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  • adderall changed my life for the better

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    adderall changed my life for the better

    hello im a 1* year old male in school who was diagnosed with ADD at age 11 ive been taking medication since i was 11 ive tried plenty of medications i tried ritalin all doses which none had an noticible effect on me then i went to conserta which had an effect in beggining then it started to fade so then i went to a high dose then i felt depressed/sad when i took it and the doctor said i build tolerece to medications fast so then he prescribed adderall xr 20 mg's still no noticible effect to me but the teachers noticed a effect in my behavior cause i was more "calm" and i didnt figit as much then in i started takin 25 mg's and i still failed most of my clases i started to notice the effects (i guess because i was older) so the doctor perscribed adderal xr 30 mg's i really started to notice the effects but ONLY once i started, the hardest part about doing my work is STARTING it once im started everything flows semi-easily sometimes even my parents and my teachers are suprised how well i can really wright (besides the spelling) so i passed all my classes with my lowest grade being a 65 just passing math so this year i am still taking adderall xr 30mg my parents make sure i take it everyday. then one day last week i 4got to take it and while i was in first period i started to notice the effects when i didnt take it i felt tired TOTALLY UNMODIVATED i had a "i dont care additude" about school my mind was thinking about all the things i wished i was doing instead of being in school i was very quiet definitly my confidence was lowerd with out adderall i reached into my pocket for no apperant reason and i found one of my adderalls i dont know how it got there but it was a adderall xr 30 mg's what i usally take so i asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and i took it and about 20 min later i started noticing that i wasnt as tired and that my thoughts were way more clear and they werent about things i had to do outside of school they were about what the teacher was discussing and i finally noticed the effects i guess i was so used to taking it in school it became "normal" then second period my dad came to my school and i was called down to the nurse to take my medication when i got there my dad told me that i left it on the table so he drove to school to make sure i take it and then i told him i had one in my pocket and i had taken one but i couldnt explain how it got there so he didnt believe me (which he had a reason for because in 8th grade i used to lie and not take it b/c it made me not eat at lunch then one day he found them in my dresser where i kept the ones i didnt take so now he makes sure i take them) so with me doing some research prior to that and i knew that taking two isnt "deadly" so i just agreed and took it he gave me adderall xr 25mg's which he had leftovers from when i was prescribed to 25mg's so while i was in class i noticed a definite change in my thoughts and modivation school work seemed "fun" and i am the kid of person who hates school or any form of work with a passion. then i actually started doing my work participating more i had such a positive view on life and school work i was very happy this is the most fun i ever had doing work and even my friends noticed and said wow this is the first time i actually seen u complete your work i was very happy that i finally was like everybody else after trying extremely hard even sometimes in tears and asking my self "why cant i do it? i wish i was like everyone else" and i finally could do work with out stressing over it i have had so much pressure from my parents and teachers and no one ever thinks im trying hard enough no matter how hard i try i still got the usal "your smart you just dont apply your self" which thought was total B.S. so anyways 5th period when i have a free period i felt too positive about my self so i did some reasearch in the library and i found out that teens do this to get "high" which got me worried so basicly the rest of the day went fine completed ALL my work 2 teachers were so suprised on how well i was doing that day that they e-mailed my mom and told her how well i did that day and so she was very proud and so was i so i told her about what happend and how i took two and we called the doctor and told her and she said that she will prescribe an extra adderall xr 10mg as a booster pill if i needed it so now its been a 2 weeks and ive noticed a difference in my additude tawrds school my grades still need improvement because they were so low it will take a while to catch up but i think im getting there and i no longer think of school as a horrible place where all i do is fail and cause my parents stress i am feeling like school isnt as bad although i dont really enjoy school the medicine makes me accept it as something that has to be done i think that the adderall really makes me think things through which i something i usally never do.

    im sorry for my post being so long and i know some of my thoughts are incomplete im just very exited and proud of my self on how adderall is finally working for me and i would like to let people know that there is hope


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    Re: im 14 and adderall changed my life 4 the better

    Hello. I'm glad to hear you are having so much improvement with Adderall XR. I'm quite a bit older than you, 29 and I've been taking Adderall XR 30mg & a 10mg (regular) tablet each day since July. I agree, this drug does REALLY make one focus and motivates one to start the day. The thing is, for me, the effects are short lived and the so called 'downer' when the med starts to wear off is horrible...almost not worth taking it. I've been trying to stop this drug for 2 months now. It's very difficult to do once one is use to performing so well...if I dont take it, I feel completely drained and depressed - a depression like I've never felt. I can't get my work done unless I've taken it...I will literally be falling asleep at my desk. I need a long weekend or a week off work to get use to myself w/out this med. I think I've forgot what it feels like to be me...and that's scary.
    I'm sure you know that Adderall is an amphetamine - which has a very high abuse/addictive rate. I wish I would have done more research before I started to take it. Are your parents completely aware of ALL of the Adderall side effects?...I'm sure they are, but just be careful with this drug. It may be wonderful, but know this...when one starts Adderall the initial feeling they get from taking it does NOT remain constant. The 'euphoric' feeling one gets, feeling like they are on top of a mountain and can do anything - does go away with continuued use. Don't feel like you need to up your dose because you're not feeling that. It's still working...just the initial 'effects' decrease. Never, never take more than will set yourself up for a long, long road.
    I dont want to come off sounding like your mother, but youre young and still in high school. I know if I would have been diagnosed with ADD 15 years ago and been prescribed this med I would have been so happy to find something that works. Just be careful. If you ever have the feeling that you 'need' more, talk with your doctor first.
    I wish you all the best on your high school journey.

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    Re: im 14 and adderall changed my life 4 the better

    thanks for your imput i didnt kno all of that

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