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20withacne 09-28-2002 08:53 PM

For the ladies- PCOS& acne
I have been doing a lot of research and have come to discover that PCOS, acne, and Wai's diet are all related. They say that those with PCOS should stick to a diet similar to Wai's suggestions. This leads me to believe that perhaps the diet works for those women with PCOS. I am def going to go to an endo soon to test for such symptoms. Thought you would find this interesting. Good luck!


SweetJade1 09-28-2002 09:09 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
yes, I too did some research and some people with diabetes, PCOS, IBS, Crohns, allergies, etc have decreased their need of or completely stopped taking medication by simply following diets such as:

Wai's Acne Diet (same diet for weightloss)

Eat Right 4 Your Blood type (eliminates some Lectins & Gluten)

Gluten Free diets (Gluten inoterance, Celiac Disease)

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20withacne 09-29-2002 12:54 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
You seem very smart about all of this acne nonsense. If you don't mind me asking- how old are you and how is your skin? I think my acne is hormonal and am thus a bit nervous about trying accutane. People have said that for those with hormonal acne, accutane will not help?!?

20, soon to be 21!

SweetJade1 09-29-2002 02:29 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
Thank you, but anyone would know what I know if they did the research. I'm 22 now and my acne is "severe" in that it ranges from my scalp to my butt and everywhere in between. I get the regular acne aswell as cystic/nodular acne. Although because I get acne on difference places of my body, that means that I have more than just Acne Vulgaris, I probably have a few other types as well and they've all got their own scientific names =( Anyway, the ONLY reason that I can now claim that my skin is 90% acne free,(still got the marks to deal with)is because I am on medication (hopefully my diet change too).

What I've noticed is that when my doctor increased my Avandia to 4mg from, 2mg, my skin greatly improved. However, at the same time, I also started my Gluten Free diet, so I don't know what to thank yet. I will say that because of one or the other (maybe both), I've yet to enter my Breakout Cycle (which is over a month over due) and lasts 8 - 9 months. Also, the only acne I seem to get now is some cystic acne and also my menstrual cramps this time are non-existant!

I'm really shocked because all my life I've had HORRIBLE crippling crying on the floor menstrual cramps. I used to take 1800 - 2400mg of Motrin (Ibuprofen) a day for that pain. What I've found out and have been taking for the last 4 years, is that Ginkgo works just as well as Motrin. =) A year ago, when I first started the Avandia, I noticed that it had decreased my level of pain too (so I needed less Ginkgo). Then a few months ago, I found out that Probiotics also works (so after a few days I didn't need the ginkgo). Currently, this month I haven't needed the Ginkgo at all (not on probiotics), but bear in mind, I am taking twice the amount of Avandia so hopefully that's what helping or maybe it's the GF diet. Eventually I'm going to to have figure out which it is...

Hormonal acne is said to be the kind that is cystic, but also the kind that runs along the jaw line and on your cheeks and that's pretty much where on my face the cysts are located at. Accutane isn't supposed to work for hormonal acne, but I've heard it does work for cystic acne, so I am a bit confused on that one. Um, you can trying increasing your amount of Omegas and ALA and see if that helps. I currently have started taking my Omegas again and if that doesn't work I'll try tweeking my diet some more. My goal is to try and fix as much as a I can through diet, and take as little supplements/meds as possible.

Like I said there are other types of acne, where is yours located at? Some women with PCOS also have Hidradenitis Suppurativa/Acne Inversa (I think I might have/had a mild form of this or similar to it, but it very rarely occurs now) and Acanthosis Nigricans (got some of that too). So, what exactly would you like to acheive, and do you feel like you have more than just "acne" going on? ARe there other physical or hormonal problems that you've noticed?<p>[This message has been edited by SweetJade1 (edited 09-29-2002).]

20withacne 09-29-2002 03:24 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
I am 20, soon to be 21, and female. I have had acne since about the ago of 14 and over the years I have noticed it getting worse. I am starting accutane next week but am beginning to think it will not work for me because I am starting to believe I have hormonal acne.

Regarding hormonal acne- "In addition to hirsutism and alopecia, women with hormonal acne may also have irregular menstrual cycles, obesity, infertility, or diabetes"

My Mom had problems having children and lost one; my Grandpa had diabetes; my Mom is obese and I have the classic "inner tube" around my torso area, yet am not fat. I have read that women with PCOS have this type of body.

Also, I am very petite and thus have a small chest; I do have a minor upper lip mustache and I wax my eyebrows but the hair grows back quickly. I started to develop at a young age- 11 and my Mom also had an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism). Perhaps this is all PCOS related?!?!

My dad had acne until about 27 and then he cleared. he has no scars now so i guess it was not that bad.

i am thinking about trying the wai diet. i love all the foods on the diet and figure why not?!?

I would classify my acne to be mostly in the chin and cheek area with perhaps a white head or two on the nose ro forehead. But def mostly on the chin. I am not sure what to think...

Denise1 09-29-2002 04:13 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
Thing is related to "hormonal imbalances". I know for a fact that the more wheat, sugar, and dairy I consume, the worst my breakouts are. No doubt about it. It makes my skin oily....dairy in particular makes me very oily!

Seems that with food allergies, the liver cannot detox the toxins released from the histamine properly, and it comes through the skin, as that is the largest detoxifying organ. Also.....this affects the hormones. When I eat well, and juice, watch dairy, wheat, etc.....I rarely have any mentrual problems (I take flax seed oil, saw palmetto, which regulates testorerone as well, and a plethora of other things, including blood cleansing herbs), or acne problems too. Ofcourse I do all kinds of topical things too, like retinol, copper peptides and peels.

Seems to be working.

But I agree....the worlds' worst acne can many times be helped and cleared by eliminating certain foods. And all I heard for years from dermatologists was that foods do not break you out. Well....duh....if you are allergic to them they will.

20withacne 09-29-2002 04:17 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
Have you ever tried Wai's diet? I think I am going to start it tomorrow.


SweetJade1 09-29-2002 04:33 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
Right, and how MANY people will know if they have problems with food, if they don't try to eliminate them??? LOL

Anyway, You sound sorta like me. I'm caught in the middle of my parent's hormonal issues. Diabetes is considered an Autoimmune disease and that runs on my dad's side of the family. My mom's side I thought had PCOS, but she has Uterine (and breast) Fibroids and had those removed and had a hysterctomy. Most of the women on her side of the family had hysterectomeis but managed to still have children problem free, so I'm guessing they all had Fibroids too (even Grandma) and not Cystic Ovaries. Also most of the women on her side of the family have weight issues and 2 or 3 of them are even obese =(

Funny thing is that I don't fit the major classical symptoms of PCOS except for the acne and mild hirsutiusm and MAYBE the menstrual cramps but they have ALWAYS come (even when I was sick). However wether you are Insulin Resistant, Diabetes Type II (not an autoimmune disease) or PCOS, the treatment is still the same...Glucophage/Ex: Metaformin or Rosiglitazone/Ex: Avandia

Also Hypothyroidism is another autoimmune disease. What I've been reading is that (Gluten free) diet seems to help those with these kinds of diseases. You may be good candidate because if you've got one autoimmune disease, you've probably got others (allergies? My dad has them, but for some reason I no longer do...grew out of them years ago myself)

My advice to you is to go see an Endocrinologist / Internal Medicine Doctor first PLEASE. While, I've never been on accutane and I have no inentions of either, some people must go through 1 - 3 treatments of accutane and sometimes their acne STILL comes back. If this is a hormonal issue for you and judging on what you know about your parents I would Go to a doctor first!!! In this case, it's not just about acne, but about your health and possible quality of life later on.

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20withacne 09-29-2002 04:36 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
thanks again.

i am going to try accutane first basically becaue it will only be $35/month. and if it does not work then i will go to an endo.

SweetJade1 09-29-2002 04:42 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
You obviously have insurance, may I ask why with all the evidence saying this is something much deeper, you would choose accutane over other treatments?

Did your doctor or dermatogist test your liver levels and hormones before prescribing this to you? The other treatments work just as quickly with out any possible Initial breakouts.

20withacne 09-29-2002 04:53 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SweetJade1:
<B>Did your doctor or dermatogist test your liver levels and hormones before prescribing this to you? The other treatments work just as quickly with out any possible Initial breakouts.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

No he did not. But I had blood work done last week so I could start accutane. The reason i want to try accutane is because i have heard such great things about it. maybe mine is not hormonal, maybe it is. by trying accutane i will be able to better understand my acne. thanks again for all your help!

SweetJade1 09-29-2002 04:56 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
Well during treatment you'll eventually clear and it'll take a few months after the treatment to determine whether it was a true success or not. In that case, I really hope it does work for you. Good Luck =)

20withacne 09-29-2002 05:42 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
Thanks so much SweetJade. I will def let you know!

Denise1 09-29-2002 06:42 PM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
To 20withacne:

I havn't tried that particular diet, but have done cleanses, detoxes, yeast die-out diets, and have gone through times and seasons of eliminating all of the things that he advocates.

I also do mono-dieting, which is eating nothing but raw foods and juicing for periods of time (like a week or so). I usually add some protein drinks in there during this time (made with almond milk and soy and dairy free protein). You may have some new break-outs, but for me it's worth it. I feel great and usually lose a few pounds, but my skin looks really good when it's all said and done.

Diet does effect the skin, and if you have "hormonal imbalances", diet could have everything to do with it.

I was so depressed a year or so ago because 15% glycolic acid had stopped working for me and I was breaking out and had bad scarring, I thought about going on accutane. But when I read the potential side effects, and had heard some pretty bad stories about it, I decided I would never go on it, no matter how bad my skin got.

My plastic surgeon won't even prescribe it to women. He says that young male men tend to do much better than women with it.

But to each his own....I'm not here to encourage or discourage people any way, I just know that it's not a choice for me personally.


Unregistered 09-30-2002 08:32 AM

Re: For the ladies- PCOS& acne
I am soooo glad to reaad this post here! I have been a member of this board for over a year, and there are always some people who say ďfood doesnít cause acne.Ē Well, in some instances thatís true, but in otherís itís not true as acne can be caused by a variety of factors. I am 28 now, and have had acne since I was 14. I still have it, but only about a year ago did I try eliminating sugar from my diet and what a HUGE difference it has made with my cystic acne. I no longer, ever, get cystic acne which I used to get along my jaw line. Now, I also think I have hormonal issues too, because about 2 years ago I started to get minor breakouts on other parts of my face, and on my chest. I say minor because it is, and it is nothing in comparison to the painful cysts I used to get. But I was and still am amazed that the elimination of sugar could play such a huge part in my skin. I havenít had a cystic breakout in 7 months, and I eliminated sugar 8 months ago. I used to ALWAYS break out before my period, and now I never do. So YEAHHH for this post!!!

I am now also going to consult my OB/GYN and see if my hormone levels are off. I am sure they are. I had a HUGE fibroid at the age of 20, and had to have it surgically removed. I lost an ovary in the process, and 2 years later developed a cyst on my remaining ovary. I get major PMS so I think with some treatment my hormonal acne will fade. I am also interested in this Mys ?? diet? Where can I get more info.!!

Thanks in advance!!


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