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In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!

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GucciGrl088 HB User
Question In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!

Hello all,
This is all very new to me and I'm still searching for some unanswered questions. Let me start by saying, I just turned 24 on the 8th of this month, and I have lived my life (up until now) not knowing a thing about ADHD. As a pre-teen/teenager, It was always a toss up when it came to school. Grammar school was great, although I struggled to maintain my grades...I made the honor-roll often. Going from elem. school to middle, is a different story. As a result of doing well in elem. school I was placed in honor classes, and now looking back, I guess I can say I lost motivation In middle school.. and things just seemed foggy. I had a hard time with school and my personal life wasnt any better. At the age of 12 I was being treated for Arthritis...everything hurt, so I switched from public schooling to home schooling (home school=no school). To sum this up as quickly as possible..home schooling lasted a year and I went back just in time for high later drop out (in 9th grade).
Now fast fwrd ten years. I'm now 24, and have been working at the same job for 8 years now. I have experienced some "moments" where I ask myself "What are you doing?" I dont want to be at the same job at 35 yrs of age. So, as of March 07' I was on a mission; I enrolled in GED classes. This was my moment of REALIZATION..I couldnt concentrate for the life me. My mind would wander to just about any subject other than what I was supposed to be thinking about. I couldnt wait till I was out of that seat and doing something else. I found myself often counting things (may sound weird)..for example how many books were on the bookshelf, of how many light fixtures were hanging..etc.
After seeing how proud it made my father to see me graduate and have my GED in my hands..I knew I had to continue. I enrolled in college(1yr ago) and at the time ..I would wake up, take one energy pill, drink atleast 4 cups of coffee, 2-3 redbulls, and another energy pill mid-afternoon, and it wasnt enough, but it did help me to focus. Well, I didnt want to end up having a heart attack, so I decided after WAITING FOREVER for health insurance to see a Dr.
1st doc diagnsd OCD and mild ADHD..2nd DR. said ADHD which is making me act a little impulsive/compulsive but no whatever it was about him, I stuck with the 2nd Dr. After a couple trials of Vyvanse, concerta, focalin, and now back to concerta. I have found life is like a min I feel the meds work, the next I dont think they work at all. To add to the great ride called LIFE, my father passed away in Sep. I have had a very hard time dealing with this loss, and found myself in a rut. I have never been a fan of antidepressant's and when I was earlier prescribed, I would never take them. However, My Dr. said this is different..should give me some energy and boost the concerta. So...I did. I'm now taking 1- 54 mg of Concerta and 1- 300 mg of Wellbutrin..I have been on the WB for almost 30 days now..I have noticed a small change...but also (after my fathers death) I gained 15 lbs..I can not help but feel DEPRESSED and it is constantly on my mind. With that being said..when I'm reminded of my wieght gain...I lose all motivation. Depression is a vicious cycle...

MY QUESTION IS..I'm not so sure I was happy with concerta in the first place..but will the combination of wellbutrin help? Does anyone take these two together, if so what are the positive outcomes? Also, I was given Ambien to help with my sleep. I have not taken them though..I'm scared! HELP PLEASE!!

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09rachel1018 HB User
Re: In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!

hey guccigirl!! if i were you, i would get off concerta, and on adderol. Its soo much different. I have the same thing as you, i can't pay attention at all in school. Its not that i dont want to, its just i dont, and i dunno why. Adderol makes me want to pay attention and i do so much better in school, its like a new brain was given to me honestly. I started with concerta, too. It was good the first month or two, but then it made me really annoyed by EVERYTHING.. i dont recommend it. U should try adderal and see how u like it, i think u will. It makes u so productive

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roller23 HB User
Smile Re: In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!

hey gucci girl, well i do have the add thing so i do understand the frustration of trying diff medications and nothing seeming to work, espically when you get your hopes up, like many on this site have said diff meds for diff people, my dr. put me on ritilan first, and anxieity was to high so i tried adderal. im taking 60 mgs a day plus effexor xr 75 mg, and im prescribed xanax up to three times a day as needed,

our growing up well home life seems about the same. elementary school did great moved and middle school things went down the drain. i never knew why, was always daydreaming, skipping, dropped out cause ia was going to get held back a year and got my ged, started 2 diff colleges and just couldnt do it, i went to a addiction and add specialist about 2 years ago, i became dependant on opiates for energy and motivation.

i got off the opiates through taking a drug called suboxone for 7 months and now dont have a problem with it, my mothers dieing of cancer and im pretty much her care taker, and my almost 3 yr olds caretaker and find myself overwelmed and depressed alot. my dr. wanted to put me on wellbutrin but i didnt start taking it ive heard to many bad things plus imm 23 and dont want to mess up my brain anymore than i have or did in my teens. recently ive thought about trying the wellbutrin though just because ive heard it helps along with the adderal but im scared, that creepy feeling that antidepresants give you when you first start taking them.

i also would do things in class like count things anything to get out of that seat. since i started writing things on this web site i havent got many responces, my life is also a roller coaster, seems like nothing but ups and downs ups and downs and the downs are pretty low, plus dealing with my best friend my nother dieing which shes only in her early 50s. i guess some things you just gotta go through,

im so worried about school ive been a waitress hostess well reasturant business since i was 16 i live in a torist town and without a degree theres not much you can do. i enrolled in school in aughust and im so worried im gonna f that up.

the adderal has been life changing im a competely diff person. i just get that feeling that the med will stop working. i was on 60 mg of ritilan before the adderal which i hear is pretty high. im on the same amount of adderal now and feel like my dose needs to be uped to 30mg tablets 3 times a day, but im scared he'll take me off it all together, so i find my self fighting over asking him or not. the last days before my adderal rx is up im barely taking nothing at all, im not sure what to do, mabe i should try the wellbutrin?

i just wanted to let you know that your not the only one having trouble coping with the rollercoaster called life. the adderal has made a huge diff, in my life its been a miracle, mabe ask about something like that, i can go right to sleep on it or clean the house on it, cant even reallt tell im taking it but others ahve noticed a huge change. i used to lay in the bed from the time i got off work till i fell asleep. my fiancea and i our relationship is so much better im actually praticipating in life, so girl your not the only one out there. and about the ambien before i satarted the adderal or any add meds i used to lay in bed and think about almost everything espically when my mom got diagnosed i found out i was pregnant and that she had cancer in the samr week, talk about rollercoaster, the whole preg. was,

so girl well i do counceling and they say that helps, mabe try that. also dont give up hope. life is really short and even normal people have there up and down days. sorry about your dad i havent spoken to mine in 5 6 years his choice. ive tried so guess he might as well be dead. luckly ive had a great step father whos raised me since i was 6 or 7. just take one day at a time. shoot i find myself taking it second for second sometimes.

be very happy that you even have a job right now. where i live everyones going out of business, no ones hiring. i would love to be working, so just be glad you got a job and being there what 8 years shows that your a good employee. thats a great thing you need to be proud, ive had 3 diff jobs in 8 yrs no mabe even 5.

hopefully schools gonna be diff this time for both of us espically if youve found what your passion is. growing up i never wanted to be a nurse but after helping my mom and seeing how much she apprechiates me just giving her a bath and taking care of her gives me a feel of self worth, like im needed and doing something to make a diff. in someones life. the school is gona be the problem though, but lets keep our fingers crossed that its gonna be diff. plus i have to drive almost 45 mins to the nearest college so thats a hurdle for me to but theres a quote i heard some where and it allway stuck with me mabe youll like it. " a boy asked his mother how do i eat this whole cow mama? and she replied " one bite at a time". so hope you understood that wording was a little diff but meanings the same.

time life years fly by and were not promissed tomarrow so i hope this helps and i hope you can understand it because i cant spell very well, if you ever need anyone to talk to message me i hope thing get better if youve been in my shoes before it couldent get anyworse right? take care

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GucciGrl088 HB User
Re: In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!

Thanks for your advice..I was once productive too, when I first started on concerta it was great. Its not been a steady 5 months (after trying other meds) and I dont feel like there are working. However, after feeling my Dr. out, I kinda dont know how to ask w/o feeling in a way ashamed...I guess. I feel like he is the kinda of Dr. that has heard negative things about adderall and avoids that drug...Dont want to sound like a coward..but I'm affraid to ask.

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Location: BB, FL, USA
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GucciGrl088 HB User
Re: In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!

Roller23: really does sound like we have somethings in common. Thanks so much for all your advice! I feel the same way about antidepressants. I dont want to be classified as "depressed". I dont feel like I am, but when I look at it from another angel...and like you said, I come home from work at 3 p.m., from that moment I sit on the couch and watch TV until I fall asleep. I SLEEP ON MY COUCH! I have a very COMFY bed....yet I sleep on my couch!?!

I'm very sorry to hear about your mother..I know it is a very difficult thing. My father was also in his 50's; he was 53 when they found him..It's still very fresh and hard to think/talk about it. And I know what it is like to be a caretaker. I was 13 when my grandmother was sick and moved into my mothers house..leaving me to care for her while my (single) mother was working to provide for us. The best thing that came from taking care of her was the memories. We were able to get so close because I had no choice but to make her my first priority and spend nearly every moment of the day-for 3 years with her. It was very rewarding...and if you do choose to persue your dreams in nursing, that too shall be very rewarding. You sound very ambitious, and I hope you do follow through with school. It has been the best decision I have made in a very long time!

I thank you for taking the time to help me with my questions, but like I said to 09rachel1018, and like you said.. I'm affraid to ask him. I dont want him to think for one sec that I have a problem, and then take me off the meds all together. I have told him that with concerta it WORKED..but now its back to square one. I can't keep up with my professor, and I feel like the whole class is fine, but I lack. Thats when we tried ( I started with Vyvanse) concerta, it worked and then 1 month later it stopped, switched to Focalin..that didnt work at all, so he said if focalin didnt work we were going back to concerta because it worked. Well yea when I started back on concerta it worked again for a couple months but now its not. I have tried 72mg of concerta..but that made me very angry. So I'm on 54 mg. Im affraid to ask him for a specific drug...

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