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mnurmlr 05-01-2013 06:45 AM

Low dose Accutane for mild/moderate acne, scarring, rosacea
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to start low dose accutane for mild/moderate acne, with scarring and what I have self-diagnosed as rosacea (frequent flushing of cheeks exacerbated by all the triggers, hot drinks including coffee, alcohol, hot foods, spicy foods, etc etc). Have some mild permanent pinkness to my cheeks, but not really any broken blood vessels as of yet.

Quick background:
29 year old male, 77kg, fairly amazing skin until age 29 (yep, this year) when my face exploded all of a sudden. Have tried everything under the sun in terms of topical creams, antibiotics, manuka honey, lemon juice, facials, silk peels name it.

Have read a post on here back in 2009 from LowTane (tried to connect with him, but not sure how yet) who had what sounds to be a more severe form of rosacea than I, but he had excellent results taking low dose accutane (beginning at 20mg/day) and eventually getting down to 10mg/week.

That's my goal. Wondering if there are any other users who have had success with low dose accutane ...can you provide your stats, type of acne, whether you had rosacea or not (this is a huge fear of mine, that my rosacea will worsen), your accutane therapy/dosing and your results.



mnurmlr 05-23-2013 11:42 AM

Re: Low dose Accutane for mild/moderate acne, scarring, rosacea
Well, saw my derm today and he wants to put me on 80mg to start, and keep it that way for 5 months. That seems ridiculously high to me, but he was absolutely unwilling to start any lower. I explained to him how nervous I was about my facial flushing and absolutely did not want that to get worse. He said that accutane has no impact on rosacea, and that it is used to TREAT rosacea (which I knew, but at MUCH lower doses!)

Anyways, my plan is to start at 20mg and work my way up (not to 80mg though!!) and see how I react to it.

Would love some advice/input from others.


RobertOlsen 06-11-2013 07:24 AM

Re: Low dose Accutane for mild/moderate acne, scarring, rosacea
Hi, the recommended dosage of Accutane is 0.75mg/1kg of body weight. If your weight is 77Kg the beginning starting dose should be around 60mg. Also after 3-5 weeks your derm should reconsider the dosage and depending on the results the dosage can be decreased up to 0.1mg-0.3mg per 1kg of body weight, meaning that the dosage for you can be 8-20mg/daily

mnurmlr 06-12-2013 05:39 AM

Re: Low dose Accutane for mild/moderate acne, scarring, rosacea

Thanks for responding. The concern with starting off at such a high dose is that it will aggravate my rosacea. He wanted to start me off at 70mg, but all of the literature states that that's WAY too high of a dose. I've been taking 20mg daily and still experiencing some flushing of my cheeks etc. 70mg would have been way too high of a dose for me.

I'm just starting my third week now at 20mg. There are several studies comparing low dosing with high/standard dosing, and they all pretty much have the same efficacy and remission rates, of course with the lower dosage there are far fewer nasty side effects.

Kristina9 06-20-2013 08:36 PM

Re: Low dose Accutane for mild/moderate acne, scarring, rosacea
My derm started me on 40 mg and I was really nervous about it and then next month was 80 mg! Now that really freaked me out, but it really hasn't made me go crazy. My symptoms were like my first month. I had dry lips for a week and then my lip balm worked its magic. I also used cetaphil moisturizing cream everyday as lotion or even coa coa butter. I'm not sure, but the amount of water I drank everyday could have been what's helping me out. I drink more than 16 oz. everyday. Basically, my worrying for the 80 mg dose was nothing. My doctor also told me the higher dosage, the more likely it will be for your acne to never come back. Best of luck!

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