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Adhd and school

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Old 02-12-2004, 05:55 AM   #1
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batmom2918 HB User
Adhd and school

My 7 yr. old son has been increasingly having problems in school. the last 3 months have been a nightmare. I have a good relationship w/ his teacher and she is trying to keep him in class as long as he is not to disruptive. I asked her about a month ago to have the school psychologist get involved. well that was a big waste of time,He said" he feels he doesnt have a LD and needs to see a specialist"that it was out of there hands regarding help in school. So nieve me took at his word. then we see his new psychogist and she says he is showing signs of ADHD and wanted to know what tests had been done at school? Nothing was done, he just talked to him. now i dnt know what to do, i tryed talking to the principal and she said we dont test for behavioral problems . The teacher is really trying to work w/ me but i know she can only do so much, my son is in the time out room almost every day for his problems. what can i do. im lost in this new place we are. Jen

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Old 02-12-2004, 06:36 PM   #2
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suzy_Q HB User
Re: Adhd and school

It can be so frustrating can't it? We went round and round with doctors and the like too. The bottom line is you are your child's best advocate and you have to persevere through all the bs to help them. I'm not sure why they can't do testing at his school. Can't you talk to your family doctor or pediatrician? usually that's the best place to start because they know your child and his history. Make sure it's someone you trust and feel good about. Your son is lucky to have you and it sounds like he's got a good teacher who is looking out for him too, so he's already got two points on his side. Hang in there it's tough but if you keep pushing to get answers it will happen. There is help and there are lots of options. Find a doctor you trust. Good luck keep us posted.

Old 02-13-2004, 11:10 AM   #3
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Dianne2004 HB User
Exclamation Re: Adhd and school

Batmom: We just went through that with my granddaughter age 6. The school didn't come right out and say they wanted her to be put on medicine, but they suggested that she go to the dr. to see what steps could be taken. The dr. refused. So she had to go see a psychiatrist. (SP). He then evaluated her and put her on ritilin. She is still having trouble catching up to where the other kids are, but she's doing better concentrating.

I believe there are certain steps that have to be taken. The school says they can't do the work. Can't keep on task. Then they go to the psyc. There is an evaluation done with the school as well. then they try meds. If that doesn't work then the school has to find out how they can help the child get an education. Maybe special classes, etc. They won't come right out and tell you all this but you are supposed to "know" it. I hope this helps you some in your search for an education. It sure isn't easy, is it. Good luck.. Dianne

Old 02-13-2004, 02:20 PM   #4
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index.html HB User
Re: Adhd and school

Hi Jen,

This is what you need to do. You need to talk to either the school counselor, the special education coordinator, or the school's diagnostician. Ask one of them who is responsible for assessments. Then, tell that person how much trouble your child is having in school and that he needs to be tested for learning disabilities. You might want to check first that his teacher will back you up on this, but it sounds like she will. You want him to have a thorough learning and psychological evaluation.

Some school districts provide testing for ADHD and some don't. Many school districts consider this to be a medical diagnosis and one that they (correctly) aren't qualified to diagnose. You need to ask specifically whether or not they will test for it. If not, then you'll need to have him tested independently. If he is diagnosed with ADD, you'll give the results to the person who is in charge of assessments (it's a diagnostician here, may have a different name there). If he is diagnosed with ADD (or other learning disabilities), you'll have to tackle the question of whether to label him "special ed" - which will get him more services - or go with "section 504" which is easier to qualify for but provides fewer services.

Given the slack attitude you've encountered, you probably need to put your request for evaluation in writing and keep a copy for your files. Most states have timelines that the schools are required to follow. If you have an evaluation done outside of the school, when you give them the results put it in writing again that you are giving it to them on this date. Have them give you a date for when you can expect the formal assessment meeting to be held. Don't be ugly but quietly let them know that you will be holding them accountable for following the required timeline.

I know it's overwhelming, but it's something you really need to do. Your son should NOT be in a time-out room everyday. Is there a tutor in that room? Is any education being done in that room? If not, your son is being denied the Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) that he is legally entitled to.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Old 02-16-2004, 04:34 AM   #5
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badkat HB User
Re: Adhd and school

I could be wrong but if you go to a "public school" I think the school has to do everything in their "power" to make sure your child is accomodated!! If you requested a LD test - (I am currently going through this, I researched my states law first) but they have to!!! I'm sure their are stipulations but from what I gathered from reading they have to test upon a parents request!!! and....--many many symptoms of ADHD and certain LD's (which my son was diagnosed at @ 5yrs - brought on by the school he is now 8) they mimic each other!! So I believe you 1st of all have every right to get him tested!! and...2ndly I know that most doctors (at least they should!) and being parents needs the school to be involved in evaluating forms and screenings and meeting for helping in the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD!!! Don't back down from the school!! - as my doc and others have put it!!! "The squekky wheel gets the grease!" you need the schools help!!!

Good luck

Old 02-17-2004, 03:54 PM   #6
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index.html HB User
Re: Adhd and school

Bumping this up for batmom...

Old 02-17-2004, 09:31 PM   #7
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moMMmoZZA HB User
Re: Adhd and school

Depending on where you live there are differenct jurisdictions on who does what.

(1) Schools unable to refer - In some areas, the School can only have behaviour type problems assessed; these do not include ADHD as this a neurological disorder. Since they are not doctors, the themselves cannot refer them to a neurologist.

- then the ball bounces in the Doctors court. A parent is then obliged to go to their physician for a neurological assessment. If the long way, it could take up to 6 months to get an assessment booked. In some areas there are walk in clinics for neurolical assessments. Before a doctor will do this, however, they must believe there is reason for going via the assessment route. The school needs to fill out forms, check sheets, etc.

Soooo... if the above is the problem, then get your childs report card, try to get the school to confirm some symptoms, and start on this asap. AND write a formal letter to the school of your belief that ADHD may be at issue, and request that they try strategies that would normally work for ADHD children.

(2) Schools that can refer - some schools have resources that could assist in attending to the adhd behaviours that are regarded as emotional behaviour. They will then start a whole wack of forms which can later be given to your physician / or the school psychologist for further recommendations. KEEP ON THIS HOWEVER! It is easier for a school to just regard all behaviours as emotional and thereby get funding.

Do Lots and Lots of research. Keep cool, and factual, and be careful with accusations... emphasis the 'best' for the child, don't lose track of who the fight is for. Help your child know they are being heard.

Believe it or not, but the child probably doesn't see a problem.

Good Luck. Keep the faith.

Old 02-18-2004, 04:41 AM   #8
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hope4health HB User
Re: Adhd and school

Knowing how ADD works is the most important thing a parent could know. I would bet if he found something he REALLY loved to do (bonus if it's a vigorous activity) like a sport. And was kept on a quite strict schedule as far as bed times etc. You would notice great improvements.

It's most important for you to collect as much information as you can on ADD, and deal with the probelm first hand rather than hand him over to a doctor to look at which in the meantime will confuse and agrivate him even more.

People with ADD/ADHD have an ability to hyper-focus on things that excite them. They are capable of extreme concentration (only on things that can keep their interest) morese that and "non-ADD" person. But on the flip side of the coin they are also hyper-sensitive so any small inconsistencies or bad habits can wreak havoc on their own life, as well as the people around him.

I believe that ADD is a LA (learning ability) that most non-add children are incapable of, but it needs to be unlocked by someone that is willing to put forth the time and effort. I also believe that doctors, and often psychiatrists etc have NOTHING important to contribute to ADD. They will give medications to suppress behavior that is promoted by simple habits that can be corrected without all the medication. I would never take my car to a motorcycle mechanic, just as I wouldn't take a child who had ADD to a medical doctor...or I would be so bold as to say phychologist

Now's a time to deal with the problem correctly when everyone else wants to point the finger at your son as if he's doing something wrong (like having time outs at school). 99% of the population would rather bandaid the problem, than really fix it. Giving a child medication for their bahavior to me is about as logical as eating a carrot every time you light up a smoke to promote health.

I'm not accusing you of any of this, it's just my take on the situation. But I do recommend you find out as much as you can about ADD for youself. After all, you're the most important teacher he has.

Good Luck

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