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KissAmeGal 01-28-2007 07:02 PM

Concerta...any input would be helpful
My son just recently started concerta, just over a week ago. he was on Strattera for a month, and it didn't help him any. He's on 27mg of concerta, and he says that it's helping him a little to stay focused and concentrate. But i think we may still have to up the dose a little bit. As accoring to what i have read, it's to start working immed. after taking it, and lasts about 9-12 hours.
He has been having such a hard time in school, for the past for years........i hope this works for him


darkchocolate 03-01-2007 02:39 PM

Re: Concerta...any input would be helpful
Just be careful and watch for side effects. My daughter started on Concerta last April and stopped the last day of school. She started back again when school started in August. In January of this year she began clearing her throat constantly and nothing helped. Two weeks ago she began having motor tics and we learned her throat clearing was a vocal tic. We stopped the medicine two weeks ago and she is still having tics. We will be seeing a neurologist on Tuesday. I can't say the tics are from the medicine in our case, but it is a side effect. I am very anxious to talk with the pediatric neurologist. I want what is best for my child physically and academically. I hate to see her grades falling, but they already are. Homework in the afternoon and evenings was a nightmare in the past and the Concerta had been such a blessing in helping her stay focused. We also have no family history of tics.

Best of luck!

wanttochange 03-02-2007 09:29 AM

Re: Concerta...any input would be helpful
I've tried Concerta, I'm a 28 year old male with ADD. It helped me pay attention during lectures as well as not bouncing off the walls at work, I realize it made me less hyper at work when I stopped taking it and 5 days later a co-worker jokely asked if I had been on speed the last few days, little did she know I had just stopped taking speed (concerta) a few days earlier.

My issue isn't so much with hyperactivity though hence why I said I had ADD not ADHD but more congnitive. While concerta helped with my paying attention it did not help with reading nor papers, I still could not focus on those tasks.

I def. noticed a thing with my throat and I was coughing a lot more. Not really a big deal, I had thought I was getting sick but then realize it was a side effect.

I have stop taking concerta because I thought it was making my hair fall out and I am already losing hair even before taking concerta (male pattern baldness blah) but the doctor told me that I would have to be on it for 3 to 4 months for this to happen and only then is that a rare side effect (2-3% of users). He is probably right, I think I noticed my hair loss more because concerta allowed me to focus better. That said I am trying something new, Provigil, it is not typically an ADHD med but is sometimes proscibed for it, I will keep you updated on how it works in a seperate thread, any qx's just ask.

p.s. today is the first day I have used provigil and I can tell you this, normally when I type I have [I]multiple[/I] spelling errors, I type very fast and my mind races much quicker than I type, proof reading the above text I don't see many, I am really hoping this has something to do with Provigil.

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