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indestructible 11-04-2011 02:54 PM

Couple different acne problems
Through my teen years, I struggled with some bad chest and back acne, and while it's not as bad as it used to be, the problem is, I'm now left with lots of old reddish/ purplish marks from where they used to be. Not only that, but my skin texture on my chest is... well, a little odd. It's not smooth, it's kinda bumpy.

I've heard people say that often times, these fade and disappear over time, but I've had them for 5-10 years, now, and they've only slightly faded... Is there a way I can speed up the process, or get rid of them completely? Any time I see myself without a shirt (such as looking in a mirror), I just feel disgusted by these marks and blemishes... Interestingly enough, my back has cleared up just fine, somehow.

Another problem is that, on my chest, I sometimes get new... well, I'm not even sure what to call them. They're sort of like large pimples, but they never come to a head at all. Usually, I have to try really hard to break the skin to "drain" them (sorry if I'm getting disgusting here), and it's pretty painful. What are these caused by, and is there any way I can make them stop?

WhenItRains 11-08-2011 03:25 AM

Re: Couple different acne problems
I'm sorry to hear about your problem,but you really shouldn't be messing with your bumps! Easier said then done,right? But really,especially the ones with no head...You can make them worse by pushing the bacteria further into the skin and cause a cyst.
Certain soaps and stuff can aggravate your acne and make it worse,so I'm curious what you are using in the shower? A good acne body wash may help.

For the bigger bumps that don't come to a head,I would get yourself a zeno.
They can speed up the healing process without opening the pimple.Sometimes they make the pimple go away in a matter of hours.If you can't afford the hundred or so dollar zeno,they now sell one called a hot spot in places like Walmart,target,or Cvs that is about 30 dollars and disposable after several uses.

For your other problem of the bumpy,uneven skin tone,have you tried a topical retinoid from a dermatologist? They build new collagen and can smooth the skin out.
Examples would be Differin gel,Retna A,or tazorac

indestructible 11-08-2011 06:43 AM

Re: Couple different acne problems
I typically use a standard body wash, nothing special or anything.

Never heard of a "zeno", so I'll have to look into that. Not even sure what that is, heh.

Also never tried any kind of topical treatment, as I honestly have no idea what to look for. I've never been to a dermatologist, as I assume that costs money, and I don't have much of that to go around, so I've been hoping to find a treatment on my own.

My biggest concern is all the old reddish marks that have been left behind for years now. If I could just find a way to get rid of those once and for all, I'd be happy.

WhenItRains 11-08-2011 08:09 AM

Re: Couple different acne problems
They sell products in the face care section at places like Walmart or CVS that can help with those old red marks.
Those marks are called hyperpigmentation,and sometimes it takes a while for them to fade.That's why fade creams can help speed up the process.

One good one off the top of my head is called Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel.It has an active acne fighting ingredient in it as well.

For your shower,you may want to try an acne body wash,at least on the places where you get those bumps.For that I recommend OXY Daily Body Wash,or Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash.

Zeno can also be found in the skin care section.It is a little device that heats up and you place it on the pimple for about 2 and a half minutes.It is supposed to get hot enough that it destroys the bacteria inside the zit and basically self destructs it.It does not hurt though or burn your skin.

It can either bring a pimple to a head for easy popping,or it can just melt the zit away.
All together these things may cost 50 dollars.Without the Zeno,the body wash and Fade gel will probably only run you about 20 bucks.

It should definitely help.

indestructible 11-08-2011 10:38 AM

Re: Couple different acne problems
Okay, I'll see if that helps my reddish/ purplish spots any.

comprehensible 12-08-2011 11:05 AM

Re: Couple different acne problems
well, we're in the same boat. i have quite same problem with you and it affects me mentally over time. i've been suffered for acne since the age of 13. Now im 19 and still suffering from acne on back, chest as well as face. my acne gone worst when i was 17. This period of time where i got my first worst acne breakout. i started to see my dermatologist and prescribed me with antibiotic, few other supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin E and topical solution and differin gel. i can say my acne seemed better but after some time i realised that the topical solution and differin gel(especially) seem no effect onto my acne so i decided to stop using it. i even applied the topical solution given on by back and chest but it didnt work instead my acne became worse and inflamed. i didnt used those gel and topical solution anymore as i realised it make my skin more oily. after some years of struggling trying all those nasty products, i finally found out the most effective body wash for my body acne. it is Dettol. i recommend you to use Dettol body wash as it is antibacterial soap wish is suitable for acne body. i've tried T3acne body wash but hell it make my body acne worse since i could see my body full of inflamed red acne. i guess it doesnt work for me but not sure for others who have different skin type. Dettol is the best. i can see my acne gone occasionally but i still have few acne which i believe can be gone if i go on with Dettol. im still using Dettol body wash and really happy to see the result.

i realised that not only you have to take care externally in order to get rid of those troublesome acne on your skin, but REMEMBER taking care of your body internally is a MUST. you have to be particular in many aspects that you may neglecting all these while. First, remember to drink a lot of plain water. When i start to drink at least 2litre per day, i realised my skin getting clear and my acne are getting smaller and less visible. i was totally impressed by the result of having consume plenty of water a day. Secondly, avoid junk food, processed food and oily food. i used to like to eat all these kind of foods without taking sufficient amount of water. my skin getting very oily and when i woke up the next morning and found out many new pimple all over my face. this was the very bad news i received to start with my day. and now i rarely take those foods especially oily foods to control my acne breakout and my oily skin. whenever i desperately took those foods i would be feeling really guilty and i would drink a huge amount of water so that the oily thingy will not over rule my body. thirdly, regular sleep is really a neccessity for your body. i experienced this when im at home. i always sleep late in the morning (3-4AM) and woke up the next day afternoon (1-3pm). sometime i slept at 5am and woke up at 4pm next day. my sleep is totally irregular and many new breakout taking its place on my skin especially my back. im totally distressed of this. but when im in hostel where i have to have regular sleep in order to prepare for next day class. i usually sleep around 12am and woke up 7am. there's no breakout. REMEMBER, irregular sleep cause acne on your skin.

next, in order to maintain my body regulation i take Evening Primrose Oil which is totally good for acne sufferer as it contains mainly Vitamin E. vitamin E is absolutely good for your skin. i had take this for about a month ago and i can see better result. next, in order to clear my acne in my body and face, i will mix 2 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of full water before going to bed daily. and it seem to work out a little bit cuz i just started this routine about few days ago.

lastly, have fun! no need to worry much as your acne will totally gone one day. time will tell. and you will finally cheer for those incredible result you have achieved. dont get urself into depression because of this. nothing will work if you continue to put negative thoughts instead it will cause your acne to become even worse and scary!! be optimist and be persistent of what really works for you. Good luck of tyring!

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