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boricuaitaliano 06-30-2006 12:17 AM

Why Do Meds Stop Working??
Why do meds stop working for me? It seems I wait forever for the med to kick in and once they kick in, one or two months later they stop?
Why is that?

rkireid 07-01-2006 09:49 AM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??

Sorry I cannot answer to why the meds does not work for you. My son only takes them during lectures and not weekends nor holidays. Have you tried calling the doctor whom gave this meds?. I am sure someone on this board will have answers for you. I just joined today and very new, yet not new to ADHD my sons is.


Jennita 07-01-2006 11:54 AM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
Downregulation of brain receptors. They know it happens when the brain is exposed regularly to a drug that attempts to control a certain receptor system. Downregulation is the brains' army strategy against an oppressive force; it will build up opposition of other receptors(upregulation) while at the same time the targeted receptors of the drug will start to desensitize or shut down.

boricuaitaliano 07-04-2006 11:25 PM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
So how is this controlled? Do you have to keep taking new meds when this happens over and over?
Also can heat cause a change of mood? I noticed when the weather starts to warm up in the 80's to 100's I become less motivated, loss of focus,angry, etc.
Thanks again

Jennita 07-05-2006 10:25 PM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
I think that's about all that can be done, changing meds/upping doses/etc. It's a nightmare IMHO. I wouldn't do it personally.

nameisabby30 07-06-2006 06:11 PM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
You see and my sons meds reacted differently.When he started on Ritalyn it should have helped his mood and calm him down.It did the opposite.It made him so wound up and hard to handle that we had to change the meds because the meds weren't helping his brain.The way I explain it to people is in our situation with our son with his ADHD.Taking these meds is like a person on an anti depressant.The meds are filling the portion with whatever is lacking in the brain with those who have ADHD and if the meds aren't working they're the wrong ones.I hope this made sense?If not feel free to ask me.

Jennita 07-07-2006 11:21 AM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
This is what doctors say but in reality they are only guessing if the brain is lacking or not. They really don't know for sure. They do know about drug effects, however, mainly that stimulant drugs will sharpen focus in just about anyone and sometimes, especially in children, will cause a paradoxial reaction of calming. From what I gather, anyone with fast metabolism(children usually do have this but some don't) will process the drug quick and will get the "coming down" reaction faster, thus calming down. But some will not. People react differently to everything from drugs to even food.

IMHO, paradoxial reaction is not an indicator of ADHD or any other disorder/disease, but to me it seems many groups of people just simply react to drugs differently. I mean, we know everything from food to inhaled substances to drugs create different reactions in people so how do they get off saying if a child reacts in one way to a drug (calming down) then they must have ADD or if not then need a different drug.

For example, I can eat about any tomato sauce there is out there, but my husbands' reaction to some(not all) tomato sauces is stomachache......but he can eat any hot sauce out there and I can't touch the who is diseased or disordered, me or him? We just both have different reactions to two different sauces, so who's stomach is "normal", mine or his????

I say neither, people just simply have different reactions to things, this includes ADD drugs. It so happens most children react with the calming(paradoxial) effect; it doesn't necessarily mean their brain "needs" the drugs, it's just their brain's reaction to the drug.

Psychoactive drugs will inhibit certain things in the brain, period. Reactions and side effects will always vary. IMHO, that doesn't mean someone is "lacking" anything in their brain. I say to the psychiatric community if that is so, then prove it. First line of testing should be biological, before drugs, if not, it can't be proven then.

Prove to me I have a biological brain disease before giving me powerful and possibly harmful biological drugs is what I would say. But that's just me....

addprogrammer 07-07-2006 11:55 AM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??

Yes, stimulant meds do stop working for most people sooner or later. But the solution is rediculously simple. Stop taking them for a week or two. They'll start working again.

Also define what "working" means for you. For me it means sitting in front of a monitor working on complex systems that demand an extraordinary attention to detail. Meds enable me to do that efficiently. I can "stay" with it for hours on end without feeling foggy or restless and all those other implusives that constantly attack us.

I have taken stimulants for well over a year now and they have not lost their efficacy. I do not believe I am any different than any other ADHD sufferer. So the only plausible explanation is I take days off regularly. There are many tasks that do not require much focus or attention. Home maintenance, car care, etc. So when those tasks are on the honey-do list, no meds for me. Heck, "tripping out" makes the time go faster.

If you are unable to take a day off every now and then, chances are there's more at work than uncomplicated ADHD. If you, like me, were diagnosed well into adulthood, there are complications. They need to be addressed. For me, frequent bouts with depression was (past tense) an issue. Lexapro helped me cope until the underlying cause was addressed. ADHD was the culprit. Managing the ADHD fixed the depression. I have no need any longer for antidepressants.

I doubt if I'll ever be able to manage my ADHD without meds. I did it for years but it was/is too difficult, too inefficient to the degree that I cannot compete in a very competitive industry. Tell me. Who these days does NOT work in a competitive industry?


[QUOTE=boricuaitaliano]Why do meds stop working for me? It seems I wait forever for the med to kick in and once they kick in, one or two months later they stop?
Why is that?

boricuaitaliano 07-08-2006 09:28 PM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
I was talking with someone about doctor(s) diagnosing people and medications. When I was 18 years old I suffered from depression over the lost of my brother and having a rough life but I was depressed before then. The doctors started me on Prozac and some other medication that made me psychotic when on it and it was meant for sleeping. I realized my mistake was not being consistent on the meds, on and off for one month the I would go to the doctor and say it did not work. Maybe I was expecting a miracle drug that made you feel good all the time and what I mean by "feeling good" is happy, no pain and not worrying as much. Well I never found that and now I am 33 years I think I did more damage then good with different doctors and their diagnosis from depression, bipolar and now ADHD and all those meds I have taken.
So maybe to me not working means not able to deal with a new problem or a new emotion that suddenly arises or not knowing something new arises. I am beginning to realize not only do I have something wrong with me but it may be as simple as going to seek counseling help and a few changes in my life style. I know I have a borderline adhd or add because it's hard for me to focus and especially when I read I donít remember what I read and I must of had read two full books in my life
Sometimes I compare my life as a child when we had most of our fun, laughter and look at my life now and see how serious everything is because of responsibilities and I forgot how to laugh. I am the kind of person that if I donít do something for a long time I lose interest or become scared to try it again. Like I said maybe I just need simple counseling instead of all these different meds because eventually all these medications should cause some damage to the body / brain or maybe it's to late the damage is done. I just wish I would of thought about this a long time ago but then again how could I when I could not even think straight. So I guess my goal is to talk with my doctor and try to wing myself off of meds and wait a month or two when they are completely out my system and see what are my struggles are then start fresh from there.:blob_fire

Jennita 07-10-2006 01:32 PM

Re: Why Do Meds Stop Working??
Excellent idea. But don't expect too much too fast. Lifestyle changes like better diet, exercise and stress reduction take alot longer to "kick in" so to speak, they are not quick fixes by any stretch. You must be patient. As one who has gone this route, I can tell you it's well worth it in the end compared to the drug route as far as health, feeling well, etc. It might not solve every one of your problems but it gets you back to feeling human again. And it costs nothing compared to doc visits/drug costs, you'll have a budget for fun things again. Go for it and good luck!!

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