself?

My old dermatologist had a skin surgeon evalutate my skin once and I was told I have a few "ice pick" scars that are really deep and on the surface on my face you can see pitted scars (crater like) that are obvious. I've heard that you can't always tell how deep a scar is. Thanks for your info.

ryan 12-25-2000 10:59 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
some dermatologists do lasers, dermabrasion, and chemical peels and whatnot, but honestly, i wouldn't go to one for any of that. it's much better to go to a plastic surgeon, in most cases. the trick is in finding one that's skilled. this is often hard to tell, even after seeing his/her work and talking with them. beware of those who tell you what you want to hear though instead of being frank with you. you may even do the smart thing and visit 2 or 3 to get a feel for things.

also beware of generalities. when they say they have the co2 laser, make sure it's the newest one, which is the ultrapulse. when they say they do chemical peels, say, tca, they may indeed do so. the average person however might not know there are different types of peels. for instance, they have a newer peel out called accupeel. they have it in 11% and 16% depth. this is roughly equaivalent to 25-30% and 40-45% depth from a regular, much older version of the tca peel, which are a little less effective and a bit more risky. it's subtle differences like this you should be aware of. a good plastic surgeon is, which is why you'd benefit more from seeing one.

Danielle 12-26-2000 10:09 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
Do you know where I should start looking for a plastic surgeon? (or how?) I'm sure insurance doesn't cover those appointments. What is "tca"? A type of chemical peel? Have you had any of this done? How do you know so much about it? I'm kind of scared that I'll ruin my skin even more by "sanding" the top layers off, so laser surgery sounds better, but I don't even know much about it. Do you happen to know any over the counter products that may help with old acne scars? I've heard about neosporin or aloe, but aloe seems to just clog my pores and I'm afraid to put anything on my face for that reason. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

JUJU 12-30-2000 02:31 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
Hi Danielle
I feel for you, I have bad scaring too! I am so depress and seeking for cure. According from the Derm Dr. and the P.S. i saw, they recomended dermabrasion for me along w/ chemical peel(maybe Asian have highier risk for laser...). For ice pick scars, they can actually do a procedure call scar revision(cut the scar out and zip it, the result is a lined scar) or punch and graft to reduce the depth of the scar(which they punch the car tissue out and replace it with the skin behind your ear. It is better to get dat done before the resurfacing done, a lined scar will improve better after opt. then a ice pit scar.(in some cases, by revisioning the pit scar might already make u look a little better, this opt. is almost** risk free, but once again, the surgeon's skill is the key on this one)
There are uncertain risks from those procedure which i hope you learned from researching. The risk are cost by the inability of the surgeon or your own skin condition(skin type). It is also very important that you found a GOOD Dr./P.S. to perform this procedure. You should be very very careful w/ this opt. Sometimes, ance scars might look better then a pay to massed up face.(I did a lot of research and i'd found out that it is not as simple as they advertise at the plasticsurgery(yeah, marketing site for P.S.). I am living at L.A. area, tell me about your Dr. if you are also living around!

Best Wishes
Share our experience is the key of success!!

JUJU 12-30-2000 02:44 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
I don't know if the over counter med/cream really works, but i have heard some products which i am trying now were claim by some articles that they will make SCARS(any scar) smoother.
1) AHA(alpha hydroxy acid) cream which you can buy at any dept. stores, price: $5-20.
(Which i see the quality of my skin turns a little better)
2)Mederma, u can order them online(just search it)
(I am still trying)

ps. remember there is no over night magic or better cure then the actually opt., so please becareful!


Frustrated24 12-30-2000 07:00 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
Hi Danielle,
You mentioned you use Tazorac - I do too and have been looking for someone to compare results with! Did it take a long time to work for you? Did you have bad itching with it? Drying?? It's really working for me and I'm so happy with it, but my skin is still not perfect...if you could share your experience, I'd appreciate it!

Danielle 01-01-2001 10:02 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
To Frustrated24: I think it's been three months now that I've used Tazorac, as well as ortho tricyclen. I remember thinking that by New Year's my skin "should" look better because the pill and tazorac, I've heard take a few months to work or show results. Tazorac seemed to clear my skin up pretty quickly, not completely of course, but it did improve. I'd say in the first week or two I saw improvement. It got better, then seemed to stay at the same point for awhile. Now my skin is pretty clear but I still get some pimples and lately I've noticed I even get those large cystic kind. I just got one a few days ago that made me look like I'd been punched or something! The whole area was kind of swollen. I put some triaz gel, which is 10% benzoyl peroxide, on it that my derm gave me a sample of. It helped, but I was tempted to get a cortizone injection for it, which I've never had. Tazorac is the best topical I've EVER used!
At first it did itch A LOT! I waited longer after washing my face to put it on and it helped the itching. It only lasted the first few days. I peeled a little at first too, but now I don't peel anymore at all. I think my red marks from old pimples are fading, but not completely gone. My main concern is my deep crater-like scars.
How long have you been using Tazorac? It has helped my skin a lot, but like yours, mine is still not perfect. I'm wondering if anyone knows about this: I tried putting vitamin E on my face to possibly help with the scarring... I have vitamin E in pill form, but it's a gel pill. I opening it up and put the liquidy part on my face. It was very sticky. In the morning I noticed that the surface of my skin seemed smoother. Either it was my imagination or somehow the vitamin E helped. I don't know if it's temporary, as if my skin tightened up or something, but I would love to know if anyone has tried this or knows more about it.
I have noticed that Tazorac seems to leave my skin's surface nicer in the morning, since I put it on at night, but the scars don't seem any better. I'll have to see if putting vitamin E on my skin helps over time. I can't wait for my dermatologist appointment!

Danielle 01-01-2001 10:06 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
Over the counter acne meds have never worked for me. So you're saying that alpha hydroxy acid cream has helped your scars? I've asked my dermatologist about Mederma and he said it won't help for acne scars. It's only for a certain type of scar. Maybe it would help though. Please let me know. I'm going to ask my dermatologist about what I can do for my scars the next time I see him. Thanks for your help.

nycxgurlie 01-02-2001 09:48 PM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
hey wussup guys..

wut r ice pick scars? im tryin to find out info on scars .. beacues in da past i have picked ma pimples unfortunately.. and now i hab like holes in my face.. i dunno wut to call it.. like lil holes i guess?? im tryin 2 find out wut i can do to get a clear clean face? help~


JUJU 01-03-2001 12:06 AM

Re: Please help... bad acne scars
Hi there!

I did not say AHA cream will cure the scars, but it sure will help the quality of your skin(so the indented scars will look a little slightly smoother and yr red spots will go out a little faster), especially acne active skin.
For Mederma, I wasn't giving much hope to it even at the begining, u know I am just gonna try it....

&lt;&lt;READ ON&gt;&gt;
If you are still Acne Active:


&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;DON'T EAT THEM!!&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

TRY NOT TO EAT THEM FOR A MONTH OR SO, see if it does help cure yr cyst or regular acne!!
***yes, even tho yr derm Dr. says food doesn't any effect acne, but I strongly urge your guys to try not to consume any of the SUGAR PRODUCTs!!

I strongly believe Acne is also by FOOD. Why? Because some people are much more food sensitive then the others! Also, don't get yr skin expose under DIRECT SUN LIGHT cause it sure will worsen the cysts.

For Scars:
-If it doesn't go very deep and they are like pin hole, or they looks like cracked skins they usually call superfacial scars.
-If it is not very deep but covers a large area, or if it doesn't cover a large area but go in pretty deep, they usually call ice pick scars.
***I guess some one could explain it better then I am....!!!

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