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BostonMia 02-25-2014 11:39 AM

Spiro & Yasmin for Hormonal Acne- Share positive experiences?!
Hi there! I've been reading these boards for some time now. They have helped me get on the treatment plan that I currently am on for my hormonal imbalance and acne.

I am 32 and experienced a huge shift in my hormones the fall of last year after stopping intense year of strength training for body building competitions. I basically dropped body fat down to 13%, stopped having periods for almost a year, had no energy, depressed and started breaking out again hormonally (chin, mouth, jawline, lightly in cheeks) after being 95% clear since college.

I decided to take the plunge 12/30 (way to ring in the New Year) and start Spironolactone 50 mg and then mid January I started Yasmin again (about 25mg). I had a bad initial breakout that was inflammed spots the 2nd/3rd week and then a ton of closed comedones the 3rd/4th week that have been taking their sweet time to clear. I find that these boards have helped me daily get through this long tedious journey. Would love to hear others stories if you are on SPiro/Yasmin, thinking of starting, trying to cope with hormonal acne? Basically more girl power.

I am into my 3rd month on Spiro and really hoping this month brings the clarity that I have been praying for. I did have a bit of a breakout last week and before my period I think from the Yasmin. Its a rollercoaster alright! I am barely having to wear concealer thankfully my PIH is fading, but these darn clogged pores that pushed closer to the surface are taking FORever to go away. Any suggestions? Trying Paula's Choice 2%, Murad exfoliating cleanser and a Glycolic toner. Maybe warheads?! lol ;)

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