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LakeOfFire 05-10-2001 07:57 PM

Updates on differin?
I read some older posts on differin and nobody have given any updates on there progress. Any updates

7 weeks in and still breaking out here

Toxxik 05-10-2001 09:16 PM

Re: Updates on differin?
i was on retin a and tazorac before differin which i am currently on and i get maybe a few new zits a week. and when i do they go away rather quickly like under a week. tazorac was the turning point for me, and differin is kinda like maintenance you know? since it's much more mild. and dont sweat it the initial breakout period can last up to 2 months so stick it out if it doesnt work i suggest you try tazorac.

jim20 05-11-2001 03:41 PM

Re: Updates on differin?
i am on week six of differin and I am still breaking out a bit. Not as much as before, now i only get 1-3 zits per week, i used to get 4+ new ones PER DAY!!! So I think it's working for me..

isabel 05-11-2001 06:05 PM

Re: Updates on differin?
Its about my 6-7th week on differin and i'm still breaking out too...but not as much as the early weeks. I think it may be calming my face down a bit. I get about 2-3 new little pimples a week or so. Even that is frustrating. Still, i have this complaint about SHINY skin. Differin makes me look like i'm glistening.

jim20 05-11-2001 06:16 PM

Re: Updates on differin?
do you put it on during the day, or just at night? i only put it on when i go to bed. During the day i use 10% BP.

LakeOfFire 05-14-2001 10:43 AM

Re: Updates on differin?
well today my acne seems to make a big big improvment. Best it haas looked since ever starting the treatment. Maybe this is a sign that it's beginning to show it's effects. I'll keep you'll posted.

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