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Andrew29 06-25-2002 09:43 PM

Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
I'm currently finishing up my second course of Accutane. For the past several months, I have reduced my alcohol intake as suggested. However, I have increased marijuana use to every other weekend. No side-effects have been noticed. I was wondering if anyone knows anything (AS FAR AS ACNE GOES) about:

1) How Marijuana affects acne.
2) Mixing marijuana with Accutane.

I am aware that marijuana is not a good thing for a person, so please limit comments only to how marijuana affects acne.


zusanna 06-25-2002 10:56 PM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
Smoking weed can aggrevate (spelling???) your acne really bad. If you want to clear up your skin your only choice would be to stop smoking weed. If you don't you'll probably always have acne, and it won't get better.

Matty 06-26-2002 10:53 AM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
What the hell kind of advice is that?

Firstly, I smoke weed chronically, and I am 7 months into Accutane. I smoked it for the whole period, just as consisently and frankly, my face looks wonderful. No problems with mixing the two, although it *could* throw you into a higher state of depression, if you noticed any depression or not before hand. Me personally, I've been a bit down... but as far as I'm concerned, the weed has helped.

And just in case you're wondering about blood levels, mixing the two had no co-relation to my blood testing!

As for smoking weed and having acne the rest of your life, I think that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Where, anywhere, is that proven?

Only one way to find out how marijuana will react with your skin when the Accutane rounds are finished, and I will be testing that market first hand in a matter of a month. I'm going to quit smoking cigarettes before my treatment ends, but the weed stoppage just cannot be accomplished. I'll let you know how that goes dude.<p>[This message has been edited by Matty (edited 06-26-2002).]

zusanna 06-26-2002 11:32 AM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
I've read many times that weed can actually cause acne!!! I don't care what anyone says. I know from experience. I used to do it, but now I've been clean for a long time. And might I say I'm PROUD OF IT! When I was doing it I had severe acne. And I know it was from the weed. Now I just have mild acne probably just from stress, but it was much much worse when I was smoking weed. I wasn't saying that his skin will never ever clear up, it might someday. But stopping the drugs would help tremendously if he really wants clear skin. Maybe weed doesn't effect everyones skin the same, like yours. But I know alot people actually get acne from it. I was just trying to help out.

Matty 06-26-2002 12:15 PM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
I'm not saying what you told him was completely incorrect, merely that the context you put it in is like he either gives it up, or he's stuck with acne forever -- meanwhile this guy is saying he hasn't had any increase in acne probs. while smoking the sticky.

I know that at one point, it seemed to contribute to my acne. That was while I was not on Accutane, but my acne could of been intensifying for many reasons, it would of been almost stereotypical to blame it on the weed. The only thing I can see being a problem with weed is the emotional aspect. For instance, if you smoke a lot, you think a lot, and when you think a lot, your hormones get going a lot.

It depends on the person you are I would suggest, albeit no one has ever really proved that marijuana and weed don't go well together. But I mean, if that were the case, and weed did intensify acne, then wouldn't you see a lot more cases of people who are very much chronic, with clear skin, eventually having acne problems?

I have many friends who have had clear skin since high school, all of whom are very heavy on the green, all of whom still have not picked up any blemishes.

Like I said, I'll be able to tell more clearly when I'm off the Accutane -- but while on Accutane, I can preach first hand that the weed did nothing but relax me... it didn't hurt my skin at all.
<p>[This message has been edited by Matty (edited 06-26-2002).]

ephex 06-26-2002 03:17 PM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
same here weed causes acne big time for me

Thathi 06-26-2002 06:14 PM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
the person said weed can contribute to an increase of acne. meaning that you ALREADY have acne. yes, the people who are smoking the weed, probably do not have acne, so there is nothing to make worse. but i bet that a majority of people who have acne can say that weed really irritates acne.

Sickened 06-28-2002 04:08 PM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
I was a pothead for years - I smoked a lot! I totally quit for 6 months because I thought it was causing skin problems. My skin was noticeably better. Some people are actually allergic to THC. I think my reaction stems from the molds that are in pot. One thing you could do to see if you are allergic is rub it on the sensitive skin on your arm. If you get a rash you have your answer.

help 06-28-2002 09:03 PM

Re: Accutane, Marijuana and Acne
Weed causes acne it more ways than one. It effects estrogen levels, and the central nervous system...
Weed is a weird "catch-22". It can stabalize your temporal lobes which will keep you in a "constant" non-flucuating mood; however, at the same time it effects cells within the limbic system which will flucuate your mood, and ultimately causes depression... Everyone who smokes weed at one point WILL become depressed. Some in a week, others in 10 years; no one can determine it's genetic affectivity.

I honestly can't believe how much acne is effected by the brain, and why more individuals don't fight it in this direction/path. It doesn't take a genius to tell that "current" acne treatments are only to "feed" big business and corrupt capitalism even more.
Why don't more people see this direct relationship ?<p>[This message has been edited by help (edited 06-28-2002).]

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