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FelineSin1 04-23-2002 05:26 PM

SAGE acne try-me-pack
I've decided to try sage since so many wonderful women on this board recommended it. However, I'm not sure which pack to try. I'm taking Diane 35 so I don't get cysts anymore, just lots of clogged pores (small, hard but not inflamed bumps) on my forehead, nose and the front of my face. I also get pimples every now and then especially during that time of the month. I want to get rid of all this acne! But my biggest problem now would be the redness/acne scars that I am left with and desperate to be rid of. Will the spf 25 get rid of these marks like they say on their site? I want to try the combo skin pack but I don't think you get the essential zit zapper along with it but you do get the skin smoothing gel which I think I'll need for my clogged pores?
thank u

jad211 04-23-2002 06:09 PM

Re: SAGE acne try-me-pack
I got the combo skin try me pack, which includes so much more than they advertise on the website. Depending on what your skin profile says (you fill out a very detailed profile, like what areas you are concerned with, what medications/vitamins you've been taking, etc, etc) what you get may vary.

Here's what came with mine:
2oz Corrective Grains (reg. strength)
2oz Facial Shampoo (reg. strength)
2oz SPF 25
2oz Pink Gelloid
1oz 12% Smoothing Cream (a half ounce more than advertised)
1oz 20% Smoothing Gel (again, a half ounce more than advertised)
1oz Old Lady Cream
A very generous sample of MSSR Redef. Mask (1oz)
Samples of all Fix Zit strengths (2.5%, 5%, 10% and XX w/ sulfur) in small pots
A sample of MSSR 2% in a small pot

I think that's it...all I can remember anyways. It's important to note that you do not need all of these things, especially right away. You will be told to only use your smoothing cream or gel once a day during the day ONLY for the first month. Start off with the 12% cream on normal and dry areas (usually cheeks and under eyes) and the 20% gel on oily areas (forehead, nose) every other day, work your way up to every day and then once you hit a month, you can begin to use them both at night as well.

Your routine will probably be something similar to what I started out with. My routine is very different now since I've adjusted to the products. I don't use MSSR in the morning anymore, and I use the 20% cream all over during the day and the 20% gel all over at night. I also do not need to buffer with Old Lady Cream anymore. But here is probably what you'll be starting out with, depending on what you get and what products you like best:

ice (I just wash with very cold water because I don't like icing too much)
mssr 2% (if you get it - you can use this twice a day or just once, whenever you want. I personally like it at night because it pills up under my makeup)
spf 25
old lady cream to buffer dry areas
12% cream on dry and normal areas
20% gel on oily areas

ice (again, I just use cold water)
mssr 2% (if you get it and want to use it at night)
old lady cream to buffer dry areas
whatever strength of Fix Zit or Miracle Zit you need...I recommend starting out with 5% unless you are sensitive to BP, in which case start out with 2.5% and work up.

This all comes with very detailed instructions but they can be really confusing so I recommend if you decide to get it to start hanging around their forum for advice. The CEO posts there almost every day and will answer all of your emails and even speak with you on the phone if needed.

I'm warning you...there is a very good possibility that you will break out more at first and be very irritated and dry and peeling. This happened to me big time...I was shedding like a snake for about two weeks. But after that, everything cleared up and the dryness went away completely.

The only problem I see with you getting the combo pack is the same problem I don't get enough of the Fix/Miracle Zit. You do get lots of samples of it, but not enough to really gauge how it works. After using up my little pots of 5% and 10% in a week (you use ALOT of it...very thick all over) I just ordered the bottles in full size. I also ordered everything else in full size, so right now I'm up to my ears in Sage. I always fear running out, even though I know I won't for several months because the products (aside from Fix Zit which you will go through like crazy) last a VERY LONG TIME. Everything in your pack should last a full two months - the shampoo, smoothing cream and gel and SPF will last several months after that.

I would say get the acne pack, but that does not come with the smoothing cream and gels (at least they are not advertised) and for me, these are two of the most important things to have. The combo skin pack gives you a little bit of everything so you can tinker with your routine and see what works best for you.

Hope this helps =)

FelineSin1 04-24-2002 03:39 AM

Re: SAGE acne try-me-pack
Thank you very much Jad211! You've been very, very helpful! Have you tried any Sage products that have been helpful with red marks? I'm using vitamin c right now, but I think the formula I'm using has some comedogenic ingredients :-( I'm looking for a better alternative. Again Thanks, can't wait for my pack to arrive.

jad211 04-24-2002 09:46 AM

Re: SAGE acne try-me-pack
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by FelineSin1:
<B>Thank you very much Jad211! You've been very, very helpful! Have you tried any Sage products that have been helpful with red marks? I'm using vitamin c right now, but I think the formula I'm using has some comedogenic ingredients :-( I'm looking for a better alternative. Again Thanks, can't wait for my pack to arrive. </B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yes! That is exactly what the smoothing cream and gel is for. They both have AHA, BHA and Vitamin C, so you get everything in one product. AHA exfoliates the surface layers, BHA exfoliates the pores and Vitamin C boosts collagen production. The only thing that differs between the cream and the gel is that the cream is rich with moisture so the acids in it won't dry out your skin as much as you think they would. The gel on the other hand is just straight up acid and will dry out your skin if you use it too fast.

If you have any questions when you get your pack - and you will because it's VERY confusing when and how to use everything - please email Barbara. She will help you. Her advice was a godsend to me when I was going through a rough period. I followed her advice to a T and my skin did clear up. It takes some time...some people see immediate improvement without getting worse while others go through a purging stage. I had both at the same time. For the first few days, I noticed my skin was very soft and smooth. Then everything went downhill...lots of redness, peeling skin and dryness. I couldn't smile without my face cracking. My skin also broke out alot more, but the zits cleared very quickly. But I moved pretty fast with everything so you can probably avoid alot of this by taking it easy. I just wanted to get it over with quickly and I do feel it's necessary to get a little peeling action going or all that yucky skin will just sit on top of your face. And after two/three weeks of hell, my skin looks amazing...all that skin came off and now I have fresh, pink, glowing skin underneath.

So you definately want to use the creams and gels if you want to help fade those red marks. It won't be anything miraculous right away. I didn't notice how much they had faded for about a month. You also absolutely must wear the SPF every single day or your life...even if you are not going outside or are just in your car. Especially if you are also on Diane 35 (I am too, going into my third month) since it makes you photosensitive. So does benzoyl peroxide (Fix Zit) which is why you should never use it during the day. But your skin is going to be sensitive to the sun especially because of all the exfoliation the creams and gels don't want to damage that fresh skin by exposing it to the sun unprotected.

With all that in mind, here's some things I find helpful:

1. Wear SPF every single day!
2. Follow the directions exactly...especially when it comes to amounts of product to use. In most cases, you will be using a pea sized shape of everything. This way, you don't use too much and fry your skin and/or waste the product. They are pricey but will last a long time if you use only what you're supposed to. And after a couple of weeks when you are adjusted, you can pare down your routine quite a bit. I've taken a bunch of things out of my routine and that saves me alot of money.
3. Wash with cold water always. If you are in the shower, lukewarm or slightly warm water is okay, just be sure to rinse your face with freezing cold water before you get out. Heat swells the skin and makes your pimples appear redder and more inflamed.
4. Do not use any smoothing products at night for a month.
5. Do not use Fix Zit/Miracle Zit during the day, ever.
6. Visit the Sage forum. You can get the link off the website. I've found this very helpful.
7. Use only "safe" cosmetics on your face. There is a list on the Sage website of brands that range from high end to drugstore brands that have been branded safe to use.
8. Also, be sure to read all the articles on the website. They are very helpful.

Well, I've managed to write a book again...I hope this helps you and please let me know when you get your pack and what you get!


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