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bshea 12-14-2004 03:22 PM

LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
i was currently on strattera, and the side effects sucked, i went to the doctors and he wanted me to stop taking it b/c of the side effects and my heart rate was at 95 per-min... so he wants me to try someting for my anxiety and depression and gave me lexapro, does anyone take this and how has it approved you in what ways?? does it help with anyone on adhd symptons annyy? i heard on some people it does, others it doesnt.
i just stopped taking the strattera today, so when should i begin taking the anti depressant/anxiety lexapro.
he wants me to start at 5mg a day,
does it also help with SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER?
fill me in on all info u know about lexapro.


MafiaKiddo 12-16-2004 10:40 AM

Re: LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
Lexapro is great for social anxiety disorder. It's one of the most frequently prescribed drugs for that problem. I took Lexapro years ago when I was suffering a lot of anxiety and it was great. It didn't help with any of my ADHD symptoms though. I was originally taking Adderall xr and Celexa (short acting form of Lexapro) then moved to Adderall xr and Lexapro. The combination was great no side effects and I got releif from my anxiety and ADHD symptoms.

I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you when to start taking the Lexapro, you should give him a call to see what he says. My doctor switched my antidepressants a lot when I was searching for something that worked and I was always able to start the new one the next day (after quiting the old one). I was never on straterra but assume it would be the same. I doubt you will have a problem but it's always best to check with your doctor or pharmacist when your not sure.

bshea 12-16-2004 02:35 PM

Re: LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
thanks for response, yes actually he did tell me when to, he told me to take it today.. but actually i took it 2 days ago.. b/c i didnt want to take it today and then go away this wkend and not be able to sleep and feel crappy, he was just concered about my heart rate, but im fine.. so im on day 2 and will be taking my 3rrd 5mg pill soon, im feeling GREAT. yess! already, it has dEF made me talk much more and its suprising how fast it started, im excited to see the results everydayy, hope this keeps up and dont wanna get my hopes up to highhh.
i get blood tested tomorrow, then my doc is gonna see what med for ADHD to put me on, he said adderal is addicting and can be a problem when i got older.. and also
did lexapro help you concentrate or focus and better?
i herad it does...
if it helps with that mayb i wont even need something for my ADHD,
but who knows,
just have to wait and see!

Z'sMom 12-16-2004 05:22 PM

Re: LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
This is the information on Lexapro from the adhdhelp website. I have two friends on Lexapro, one still takes Adderall for her ADHD (because the Lexapro did nothing for those symptoms) and the other is being taken off of the Lexapro because her Dr. feels she may be at risk.


"Lexapro for ADHD
Lexapro was approved by the FDA in 2002 as a selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) for treatment of depression. Lexapro works by increasing levels of serotonin, one of the neurotransmitter chemicals that carries messages between brain nerve cells. There has been very little research on the effectiveness of Lexapro for those with ADHD, however it appears to treat coexisting depression and anxiety symptoms.

Side Effects

Agitation. lexapro
Deepened depression.
Increased risk of suicide.
Decreased sex drive.
Difficulty reaching orgasm.
Fast or irregular heartbeat or pulse.
High blood pressure.
Low blood pressure.
Blurred vision.
Chills or fever.
Changes in appetite or weight.
Sleeplessness or insomnia.

Before taking Lexapro, tell your doctor if you have ever experienced:

Liver disease.
Kidney disease.
A history of mania or bipolar disorder.
Suicidal thoughts.
Allergic reaction to citalopram (Celexa).

[COLOR=DarkRed]FDA Warnings

The FDA issued a public health alert for Lexapro in March 2004. They warned that Lexapro can lead to more severe depression and possible suicide. The FDA recommends that health care providers warn patients, their families and their caregivers to be aware of the risks and be alert for agitation, irritability, suicide and worsening depression. Lexapro is not recommended for those who have experienced suicidal thoughts.[/COLOR]"

bshea 12-16-2004 08:19 PM

Re: LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
any the reason for that post was?????
dont put random **** from random websites,
im aware its not made to help adhd, but for some people itDOEs
it all depends on the person,
and what risk is your friend at that their doctor is concered about?
and all those sides effects listeed.. rarley ever happen, most people say this is the most least side effect anti-depres. and so far i belive that also!
i have hardly any BAD side effects, nothing compared to strattera,(adhd med)

Z'sMom 12-17-2004 09:53 AM

Re: LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
Bshea - I can only assume your post was directed at me?

I posted the INFORMATION because you wanted to know if Lexapro can help with ADHD. Medical tests have shown only that it helps with depression & anxiety, cojoined symptoms of ADHD.

I have a very seriously ADHD friend who took the Lexapro and became a suicide risk. Her suicide urges immediately dissipated when she stopped the Lexapro. MANY people have side effects with Lexapro, glad it's working for you but the information is available to be SHARED and you should evaluate ALL the information. It's called making an INFORMED CHOICE. With your high heart rate already you should know that Lexapro often increases heart rate too.

If you don't like a post, ignore it. If you ask for information, you're likely to get it even if it's an answer you don't like.

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