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Arguing- Anyone else?

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Old 03-27-2004, 07:22 PM   #1
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karalm23 HB User
Arguing- Anyone else?

I'm just curious if anyone else experiences this: I love to argue, and I get almost a physical high from it. When I am just having a conversation, I sometimes find it difficult to say what I'm trying to say or I stumble over words, and I often lose track of my thoughts in my head. My thoughts always come much faster than I can articulate them, and I find myself using a lot of filler words like "like," or "umm" to collect my thoughts. When I am arguing with someone, however, especially if it is something that i am particularly passionate about, I get a really clear, focused feeling, and I find that I am much more articulate and feel very connected to the conversation in a way that I usually don't. Sometimes it even seems like the lights around me get brighter and all my senses are heightened, but my thoughts are unusually focused and articulate, and the words come out much more easily and accurately. I'm not sure how this relates to ADD, only that I find that the internal fuzziness in my head and the difficulty in focusing my thoughts contributes to my difficulty in communicating (I was diagnosed with ADD several years ago) Anyway, I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else, or if they know why.

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Re: Arguing- Anyone else?

Originally Posted by karalm23
Anyway, I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else, or if they know why.
Actually, this does relate to ADD and it's pretty simple how it works. The arguing gives us an adrenaline rush that helps "wake up" our sleepy brains, so we really do think, see and process information more clearly. ADD people quite often are risk-takers for this very reason. It feels good to not be so groggy.

Many people don't understand that ADD and ADHD are disorders of under-arousal of the brain, not over-arousal. The underactive areas can actually be visualized on brain scans. Hyperactive children use their activity levels to keep themselves awake.

It's interesting, isn't it?

Old 06-09-2004, 02:28 PM   #3
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tri_lingual_one HB User
Re: Arguing- Anyone else?

I know what you're talking about. I love arguing also. However for the sake of my loved ones I make certain friends with whom I can debate. For example. I'm a stuanch Republican and one of my best friends from from grade school is a democrat(where did I go wrong with him--just kidding). We enjoy debating over politics and other moral issues. Since we've desiganted each other as a person we can argue with we don't get offended by each other. Remember we don't have to be right all the time in our relationships--just most of the time.

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dreamer89 HB User
Re: Arguing- Anyone else?

yea ADD is the body not in stand by mode, as one article I read put it, in fact I printed this article up and read it several times and the gist I get (still don't understand alot of it's analogy, ) but here goes on the gist part. first dopamine levels are used by the body for many things, one thing it uses it for is what is called the stand by mode. that is when you are waiting for the predator to pass and you are up in a tree, or you are waiting for the class to be dismissed after you are done and just sitting there that sorta thing. it is like conservation mode so you can hold your position until the coast is clear or it is okay to go on to the next thing you want or need to do, it is a survival mechnism for coping with boring situations or dangerous situations where it would be bad to move, and you have to wait awhile, dopamine helps you go into stand by mode, you

know the mode some people get when they are engrossed in something and time passes so fast they dont' realize it, that is why many people say time goes faster when I have something to do when at work instead of just sitting. now this article confused me on alot of it but I understood the part about when in a classroom and you have to do repetetive problems over and over dopamine helps you stay focused on it, those will ADD can't do that they usually are of higher intelligence,

they get bored easily (my brother comes to mind as well as me)and cannot go into stand by mode. so as a result while everyone else in the class room is doing boring repeitious problems or whatever they can go into this stand by mode, and Those with ADD get a slap on the hand with a large ruler for talking and looking out the window remarking about what is going on out there (thinking of my own experience with that big ruler as a kid)

So is ADD a disease? I beg to differ after reading that article it means we are actually working the way we are supposed to, with our high intelligence which refuses to go into stand by mode too much. we are considered out of sorts because we do not conform to what is expected at work or school, and thus because we don't fit and don't make it easy on the teacher, or bosses by being very amendable and not a trouble maker or heaven forbid make the teacher actually have to work with you to teach you instead of making it easy on her.

i can give you the article it was free, just ask me, maybe you can make some sense out of it, I read it three times and still am confused on alot of it.

I also agree about the arguing part, I used to be very argumentative and it took a herd of horses so to speak to get me to stop the fighting with words or fists, espeically on my brother who was obnoxious lol

anything that is stimulating to the brain noradrenalin is the anger hormone the fight back hormone while adrenaline is the shock hormone rabbits go into shock easily because of this hormone, so somewhere we need to stimulate out brains, but I guess that goes without saying everyone needs mental stimualation sometimes. some more than others.

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Old 06-13-2004, 09:28 PM   #5
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apinecone HB User
Re: Arguing- Anyone else?

Hi! I think there's an explanation consistent with how Hallowell describes it in "Driven to Distraction", but I'm interpolating based on little info, so BTW! Basically, the timing of filtering among your various thought trains gets off due to the underlying ADD, and you get 2 choices: either concentrate on fewer things at once or keep going in an inefficient way. It's kind of like Brainfog says, but I don't think of it as 'slow' in the sense of 'duh...' but slow in the sense of your 'multiplexing' timing is off (slow, as in reaction time slow). If the timing is off too much, then it can be very hard to 'concentrate', and you have to go to much fewer thought trains, and that's in the direction of 'hyperfocus'. Another way to look at it is that you need to put more energy into your multiplexing to get it to go faster so that you don't have to reduce concentration on each one of the thought trains that you need to deal with in "realtime". I agree that the 'adrenalin' increase helps with focus, but it seems like that's because of going in the hyperfocus direction (ie concentrating on fewer things, eg fight or flight-- that's 2, and once you 'choose', it's ONE. Now that's hyperfocus! So, you argument lovers are into red-meat the way I see it! Bring'em'on!!

Old 06-15-2004, 08:40 AM   #6
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Banker HB User
Re: Arguing- Anyone else?

That's what I do... I hyperfocus.... I may have something EXTREMELY important due at work (VP at a bank) and I will stay up until 4:00 in the morning getting done because I wait until the last minute to do it.... then, I go through it all night, get it done and it's always pretty good. I was also tested as a child for gifted resources.
My doc has given me strattera but I haven't taken it.

In addition, I'm just starting to read this board about ADD and to understand how it works, why, etc. Can anyone recommend a good book so it can help me understand what it is and how I can try to help myself become more organized, less of a procrastinator, etc. My ex husband just thinks I'm lazy....
But the bored thing you were speaking of... That is SO me. I find myself creating situations so that I can become emotionally stimulated... but that's just not good because sometimes people can get hurt. Another question... I obviously had ADD as a child but I don't remember being hyper... so why the difference between ADD and ADHD? I mean, what goes on in the brain to make one person hyper and another not...??? This is just so confusing... But at least I'm not bored reading it :-)

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