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Confused 1111 12-20-2006 12:25 AM

Adderall help Dosages ToO High?
Hi im 18 year old male i have been prescribed adderall now for the past 3 months i had refused to go to therephy when i was in high schhool but my parents thought it was a good thing soo i made them happy. when i started college my therepist told me to consider med options she belived i was deppresed i refused but once again i made my parents happy when i started college i saw a phycotherepist for the first time told him my whole deal and he gave my wellbutrin 200mg then after two weeks 500mg for about a month and a half. i hated it. i have a very ocd personality and tend to abuse things both doctors know that when i was 13 i wieghed 240 pounds and began to take stimulats and drugs i droped to 135 pounds in 3 months i looked like death. i smoke ciggeretts and always have smoked allot about 2 -3 packs a day since 13 years old. i destroyed my body and liver on stimulants at 13 and got cleaned up and stayed healthy and fit for a good 3-4 years but always smoked but no drugs and i never drank but very big into health. on wellbutrin i gained 12 pounds in 5 weeks and smoked sometimes 4 -5 packs a day. when i started college this year my job got more important and i got promotedd with 6 days a week it was difficult but i got through it. wen i went back to the doctor for the wellbutrin i told him i hated it and it dosent help and im always tired and feel disgusting. he asked me if i wanted to try adderall he knew i had a high tollerance to stimulants soo he started me off at 40 mg a day imediate realease. 1-2 in morning 1-2 in afternoon 2 weeeks later i told him its good but it dosent last from schhool to work soo he gave me same 1-2 in mornin-1-2-afternoon-1-2 and 1-2 around 3 or 4 my classes are in the morning from 8 -12or 1 ish and work from 3 to 11-12 pm soo im around the clock busy 7 days week a month later he told me same thing but no more then 80 mg a day imediate realse. he told me he dosent wanna give me the extended realse becasue its only good for two dosages. well this week i went back and now im taking 120 mg a day of adderall 30mg four times a day i didnt and never did think anything from it but the pharmacist told me there is no reason anyone should be taking a dose that high a day i never had any excperience with adderall but i must honestly say it has changed my life around and things are soo much easier in my life cause of it but i think it may be hurting me some days i dont wake up for nothing even if you stabbed me and i get my 6-8 hours of sleep and when i know i need more i really know it my head brain and body ache and hurt the only reason i joined this chat was to get some answrs and help what should i do is this normal and the pharmacist really had scared me and i told her this has changed my life around 100% i wish i had this in hs im more organized doing great in school and work but wen im off of it im sooooo moody and irriatble and soo far i only havent taken it two days since iv been prescribed on it and those two days were the worst days of my life and everything feels like a blurrr... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME? Does anyone know if this is normal? What are the highest you ever seen? i Contacted the FDA and they had told me a person my age should be on no more that 40 mg a day or ex realse ones. Someone help me?


cstep 12-20-2006 03:54 PM

Re: Adderall help Dosages ToO High?
First things first, change your doctor. You told him that you had abused drugs in the past. That doesn't mean you can't necessarily take them since you have completely turned your life around by focussing on your health, which is a great thing! If you had a high tollerance to stimulants in the past-about three to four years ago, that doesn't mean that your new healthy body needs such a high dose. I'm surprised he hasn't offered to give you the Adderall xr in the morning and then a dose of regular adderall in the afternoon. You are on way too much-I have a friend that works at a pharmacy, and there can be devistating effects of taking too much-you already seem to know this. As far as the welbutrin-I currently take 150mg and it has helped me slow down on smoking, however-the adderall seems to make me want to smoke more. There is a notice that once you go over 450mg of welbutrin there is a possibility of having seizures. Also, I hope you didn't just stop taking the adderall all at once, as this too can be dangerous. As far as being moody and irritable, your probably having a lot of withdrawl from the adderall. Adderall might not be for you-there are other medicines out there that you can take with or without adderall, such as strattera-a non-stimulant you take at night. If a drug doesn't work for someone, the answer isn't to just keep increasing the dose until it does work-it's to find the right medication and then find the correct dose. I would seriously consider finding a new doctor.

Confused 1111 12-20-2006 09:03 PM

Re: Adderall help Dosages ToO High?
thank you, i just need to get others opinions on adderall cause no one i know takes it and the thing i usually read online and when i ask questions i never really get to find out im still on it and take it everyday but i am now trying to limit myself to about 100 or 80 mg a day i dont wanna take 120 its really strange how he increased it to 40mg more in one month then i was like ok there must be something wrong but the only problem is it does help me allot everyday im always running around im on my feet usually 12-15 hours a day i have a very streesfull job that i love and im at school mon through fri from 10-2 usually its made a 100% complete turn around in my life my friends can deff see a diffrence they think im a better person more patient more calm easier to get along and im sooo much more organized and doing better in school i was that kid in school who never went always cut failed gym and lunch in summer schoool every year and now im passing. but i do notice the negative side effects i think i get very irratable and moody at night aand i dont wanna take another dose and when i go to sleep a few times i had slept for over 18 hours and dint wake up missed school work and the entire day. but do u still think 120 a day is safe or do u think thats how much i need if i am able to work on this like ? Hes a dr. know what i mean is this normal?

cstep 12-20-2006 10:46 PM

Re: Adderall help Dosages ToO High?
I still think that's too high. If you don't want to change doctors and the adderall works, maybe ask him to put you on adderall xr in the morning and regular adderall in the afternoon-it worked pretty well for my son. Everybody is different. You said your doctor was a psychiatrist, right? Even if the medicine helps it can still be doing irriversible damage at those levels. You made need to consider dropping some of your school time, or doing less if you can. Hopefully your doctor listens to you and take all of your concerns seriously.

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