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wrnok84 01-19-2002 11:06 PM

acne gone in 3 days
well i got this book from this guy, he's not a dernatologist but he's been studying acne for over 20 years. he found something that only 2% of the world knows! well the true cause of your acne is mucous, yup, mucous. i was skeptical at first but then tried it and on the third day i woke up and looked in the mirror and pinched myself cuz it felt like a dream, my face, it was so incredible, it was like the same smooth, clear skin i had when i was 14. and i had moderate to severe acne about a week ago.
the reason why the government did not tell us the true cure is because the gov. gets so much money every year on acne product profits, if you go to the aisle with all the skin stuff, you'll see how much junk is there, how much they really make off of this, if the gov. told america how to do it then they would loosemillions of dollars every year, thats a good idea but i think that bull giving people with acne more and more emotional pain.
the secret is that you dont eat for one day, give your stomach a rest, since your eating and eating all the time, when you do this you body goes through this "turbo" cleansing system. for example you know how your stomach "breaks down" your food so you can digest it, well if you dont eat anything on the first day your stomach has nothing to break down except for toxins in the body.
ok ok getting to the point, you have a drink you could make at your own home, my friend figured out that lemon or lime juice is the number one killer of mucous, so hear me out now. you go and buy some lemons or lemon juice at the store, mix some lemon juice with water, about 20 drops to be specific, and at the same time you dont eat for that day, all you do is keep drinking the juice all day long, this will break down mucous and cleans your system at the same time! about 8-10 glasses of that drink.
day 1-nothing to eat aka "fast" while lemon drink
day 2- eat as many fruits as you can all the fruit or vegetables you want
day 3- same as day one
to tell what foods have mucous in them, well
rice, flour, cereal, eggs unless boiled, salt, pizza, bread, but all these foods really wont affect you.
if you keep eating and eating all these types of foods your acne will come back so what i did was that three day plan every week. its incredible too because'll wake up refreshed
2. have energy all day
3. think better
4. the color in your eyes will be more brillant
5. have that energy boost when you need it
you hair and nails will grow like crazy
6. you'll be more confident
ps if you have mild acne i suggest you shouldnt try this system, just cut back on the foods lists.
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RockSteady 311 01-20-2002 10:43 AM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
hey... that sounds like it would work... but what if u do have like mild acne what exactly do you do? does it still work?<p>[This message has been edited by RockSteady 311 (edited 01-20-2002).]

amber89 01-20-2002 11:08 AM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
Can you tell me the name of this book? I have also read that fasting can do wonders for the skin

Nutritionexpert 01-20-2002 12:38 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
Wrnok84 - I'm really glad you found something that worked for you! That is awesome! You are absolutely right that when you take the digestive burden off the body, the body cleanses itself at a very fast rate. I read about the "mucous theory of disease" also, and I contribute my acne cure to be partly associated with that. When your body is free of mucus, and has all the proper nutrients, wonderful things can happen!

Unregistered 01-20-2002 01:52 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
yes i heard about this too, i actually got this book
from some site..i know i can't post the name of it here though. But the name of the book is "The ABOUT-FACE Clear Skin Program."

basically it is about eliminating all mucus forming foods from the diet, well not all, but limiting them.
it says that pasta is the most mucus forming food, since it is made of flour and water..(mucus=paste=sticky).
It also says that "rice is probably one of the worst foods to eat on a consistent basis".

Cheese too..well i stopped drinking milk 1 year ago, and it made a BIG difference in my skin, but i still ate a lot of cheese because i thought it did not affect me. but after reading the book i tried not to eat it for 3 weeks and it also made a difference!! and i didn't even know..

This program also consists of fasting on either vegetables, fruits or only lemon water for a day..i did not try that since i need food to keep up with my studies, but i think some weekend i will try that <IMG SRC="">

RockSteady's question:
"hey... that sounds like it would work... but what if u do have like mild acne what exactly do you do? does it still work?"

i think it says that if you have mild acne, and you fast it can actually make your acne worse..maybe like initial break out or it recommends not to fast if you have mild acne but just eating normally. By normally i mean eliminating all the mucus foods from your diet.

also it recommends for people with insulin problems..not to fast on fruits because it really affects your blood sugar (i have to eat my fruit with meals to control it). Fasting on vegetables is better since they enter the blood stream steadily. Water is even better.

anywho, i hope this helped <IMG SRC="">

have a good week <IMG SRC="">


ACcutaNE 01-20-2002 03:21 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
I absolutely agree with that method. Like I have said many times before, I believe that what we put inside ourselves is what's going to be reflected on the outside(especially for those with sensitive skin). If you don't have that bad of acne, though, don't fast, but cut down on certain junk foods, replacing them with fruits and vegies. And drink lot and lots of water. I drink 5-6 cups of water a day for about a month now and my face is much much better. I do take multivitamins and B-5.

vinnyracer 01-20-2002 03:32 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
Sorry, but I always eat rice everyday. I don't think I can stop eating rice.

Nutritionexpert 01-20-2002 04:12 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
To get rid of mucous easily, drink lemon/lime juice EVERY morning, FIRST thing in the morning. You should literally keep the drink by your bed and drink it before you do anything else. It is amazing what this does for the body... just a little tip.

It's very hard to avoid pasta, and bread alltogether. Just don't eat a huge amount of it and you'll be fine. Good luck.

vitamin_man 01-20-2002 05:58 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
brown rice alone is very healthy ..add some beans or lentils and you have a complete protien...
people...relax a bit on the idea that food is the main problem...for most people it ain,t the problem..unless you are allergic to a certain food...
acne is a much more complicated thing.

wrnok84 01-20-2002 08:46 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
the guy is great, he's the best person you could talk too. well for mild acne just try fasting and the drink for one day, the next day just go to eating your mucousless foods, NO fruits, that means your going too fast, only helps for people with moderate to severe acne. heres the list of foods again rice, no eggs unless boiled, pizza, pasta, or anything with flour in it, the flour creates the paste. but i'm getting a football scholorship into CSU, so i have to get off the diet and try tetracycline 2000mg a day! the program works well and has long lasting affects to your skin all over your body but i'm just making sure and i have to gain as much weight as i can. its also good to meats if your really hungry, i always eat turkey, good for you. hey keep me posted for anymore ?s ok.<p>[This message has been edited by moderator3 (edited 01-20-2002).]

Rulle69 01-21-2002 02:56 AM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
"acne gone in 3 days"

This is not possible since the skin cycles every 3-6 weeks.

cinnamon02 01-23-2002 09:16 AM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
wrnok84 - hi you seem to know a lot about this mucous food diet thing and i'm really eager to incorporate some of the ideas into my diet. can you tell me the name of the bloke who wrote this "about-face clear skin program" book. have tried searching for it on the net but no luck so far really need his name!
thanks, also to anyone else who can help me

Dread 01-23-2002 05:10 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
Can this routine also remove acne marks? If it does, then i'll try it. please reply back a.s.a.p! Thankz

wrnok84 01-23-2002 08:19 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
hey, sorry took so long, i had to study for finals, well his name is jim ianelli, i was thinking about typing the book out and sending to people on the net but i have to ask his permission first, i'll ask him asap. but hang in there, yes it is possible for acne to be gone in three days, but your skin will take three to six weeks to completely have new skin. <p>[This message has been edited by moderator3 (edited 01-23-2002).]

wrnok84 01-23-2002 08:26 PM

Re: acne gone in 3 days
about the ? with the acne marks, hmmmm..... i dont know really but if your talking about the red ness it will clear that up and if your talking about the marks you get after a pimple is gone then that will clear it up but if your talking about scars then i dont know for sure, all i know is that this system not only clears up your acne all over your body in a short time but it also gives you so much energy, not crazy but a boost when you need it, makes your eye color more brilliant looking, makes you feels really good and you wake up without feeling grogy, one time i studying till 12 at night and had a huge test the next day i woke up 5 hours later, felt liked i slept for 12 hours. and for me, i dont know about others having this, but i remember alot more than i'm am supposed too. but if you guys are sreious about getting rid of your acne and your tired of it, then try this system, three days only.

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