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kl899 04-29-2002 10:19 PM

Henoch-Schönlein purpura
About five years ago I started getting these weird red spots on my feet, legs, and the undersides of my arms. They weren't bumpy at all, just more of a rash. A few days later I started developing severe abdominal cramps, enough for me to go to get emergency care at the hospital. There the doctor thought I might have "Henoch-Schönlein purpura" which is a disease that has the symptoms I was having. They gave me some pain killers and a super shot of antibiotics. I got better but the spots were still there. I visited my regular doctor and he didn't have anything to offer except to say it was a form of vasculitis. I went to a blood specialist who ran all the advanced tests on my blood and nothing was found. I then went to a dermatologist who took a punch biopsy of one of the spots and nothing was found. The rash eventually subsided but it does still come back, and I say I have some spots on my feet about 70% of the time... although nothing compared to the time I went to the hospital. The thing is this disease mainly occurs in children and goes away in a few months, but i'm 22 and have been having these spots for 5 years now. weird huh? i notice that drinking a lot of water helps it won't always be enough to keep the spots to a minimum. essentially after all the doctors i have been to, i still don't know for sure what is causing this. anyone else ever have something similar happen to them?

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