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    Question for other ADD college students...

    I have ADD (inattention) I have a very hard time in school, with listening to lectures, takin notes quick enough, reading for detail, and TIMED tests.
    I just started about a month ago on Concerta. I am on 54 mg. I find I am doing somewhat better in school. I use to drink everynight and it has also helped me slow down on my drinking. Anyone else notice this?? I dont feel the NEED to drink like i use to. my GPA has also gone up a lil...from a 2.8 to a 3.1 (only in a few months)
    anyway.... I took 5 classes this semester instead of the usual 4 that i use to take. This is a very hard semester for me considering I am takin classes such as English Comp 2 and Philosophy! A LOT OF READING! these classes are hard for me.
    Some days I feel like the concerta really helps me and then others i feel like it doesnt work for me. I am not sure if i should just stay on concerta or switch to somethig new like adderall.

    The only side effects I notice are that i dont eat as much, and when i drink a lot of coffee (Iam a big coffee drinker) that I feel the caffine actually makin me awake. Coffee use to never really do anything for me, I always wondered how people drink coffee and say it wakes them up so much. I could fall asleep usually after coffee lol but when i take concerta i notice the caffine a lot more. So i dont need to drink nearly as much coffee as i use to and dont take Naps EVERY day. this is very good for me, because I actually do homework now!

    My english class has a test every morning and we only get 15 MIN!!! i have such trouble with this. I feel so nervous like everyone is done way before me and i feel very rushed. I thought to mention to my teacher that I have ADD but i am not sure she will feel that means i need more times on tests.
    Do u guys have a problem with tests that are timed!?

    So many people seem to have ADD that i feel people look at me weird if i say i have ADD. They seem to think EVERYONE has ADD, and that its not a real problem.

    I'd really like to hear from other college students about what medication they are on, and how it helps them. Also the effects they notice.

    Oh yeah one more question....Do you guys take your meds on the weekend? cuz my doctor originally told me not to, but i feel if i dont im not as well as i am when i take it. Plus i have a lot of homework on the weekends. So now i take my meds everyday.

    Sorry this was sucha long post, just had talk to someone that understands my problem.

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    Re: Question for other ADD college students...

    I am 25 yr. old female and have been taking generic adderall for over 5 yrs. now. I would not recommend skipping days, OR drinking for that matter, and I'm not sure that not taking (on those days you plan on drinking) would be effective because it is still probably in your system. I used to drink at parties, but I don't anymore, the highs are not as thrilling to me anymore, and it tends to make me feel hungover soon after, not like it used to. I take a high dosage and usually get the "dropped jaw" at the pharmacy when ever I place an order for the first time, so I am completely useless without mine. My good judgement depends on it. I would be a mess if I went a day without mine! I am sure I have become dependant on it, and life would be doomsday should I ever have to go a day without. I would ask my doctor about that whole skipping to drink thing though. Sounds risky, especially in a college enviroment.
    Stimulants like caffeine normally have an opposite effect on me now, they put me to sleep or I go into relax mode, but really you don't need to be drinking coffee when your on a Rx stimulant. My heart rate used to go through the roof, but has become regular with time.
    I am much more organized, attentive in conversation, and able to complete projects that take longer than a day to complete. I owe it all to perscription medication, and that is kind of scarry but also a relief.

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    Re: Question for other ADD college students...

    Hi all, I am also a 25 year old (male) in my 4th year in University. I also work full time, selling real-estate, while taking 5 classes a semester at school. All I can say is properly knowing how to use ADD has been my biggest advantage the last two years in school.
    I was the same way, for my first two years, of not being able to pay attention, being constantly scattered and not knowing what the hell was going on most of the time.

    I am currently on Dexedrine (5mg) 1-2 times /day. Over the last two years I have devised a couple strategies to use ADD to help me multi task with work and do well in school.

    I quickly learned that I have a VERY low retention rate when simply reading; let's say 30%. lol. So when note taking (of any kind) I type everything out. It doesn't even matter if you are focusing on what you are typing out, just following along with the lecture makes me so much more connected to the class . I have also found that going to the gym, or some sort of energy exertion, is absolutely critical. If I do not go for a couple days my 'anxiety energy' is almost too overwhelming; a lot to do with the Dex firing me up.

    Lastly, (srry this is so long), a big help for me was setting up a reminder system. I started with the windows calendar, then got a blackberry. I put in EVERY single, even mundane, task that I have coming up (home work / studying, showing, etc) and make a rule that when the reminder window pops up I have to do it before 'dismissing' the reminder.
    This strategy of accountability for getting assignments, etc done has made a world of difference in my career too.
    I have found, and preached, that my ADD has been a 'super-power' for school and have never allowed myself to give it a negative connotation. When you / I can get focused on a task, you will be able to perform it with an intensity that 'normal' people find difficult.
    At least this has been my experience.
    If you found any of the rambling useful i have a couple good 'strategies'; but won't take up any more space now!

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    Re: Question for other ADD college students...

    I am an adult tking 54 of concerta. works good. caffiene has been used successfully for years on hyperactive children, go figure,. I told my son (he has it too) the doctors say,on weekend you can not take it if so desired. the beauty of concerta is the time release aspect of it , it is better delivery sytem than most. i am 56 yr.s old and now I discover ADHD!! this answers as many questioins for me as it raises! so, now I choose my tasks better as well as jobs (been fired from every job I ever liked) I am now learning the tricks to making my brain finish a task I need to do. strategically placed as well as worded notes to myself. I recently graduated from a tech. course at 56 and passed with a 90 above avg and top tech awards,I still don't do well on interviews,as I am a work in progress but ,concerta for me has been working. good luck.

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    Re: Question for other ADD college students...

    I have ADD and similar story from when I was in school 4 years ago. In addition to the meds, I was told the school was required by law to make accommodation's for students with ADD. It turned out it was true. I was able to take tests alone in a conference room with extra time. For writing classes, I was allowed to bring a laptop to type answers. At my school it was done through the main office that provided tutors to students. This may prove helpful.

    I have only taken adderall. Started at 5mg, then 10mg 5 years later, and 15mg 4 years after that. I prefer the non extended release twice a day because I feel more of a kick.

    I am MUCH less productive when not taking the med, and MUCH more creative.

    I also am addicted. I don't abuse it, but I will never go without it. Looking back, I don't think it was possible, but if it could have been, I would have rather been trained (trained my self with professional help) to function with out it.

    When I got out of school I had to stop drinking caffine after 6pm so I could get to sleep in time to wake up for my 7am job.

    As a side note, My formula for getting strait A's my last 2 years in school was too: 1. Go to every single class and 2. Cram for 4 hours just before each exam. I even adjusted my exam schedule to make this happen.

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    Re: Question for other ADD college students...

    I just graduated from college and about a month after, I was diagnosed with ADD (would have been nice to know a few years ago!). I had the same symptoms....looking around in lecture and wondering why everyone else seemed so engaged and alert when I couldn't tell you a word the teacher said. I am currently on 20mg Adderall Rx and that stuff is like gold to me. I have the attention span of a 5 year old without it b/c I'm the non-attentive type. I'm thinking of increasing to 30mg and going to the regular kind instead of Rx so I can control when and how much I get each day a little better. That way, on the weekends I can take one in the morning and do work, and at night it will be mostly out of my system so I can have a few drinks. But my doctor just had me try some samples of Strattera to add to the adderall and I can't tell if it's makes me feel a little like a zombie. Anyone else try the Adderall-Strattera combo? I'm adding the strattera b/c even with the Adderall, there were a ton of random, pointless thoughts zooming through my head when I needed to be concentrating. I'm currently studying for the MCAT and I don't think I could get through this beastly test without the Adderall. Sorry for the novel!

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