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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Acne?

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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Acne?

I got blepharitis about 3 months ago. I didn't know until 10 days after when i went to an eye doctor what is it as i had lot of pain in my eyes. I had the stuff in my eyelids etc and lot of pain in the morning. I also have acne around my face too and losing eyelashes and eyebrows as well and i see blepharitis is related to all of this. I also been very stressed/depressed because of this.

The eye doctor gave me some special eyedrops that seem to work for 2 days but i then ran out of it. I then bought some ocosoft lit scrub online as i read it helps blepharits. I bought the foam and the ocusoft lid scrub plus. It seemed to work and less pain but after few days, pain comes back.

I'm Chinese and my mother told me there are these these places in chinatown where they do chinese herb medicine and they have some medicine/drink that works for health problems. Like if you have sore throat or stuff like that they give you some pills to take and stuff to drink where you make at home that works.

Does anyone know if stuff like this would work? My mother told me when she went there today and told them i had this... she said blepharitis in Chinese... that person said oh... thats not a big problem and its minor. They said after you take some pills/herbs from them, it will go away and this isn't something that is huge problem.

I'm feeling hopeless now but does anyone know if stuff like this would work or tried it? She told me it cost less than $100 for it total which to me is nothing but i feel like this probably won't do much? My mother told me her brother had some sore throat etc and went to see them for it and was given some pill/herbal medicine and then it got better.

Anyone have experience on this or you think its a waste of time? Also, does anyone think a dermatologist is the person who could solve this problem? Eye doctor said a cause of this could be either eye inflammation or it could be acne and my face has broke out a lot as well prior to this and now as well.

I also have lot of pimples/rash around my eye area. I also broke out pretty badly on my face as well. Does anyone think dermatologist solving my problem would lead to the blepharistis stopping as well?

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Re: Chinese Herbal Medicine for Acne?

I just went to see the chinese herbal specialist. Im given eyedrops for blepharitis. Im told to drink these herbs that has to be boiled for 1 week twice a day. Im also given pills to take... 3 different pills. One has to be take 3x a day, its very small pill. Two other pills thats taken 2x a day. This is all done in 1 week.

However, he doesn't tell me the name of it in english as there isn't an english name for me. Its chinese medicine.

Does anyone here think i should be worried about taking these pills? Is there a chance this could be like the chinese version of accutane? I read something about this but what scares me is accutane has some pretty big side effects.

I taken this for 1 day and wondering if i should do it for the next 6 days.

Also he told me if i dont see results in one week, dont see him anymore as this stuff wouldnt work. But if it does work or get better, see him to get more of these herbs/pills.

Thoughts on this?

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Re: Chinese Herbal Medicine for Acne?


This is a sticky situation. Chinese medicine has been used for centuries by your ancestors and for me to say that it cant work would be both wrong, and insulting to your people. So I wont.

What I will say is that herbs of any kind- are not FDA approved. Meaning, anyone can tell you to boil anything in water and drink it- OR grind up anything into a tablet and tell you to swallow it- and the fact it, you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are actually taking. Not just chinese herbs and medicine but all herbs and medicine. Furthermore, many of these herbs are very bad when mixed with Amercian/ Modern medicine. If you were to get sick next week and get rushed to the hospital and need surgery- some of the herbs you are taking could cause complications with the anesthesia. Many herbs interract with antibiotics- so taking something like this- and not knowing how to tell an American ER doctor what it is you are taking (most wouldnt know what it was anyway) and then being in a situation where you absolutely need Western medicine, could cause some huge problems.

Supplements, herbs and things like you are talking about- are customs. And who is to say that they might not work? They might.....BUT again, if they dont- how long until they are out of your system, what is the risk that you might be taking something which affects your kidneys/ liver or heart? Your mom more than likely truly believes in this. Im American and MY mom believes in Homeopathic (all natural) cures. I dont. When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, my mom thought she could cure it with natural remedies, diet and drinking miracle fruit juice! Turns out my disease is completely incurable and Im living with it just fine. Its neurological, not life or death. But, regardless, no one can say to you that it will or wont work. We, in this country, do not understand enough about this type of medicine to argue the point either way.

If you trust your mother, and the person you bought this from, you can try it...but who knows? He might have sold you dirt from the ground, or leaves from a tree- unfortunately, allot of scams, financially - have been linked to people buying "miracle cures" which are nothing more than household items or things you find in the backyard, and they charge extremely high prices for nothing.....

Good luck
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Wink Re: Chinese Herbal Medicine for Acne?

hi there! i am new to here

I am chinese too and had suffered serious acnes since i was 14-16 (now, 10yrs later, i am cleared! just occasionally acne before period.)

when I was 14-16 my situation was severe, the acne was all over my face so i was so desperate to try anything out. from expensive derm dr to DIY stuff, I tried almost everything. I did try chinese med too

I'll say it work for some, and it doesn't work for some.
It really depends on:
- the ability of the chinese doctor
- the situation of your inner body
- the reason of your breakout

When I was 16, I wasn't exactly heal by chinese med. after all trial & error, a Dr gave me Diane 35 pills and I was cleared by that, what i had was like hormone acne. I took the pills for around 3 yrs and stopped that.

BUT - when I grow older, like 24 yrs old or sth, I had break out again - I had Diane 35 again but it didn't work for some reason. I was referred to a chinese dr in a hospital in Hong kong (yes, some chinese dr is actually qualified to be in a government hospital) The chinese dr told that I was too stressed so something went wrong with my liver. So i took the bitter, dark herbal tea for around 20 days and my face start to heal.

To conclude, the right chinese med can balance out your organs (say Liver, Kidney, etc). IMO, you can defo try out what your mom suggested - if you don't see any improvement in one month, you might wish to change to another doctor to find out your reason of break out.

(Side talking: One of my friends had body check and his liver GPT was way too high. He had too much alcohol and fatty stuff. His face had some spots which was caused by the liver minor-multifunction. He start having chinese med for over 6 months and now the liver was cleared & healthy. It is not city myth but really happening anyhow, finding the right chinese doctor is critical, otherwise it could be "some dust from ground or unknown leaves" indeed :PP )

gosh. very [email protected] hope it helps

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