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sunflower sarah 05-22-2001 08:49 PM

i am worried about my mum
please i need the truth my mum has been told she has enthasema (sorry if it is spelt wrong but i thing u would know wat i mean) she has been told she has the lung capasity of a 12 year old, she is 40. She has also been told to stop smoking wich she has not done. i am very scared for her. I need to know how long she will live for if she continues to smoke. i dont kow if i posted this on the right board. please tell me the truth. her dad died last year from the same disease, that scares me even more to know that he died. i also smoke and i have told my mum i will not quit till she does in hoep that she will quit faster.

cutenbrat 06-05-2001 01:51 PM

YOu can't scare someone into quitting. My sister saw me while I was on breathing machines and on my death bed (not from smoking but from ARDS) and she will still not quite even though empesma and chronic bronchatitis runs in my family. I might not have been sick from smoking but it's these machines she could end up on if she doesn't stop. Don't kill yourself trying to save someone else for it's not going to work. You can be supportive and give her reserach on smoking, but that's about all hon.
God Bless.

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