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    Old 09-15-2007, 12:28 PM   #1
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    Adderall XR 20mg discussion....

    Ok so Ive been taking Adderall XR 20mg once in the morning a day for 4 days now. The first 2 days, when the pill kicked in I would get a rapid heartbeat. It would go away in about an hour. Then when the pill wears off at night I get a rapid heartbeat for a minute or two. Im going to list a few things, sorry if it gets wordy, you dont have to respond to all of it.

    I went on the web, researched this heartbeat phenomenom and apparently a lot of people have the same exact symptoms. Some people even have to lie down for a little bit after they take the pill and before it wears off because they get such a rapid beating heart and dizzy. So my #1 discussion for this thread is : How many people have experienced this? How long did it last, how did you cope?

    On another note, yesterday I noticed that my breather is much more shallow. I mean, not in a bad way. Im just not breathing as fast and stressed out (you know ... "sssiiiiggghhh") as I used to. I thought maybe its because my mind isnt always racing (well not as much), not so many things on my mind at once, and I am more relaxed, less anxious. #2 discussion is: Did anybody else notice their breathing changed after taking Adderall XR?

    Last but not least, right after I took Adderall for the first 3 days or so, about an hour or so later I could feel it kick in. I could only describe it as the feeling you get when taking off on a plane. I felt like I was getting anxious (like I do when I take off in an airplane) and like my body was being gravitated (pulled) down. LOL. I know it sounds weird but it wore off relatively quick (thinking about it- the feeling last about as long as taking off on the runway in a plane). So #3 discussion is does anybody feel strange when they first start taking it in the morning? And when it wears off? I can feel it when it starts to go bye-bye too...get sad a little bit.

    On a positive note I realized today Im getting my patience back! I drive a lot for my job, and was a cussing, honking, aggressive driver before. I noticed today, while stuck in traffic, that I was calm as could be. I was irritated, but not like I used to when I would cuss and honk, etc etc. I also noticed that I have my compassion back. I was talking to my Aunt and found myself actually conversing (GREAT thing) and comforting her. I havent been like that in years... probably since the last time I was on Adderall (regular) as a teen and in my early twenties. I can actually focus on a conversation, at least on the phone, and talked to my Aunt for 30 minutes. I havent talked to her for more than 3 minutes....EVER! lol.

    So my conclusion is besides the little side effects Im having that a lot of people report, I am (so far) very satisified with the results. I wrote in my other thread that I got motivated and went through all of my bills! Ive been putting them off for months. I even made an excel sheet documenting all of the Dr's names, phone #'s, my acct #'s, balance, balance due date, and made a column so I can track payments. Woo hoo! This is the old me.

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    Re: Adderall XR 20mg discussion....

    i always get the rapid heartbeat when it kicks in. thats when i notice it to work kind of a good reminder, i guess. i never noticed anything different with my breath, but then again i have asthma so its always changing. i take adderall xr 20 mg twice daily....for the last 13 months.

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    Re: Adderall XR 20mg discussion....


    Good thread. Thanks for initializing it.

    I don't want to go through my entire stimulant drug history except to say that I am not currently taking either Adderall IR or XR. Nevertheless over the year or so period I was on Adderall I never experienced rapid pulse, shallow breathing or a rise in blood pressure - even though that is to be expected.

    I going to tell you a dirty little secret. Adderall's active ingredient is dextroamphetamine. The other amphetamine salts Shire and copycats throw in are there for one purpose only - to make the Dexadrine less abusable. For most people, the levoamphetamine components will cause jitteryness (heart palpitations), shallow breathing, etc.) if taken in excess. But many of us experience those "abuse preventative" side effects at therapeutic levels.

    The solution? Dexedrine. Good luck getting a Dexedrine prescription. If you are a rich movie star that needs a little weight loss, no problem. You can buy a ton of Dexadrine. But an ADHD sufferer? Screw you. Suffer. <sarcasm>We are all so glad Adderall isn't abused because of l-amphetamine</sarcasm>

    No one should experience the side effects you experience. Personally, I stop taking Adderall and try Concerta or Daytrana in its stead. Both come "out of the gate" and "unwind" slowly preventing many of the side-effects you describe.


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    Re: Adderall XR 20mg discussion....

    you know, i have always wondered about controlled/extended release medications and how they break down in the body. how can they prove they all break down the way they are supposed to? what if a capsule/tablet breaks down faster than it should? who's to say a person won't have a fatal overdose because of it??? not saying this is happening to you, Adidas..... just throwing the thought out there for everyone and i'm wondering if it's a thought worth pursuing?

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    Re: Adderall XR 20mg discussion....

    isnt that why they say 10-12 hours? you're right....what if someone is a slow metaboliser and they dont break it down like that in the 12 hours and take another and another after that with residue of the last one? i'd think itd be hard, too, though, because stimulants only last 2-3 days in the body as it is so thats a good thing, eh?

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    Re: Adderall XR 20mg discussion....

    I was originally put on Ritalin SR and two days into it I just couldn't deal with how it made me feel. A few hours after after taking it I would crash almost immediately. Luckily, I'm pretty good friends with my pharmacist and they always know better which meds would suit the situation, so I had him write a note for my doctor and was switched over to Adderall XR.

    I've been on Adderall XR for 8 months now and I really like the change I've seen. The side effects do go away over time. Personally, I expect any medication to cause some sort of side effect in the first two weeks. If it lasts longer than a couple weeks I usually discuss what's going on with my doctor.

    Now that I'm going back to school full-time I'm kind of suffering later in the evening when I'm still studying. I've heard that some docs will prescribe something like 10mg IR on top of the XR to be taken in the evening. Has anyone else done that?

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