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blindsided 05-11-2006 12:11 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
Once again BSBgeez I can identify with you on another point you brought up...the children not giving you anything that needed to be signed and returned to school...LOL! My kids did the same thing. They would give something that needed to be signed and stood there while I signed it and put it in their book bags for safe keeping. They have a tremendous sense of humor about my short comings.

BSBGeezerFan 05-11-2006 04:22 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
bindsided, are you me??? I read your other reply to my reply in another thread and it appears that we can raise healthier than we are, lol. I was able to get mine kind of up and going and they're turning out fairly ok and it doesn't look like any of them inherited my disorganization and/or ADD.

Now that I've been diagnosed (and according to my shrink it tends to run in families) I can look back and understand things about my father that I didn't understand before. His coping skills were not as "in place" as mine and while I can appreciate and embrace my "different-ness" he was tortured by always being one step out of sync with the universe and was unhappy and bitter at all the potential he didn't fulfill. He died in 2004 at the age of 91 and would rarely, if ever, go to the doctor (died from complications from what was probably advanced prostate cancer, wouldn't even get it diagnosed) so I can appreciate how you have to work with what you've been dealt, cope as best you can and celebrate your strengths.

blindsided 05-11-2006 05:10 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
Boy oh boy, I can reverse that question and ask if you are me similarities are almost uncanny. I might have been unorganized, but I was not going to let my kids suffer the same way I do. Although, my youngest seems to have some of my issues, but she is able to keep herself organized and on track with most things. A few things fall through the cracks here and there. Maybe it is reverse pyschology, she decided that after seeing my problems she was going to rebel against it and be organized...LOL....thank goodness!

Yes, ADD does run in my family and now that I know I have it I can see that my father has it too. (Sorry to hear yours is no longer around) He constantly leaves stuff laying around, is forgetful and gets frustrated with his limitations to the point that he drives himself way too hard at 76. Now that I understand my moods I can certainly see where his are coming from. He has a tendancy to pick on people when he is mad at himself for not being the non-ADD person he thinks he is...LOL. I live right around the corner from him and when he is on his way home from his 8 mile walk every other day, he stops by to chat for a few. Now that I understand the dynamics, I can always tell when he is frustrated with himself because when he stops by he immediately starts picking on me about my short comings.

I understand my moods now and realize that it is just me being frustrated with me trying to be non-ADD in an my ADD world. Since I have come to that realization I have been working on how that effects my relationships.

Sorry for the ramble again. It sounds like we do have a way of raising our kids to be better than we are. I will have to say one thing about ADD...since trying to develop relationships was too kept me out of the neighborhood gossip circles. No one knew me so they couldn't really say anything about me... Nice talking to you.

nou71 05-22-2006 10:06 AM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
Hi Leon,

I was glad to have come across this post.

I have never been tested for ADHD, although I remember I was a very hyperactive child. I have however suffered from depression and anxiety from 17 years old. I am now 35. It had never really occurred to me that I may have ADHD, and I've just come across some websites, and I have some of the symptoms associated with ADHD, although some of them are similar to those for depression. I have become really bad at concentration, memory is terrible, and although Iím sure it has become worse in the last 2 years. I often miss out the middle of a sentence of what people are saying, both at work and with friends. Itís like I have a problem with the English language. I donít always remember having that problem, unless I have been completely unaware of it in the past. I did have tutors say that I was good at written English even though my spelling is terrible. I have also noticed that I can jump in the middle of sentences. I lack motivation, get really stressed about making decisions and am confused most of the day. However these symptoms could be due to the depression.

I have had issues with personal relationships, and working has always been a struggle, because of the lack of focus and concetration, and I have always had trouble getting through books.

Also is it possible to have some ADHD symptoms when you are young and others when you are older?

I have no faith in my GP, I have had to many disappointing meetings with the practice, especially my own GP.

You mention the centre Maudsley in London. Is this NHS or private. Would I need to be referred by my GP?



[QUOTE=lmm23]Hi sweet_chic,

I am twenty-five now, and was diagnosed as having had ADD as a child. My local doctor didn't pick it up, and was flirting with the idea of bipolar. I went to the Maudsley in London, which is a specialist unit, after my mother was diagnosed with it. By having a thorough consultation and psychological testing, as well as childhood school reports, they were at least able to say I had it as a child. As for now, my case is cloudy - I am currently being referred for an autistic spectrum evaluation, which hasn't even occured to me before; and I have acute anxiety and depressive spells. I think, for most people, getting a diagnosis of ADD is difficult, because it looks like other problems, such as bipolar disorder, and people, as you suggest, tend to wipe people off with ADD as being lazy. With me it was difficult, unruly and petulant. But we're lovely really!

Take care
Leon x[/QUOTE]

Phobe 06-01-2006 10:28 AM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
I have never been diagnosed either, it wasnt untill a couple of years ago that a freind (who is add as well ) told me I have it too. We laugh because , we often wander how much time goes by when we are visiting each other that we may both be staring off into long is a day , really when you are aware of it all, lol.

I run a buisness, I have had customers for years that have been regulars, Everytime they come in, it is like I am meeting them for the first time.....unless they are very unique I cannott focus enough to retain them in my memory. When I was married, someone would come and talk to my husband and I , when they were gone I'd ask husband whose that ??? he would just roll his eyes and say something like ...we were at a dinner party with them last week ??????

I procrastinate something terrible, especially paper work (not house or yard work ) I keep these impeccable, but I will put off paper work, on the weekend I say to myself...I will do it Monday, Then I dont do it , I promise to do it Tuesday...then Wed. Nope , by the time Thursday comes , we are almost at the weekend, so I am happy to put it off till monday again....It also tortures me not to get it done.

I can tell that sometimes people that I just meet think Im a bit strange, they can tell that I am not retaining everything they are telling me, (like directions or something )if I am with someone else they instinctively start to tell them.

With all this being said , I consider my self smart, up on current politics, I am able to wheel and deal in buisness , and real estate and such. I have been fairly successful in earning money for myself....and have had the instinct to do well with not a whole lot of effort.... I just kind of wing it, it usually works for me, but I could not read a manual on how to put something simple together to save my life...... If I have a problem with the tv , or something like that , I am a mess, I need to call my kids (who both look after me well, lol.)

They laugh, because when they ask me a question , they know I will usually answer about five minutes.

School was a nightmare, my report cards were always , daydreaming, looking out the window, un-able to focus, I daydreamed away all the basics, was so far behind, I just didnt get it, and quit in grade nine.

I am very hard working, my house is beautiful and I have great taste in gardening , decorating , I take huge pride in this. Often when my phone rings I ignore...cant deal with the everyday.It has been on "mail box is full " for about a month....just the way I like it.

I have to say that I probably have it mild, or maybe I am too far gone to realy know how bad I am....but I enjoy life, I like myself, and wont take meds, I am happy enough to continue muddling through.Its like this, I need glassess, but I only wear them for driving, I am un aware of what is really around me with out them, But I see things a little more beautiful when they are fuzzy, I enjoy the scenery more, I think I have vision like Monet probably did, all his painting look like he seen things blurry, and his painting are beautiful, I also like that when I am not weraing them I have a (false ) sense of being private....if I cant see you, you cant see, yes I know I am rambling......... gotta go, I need to think about paper work....tommorrow.

EAB 06-02-2006 07:11 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
[QUOTE=BlueMimosa]it was never a question of laziness for me. if anything, i did too much...too much of everything that nothing got done. it's hard to describe (and could even be called "normal daily life stuff" that everyone goes through), but anyone who has ADD will tell you that it's not "normal".

since ADD problems have always been a part of me, i can't recall any particular start date. but i remembered having to repeat first grade because my teacher felt i was "too scattered" to fully understand the material. i never felt stupid...if anything, i felt more perceptive than the other students in the class and, sometimes, the teacher too. :rolleyes:

by the 4th grade, my school finally brought in a psychologist to evaluate me. i took all sorts of IQ type tests and even remembered the timer going off, everytime, before i could finish, which completely frazzled me, but the psychologist just supported me along while observing my strategies. the results? ADD w/IQ of 150...w/clear inability to focus, perfectionist. but before they could implement a plan, my family moved...and i started at another school. :(

always believing that I was bright, my parents refused to recognize ADD. so the idea was abandoned and, under no treatment, i finished HS and even managed to get accepted at a pretty competitive college (all done w/a lot of HARD WORK).

but college was where my problems started...i studied for hours, but managed to only read a couple of text pages. i taped my lectures, but found no good in this either. without my parent's support, my self-esteem dropped...i was depressed, and for the first time in my life, i felt stupid.

eventually graduating, i found a job in the real world...but wasn't able to regained my confidence. i decided to get help at 30. i saw my pcp who started me on meds...and after some trial and error, i'm feeling a little better about myself everyday.

i regret not getting help sooner. i could've had better grades. i didn't need to study such long/abnormal hours. looking back, i feel very robbed. so based on my experience, if you feel something isn't right, you should get help because it does exist. :bouncing:[/QUOTE]Sort of describes me. Held back in 4th, barely made it out of 7th and drifted through highschool. Work with my hands well. Book stuff....not!! Military helped me because they have structure, something to fall back on. Civi life has little structure. Too bad because it is needed. It really is simple to do, but nobody wants to take the time. From all that I read, I'm about convinced there is a mental cast system in our society(sp). I happen to be on the lower end because of what I feel is a disability to keep up with the more focused minds. Well I'm seeing a shrink, and it is very informative. I've seen a psycologist(sp) before because of something different and had a very bad opinion of them. I think this guy was in it for the $$. I will be back on the board to let you know what has happened to me with my diagnosis. To put it I hope this ***** works!!! :D

getreal 06-12-2006 11:43 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
I so happy for you that you're figuring it out now--instead of when you're 47 like me! It's been a relief to finally know why I am like I am! And to finally be on meds that help!!! I have read more books beginning to end in the past two months than I have in my whole life!! In school I would do book reports by reading the beginning, end and randomly select a few pages in the middle. I did develop the ability to "hyperfocus" early on though-- so I was lucky to be able to get thru other subjects, and manage the honor roll even most of the time. Which is one reason I wasn't diagnosed sooner I suppose. But I could not read to save my life.It took way too long and my mind wandered constantly. I finally started taping lectures and listening to them twice each night , then write out notes while I listened. Between all this, I was able to make up for my lack iof reading the assignments, and able to pass the tests on my class notes! It took 3 times as much study time as anyone else. I had no life !!
But I graduated nursing school-- with honors--came sooo close to high honors. Go figure! They say we add-ers intuit so much it makes up for alotof actual reading!
Anyway-- I finally diagnosed myself! I went online, took 3 different screening tests-- all were off the charts for ADD/ADHD. They said run, don't walk to a DR for evaluation!! My Dr thought I was exxagerating, Said it was probably my HORMONES, since I 'm getting to be "that age"! But a check of my hormone levels proved Normal!
I had been seeing a therapist for 8 years, she poo-pooed it. Recommended zoloft and Klonopin for anxiety and depression! whic my Dr agreed with . 2 years,5 fender benders,and 3 jobs later... I made an appt with a psychiatrist to be tested for ADD.
20 minutes later she made the diagnosis. I said: I thought I had to take some kind of test or something. You only listened to my history and family history for 20 minutes.
She said she was positive, didn't need any test-- unless I wanted to totally waste my time - (and hers!) She had been in practice for 40 years and had absolutely no doubt in her mind that I had it!! ADHD. She recommended Concerta since it seemed to work better for adult ADDers, so I should start the next day. And she was right-- I responded immediately to the meds--fantastic! But dosages needed to be tweaked. But I finally have the answer -- I'm not losing my mind!!! It just works a little differently that most.
Best of luck to you! If you suspect you have it-- you probably do! It helps alot to have answers, then a plan on how to get thru the rest of your life!!

blackbelt 06-17-2006 11:37 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
I thought I had ADHD in college because I read something entitled "What's it like to have ADD?" I was amazed that there was an actual condition for the way I felt and thought most of my life. I didn't bother to get tested then. I talked to my mom about it later that year, and she said it wouldn't be a good idea for me to get tested because she didn't want me on meds. I had depression as a teen and the Prozac made me more hyper and angry. She also said that because the Prozac didn't work no other med would work either.
Then, last year my mom suggested that I get tested for ADHD. She was watching a talk show and they apparently showed the ADHD symptoms, and my mom thought that my behavior fit those symptoms. I made an appointment for a checkup with my gen. dr.
I made an appointment with a psychologist. She asked me tons of questions about my behavior both as a child and as an adult. She requested that I get school records. She had me do an IQ test, an achievement test, and asked me several more questions to confirm the ADHD and rule out other conditions. She had me fill out two ADHD rating scales and had my mom fill out an ADHD rating scale.
It turns out I have inattentive, hyperactivity/impulsivity, and overfocused ADHD. I also have some obbessive compulsive tendencies. I have cerebral palsy as well.
The psychologist advised me taking Ritalin first to see if it had any adversse side effects. She then recommended a longer med if the Ritalin worked well. I have been helped tremendously by taking Concerta.

coffebean 06-20-2006 07:43 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
I was diagnosed very young with ADHD, and actually was tested at a facility for over a period of 2 weeks during that summer. I had to complete academic tests, hearing/sight tests, and a varity of other test involving perception, putting shapes puzzles together things of that nature. One week without meds, and the next with. My results came back that I scored better while on the meds (ritalin.) Although I still don't think even that was a reliable enough measure. I'm sure you could just about put any10 kids in the same situation and their scores would have come out just like mine.

EAB 06-21-2006 07:21 PM

Re: Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
Went for my first visit a few weeks ago and what the Doc was saying was describing me to a T. Then the wife went and basically a recap. We had some family members and friends fill out a survey. Well the family wife and son were on the same page as me for the most part. Mom and dad not even close and friends were about the same. So there are a few things that made the range of ADD. But for now, even though I read what all you people have to say and get diagnosed, I'm going back for some therapy I guess, which is now depressing. I feel like from here on out I will be wasting my time talking to the Doc.:rolleyes:

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