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CalGuy 03-30-2002 11:18 AM

Re: My 4 years experiences with acne - the pain, misery and new confidence
I know what you mean kashylah. I started getting acne when i was about 13 too. At first it was just on my forehead, so I would wear a hat, and no one knew anything about it. When I was 14 it started to go away, and I was basically clear, so I was pretty happy. By the time I was a junior in highschool (i guess the stress got to me) my face was probably at its worste. By the end of my senior year it was alright, I was clear more or less. But now im in college (19 years old) it has come back alot. I dunno why. I think maybe the stress from everyday life. Last summer I was totally clear, and since I was 18 last summer, I thought this was the end of my acne. But I came to Canada for an exchange for the year, and since november my face has gotten much worse. I dont know why. I havent changed my lifestyle, Ive been eating healthier than ever. the only thing that has changed is the cold weather here.. And the fact I only can exercise like once a week (the rest of the week its usually raining). Its just very frusterating. I didnt mind that much about it until pepole started saying things to me back a few months ago. When I was in California, at least I had a tan so unless you were right up in my face you couldnt notice it... I dunno, maybe one day ill finally be free from this!

Unregistered 03-30-2002 10:57 PM

Re: My 4 years experiences with acne - the pain, misery and new confidence
I agree with trying to stay positive, being productive, etc. It is true though that acne is stigmatizing. Period. Many people will treat you differently if you have even moderate acne, let alone severe. We live in the type of culture that promotes uniformity. Unless you live here in NYC(and even in NYC to a certain extent)you are expected not to stray from the norm too far. This is the case for clothing, the way you talk, race, class, if you have a physical or mental handicap, acne, etc. Telling someone to get over having a stigma may be said with good intentions but is far easier said than done. It's hard to get over something when many people simply won't let you.

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