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nash2012 09-30-2012 08:49 AM

Bronchitis not going away?Do i have COPD?
Dear Friends,

Please advice on my health condition.

I am 25 year old male.I have been smoking for the past 5 years (moderate smoker with an average 5-7 cigarettes per day or less).I used to get acute bronchitis every year 2-3 times for past 3 years which gets cured after having medications.

But for the past one month i have been suffering from bronchitis and main problem is shortness of breath with no cough and mucus.I had 3 rounds of antibiotics which cured temporarily.Doctors diagonized that i have acute bronchitis with some kind of allergic infection.The infection was cured a by taking clarythromycin antibiotics.My blood test showed WBC and ESR higher than the normal range. I also had a spirometry test which showed 70% lung capacity.Now my medicines and cough syrups have all finished except for a salbeturomol inhaler.
[B]Now[/B]- Sometimes i feel i am short of breath and also feel like a small reflex pain in my lungs.I dont have any cough or mucus problems.I havent smoked for the past one month.But i dont know why my lungs not yet recovering.I have mostly shortness of breath when i do some physical activity and it goes when i use inhaler.I want to know whether i am suffering from COPD or does allergic infections make this much worse?

Titchou 10-07-2012 10:34 AM

Re: Bronchitis not going away?Do i have COPD?
It could be the lingering effects of the bronchitis. If not, then more likely it's asthma caused by the damage from the bronchitis. COPD is unlikely. I'd wait another month and see how you feel. If no improvement, then see a pulmonologist for a full work up.

In the mean time, use your inhaler 15-20 minutes before any cardio (2 puffs, 60 seconds apart). It should help (that's the standard method for us asthmatics before we jog or do anything cardio).

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