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  • Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

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    Old 08-21-2002, 01:31 PM   #1
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    Post Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    Hi everyone:
    I am a 25-year-old adult male, recently diagnosed with ADD. I started on Ritalin about two months ago (10 mgs every 3 hours) but decided to switch to Concerta a couple of weeks ago so I didn't have to go through all the ups and downs of Ritalin. I am now taking two 54mg tabs of Concerta a day, along with early morning and late evening 10mg "bumps" of Ritalin. I know it may sound like alot of drugs, but I have a very fast metabolism and burn through this stuff like you wouldn't believe. I'm lucky if I get five hours out of the Concerta. Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Concerta vs. Adderall, which one worked better for you, how the experience of these drugs is different or similar, etc., etc. I'm particularly eager to know how people's appetites were affected on Adderall - my doctor is very wary of putting me on Adderall for just that reason. I'm very skinny and cannot afford to lose any weight whatsoever.
    I'm also curious to know if anyone has experience with Focalyn, which is a new drug on the market chemically related to Ritalin, only it is supposed to last longer and have a "softer landing".
    And please, if you're going to reply with any "drugs are not the answer" posts, just don't. I am an adult, I am on medication of my own free will and it has really helped me change my life. Information and support only, please.
    Thanks very much.

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    Old 06-12-2006, 10:03 PM   #2
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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    I have tried Concerta, and AdderalXR. I felt a little hyper on concerta, but so glad to be motivated for a change... and able to actually get things done! After a couple of weeks on it though I started to feel anxious, and my heart felt like it would beat right out of my chest. Then in the evening as it wore off I became irritable, impatient, agitated and very sensitive to external stimuli. The lights were too bright,did people have to talk so loud, so much, or at all! Really! I knew I was over the top when I asked my husband why on earth he had to breathe so loud! Stimulation overload -and intolerance.
    Then I tried adderal xr. Felt much mellower, more active,and motivated but less than with concerta. Also, I became depressed , apathetic, antisocial and anxious within a few weeks. When it wore off I was less agitated, but got so tired- and yawned uncontrollably. Some palpitaions, but not as bad. But the depression, lack of confidence feeling made me mostly a hermit. Not the way I am, or want to be!
    The two are definitely different!
    Of the two I prefer concerta- realizing I need dosage adjustments for the hyper feeling and palpitations. My focus was better. Also my dr will likely prescribe a shorter acting ritalin to bring me down with less adverse reaction in the evenings.
    They both lasted around 10-11 hours for me.
    I have not tried focalyn- my nephew started on it 2 days ago and I am awaiting some feedback on it.
    I am 47 and just diagnosed a couple months ago. It's been a hard transition- butzi feel I'm finally on the right track. For years was misdiagnosed with anxiety and depression. I always felt worse on the meds--tranquilized and unable to put a thought together- let alone a plan.The more aI complained , the more they increased my dose! My husband said it was like living in a zombie- state... No way to live!!! - in my job thinking fast, and acting fast is imperative!... Klonopin sucks!!!, so does zoloft.- at least for me! So glad to be off of them!!
    Good luck. Unfortunately , everyones metabolism is different - as you well know. So trying them is really the only way to know how YOU will react.

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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    Sorry- forgot to address the appetite thing. I lost only a couple of pounds on concerta, none on Adderal; was on both aboout the same amt of time. My appetite is less, I don't feel hungry as often, but when I do eat, I eat! And I snack alot-- chocolate! So, weight loss unfortunately has not happened! In spite of the 20 lbs I gained in the past yr on antidepressants, and sedatives.

    Old 06-25-2006, 11:19 PM   #4
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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    I was on Ritilan for a few years and that helped for a while but I would forget to take it so I would try to double up on it and then I would get all messed up as in not being able to sleep and it wasn't helping me at all. I was diganosed with ADD at the age of 32 years old. I am now on Concerta 54 mg and I am doing great I can now think like I never thought I could think. Everything is so much clearer and I can actually function in the world without getting flustrated. I know I will be on this for the rest of my life as I can't go back to being all jumbled and not being able to think in life. I would be taking a step backwards and I will not do that. So for me Concerta has saved me and I am now happy with the way I am in life and I can finally understand and remember things that I couldn't before without Concerta. It is truly amazing. I am also on Prozac for OCD and Depression but happy to report that I am doing well.

    Old 07-08-2006, 01:50 AM   #5
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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    I realize this topic originated a while ago, but I also feel it may have sparked some worthy discussion.

    Does the Concerta have the same kind of effects on your ADD as Ritalin did (apart from the differences that come with a sustained/long acting release vs. immediate effects)? And have you ever taken Adderal or Adderal XR?

    Like getreal, I concur that both Adderal and [methylphenidate] can have totally different effects. Ritalin works amazingly well for me, except that I need 20-30mgs of it for each 3-4 hours I have to be "on task." With Ritalin, I am aware and can multitask quite easily. I am interested in trying Concerta - if only to be taking less in total/day mgs. of Methylphenidate. I have noticed personally for me that Adderal (XR) does not work quite the same - I am able to organize and focus my thoughts quite well but for some reason still get extremely sidetracked and then put my time into something less important The other drawback is that I only get about 4 hours out of it, which probably starts 1.5 hours after I take it.

    The Adderal might work well for days when I have to sit in a three hour lecture or work steadily on research, but for now (with the go ahead of my dr.) I am working to see how I can make them complement each other (sigh).

    It actually frustrates me knowing thatADD meds are something I will always need, especially as I continue through higher ed and into my discipline.

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    Old 07-21-2006, 04:15 PM   #6
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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    I take focalin, there is no comedown as far as i can tell period. The difference is ritalin and concerta have d-methylphenidate and l-methylphenidate, i think d is dextro and l is levo. Focalin only has dextro methylphnidate, and for some reason that makes it absorb into your blood very very fast, but there is no lingering about it. It is only supposed to last 4 hours and after that no after effects. It is also twice as potent as concerta or ritalin, 1 mg of focalin = 2 mg of ritalin or concerta. It's also cheaper for me.

    Old 08-15-2006, 12:16 AM   #7
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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    Hello Get Real, I am a 32 yr old single mom of 2 recently diagnosed add innatentive. I tried a support group here in town and only 2 people showed, neither of which I could relate to all to well because one was an adhd male and the other was his wife who is not a sufferer. It has been difficult to find someone to talk with and I dont dare try to talk with those who do not suffer from add. I have found that the few people I have talked with dont seem to view the condition as a valid one.
    I have mixed feelings right now regarding this recent diagnosis. Relief and Exhaustion! When I was 23 I started prozac for depression and was excited to finally see the world a little clearer. I couldnt undrstand though why I still had problems with piles, unfinished projects, wanting to sleep all the time, and trouble with articulating my thoughts. I viewed myself as undisciplined, slobbish, slow, stupid, socially inept and the list goes on with the unpaid bills and impulsiveness. I tried diction classes, meditation, counseling, NLP and on and on. I took classes in different subjects trying to make myself "smarter". Although I learned many new things I couldnt overcome the problems mentioned above.
    I was diagnosed with anxiety and I thought maybe that was the problem.
    When I brought my daughter in to be evaluated for a.d.d. I discovered that I recognized all of the symtoms in myself to a T.
    After my realization I became depressed as opposed to my usual excited and motivated self to finally figure out what was going on with me. I think I was just tired at the thought of dealing with this whole new thing after so many years of searching. I am trying to get my motivation back but am struggling right now. How are you working with your recent diagnosis?

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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    Concerta made me sick and mean...grumpy...bad dreams....and it didnt help with the ADD.
    Adderall makes me tired for about an hour when I come down off of it, I usually get a headache too, but it's worth it because during the day I can focus. I've also lost 15 pounds on it.
    "When I'm not in my right mind, my left mind gets pretty crowded"

    Old 08-15-2006, 02:19 PM   #9
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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    I am on Focalin and have been since early 2003. It works great for me. I have no side effects and my weight has stayed the same since I started taking it. The only side effect I see is I will binge eat late at night only after soccer and basketball practices or if I work out late (after 6 pm). I dont think this is the focalin just my metabolism.

    I start work at 5 AM and take one 10 mg, then one about noon, and my last one at 4. I go to school full time, work full time and coach my kids sports teams so I stay pretty busy so I need 30 mgs to get me through the day. The recommended dose is only 20 mgs.

    I tried concerta and adderal and like the rest of the posts I had similiar side effects as they did. So Focalin has been and still is doing well for me. My son had to come off it due to hair loss. It happened 3 years after he started it we dont know why it took so long but it did. He is 11 now so we put him back on Concerta (the slow release) and so far so good. He starts school tomarrow so we will see how he does in school.


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    Re: Concerta vs. Adderall vs. Focalyn vs. ????

    You mentioned wanting to try Concerta for over-all less pill popping during the day. I just started taking one 27 mg/day pill of Concerta, it's extended time-release capsules and the effects are continuous for 12 hours. I take it in the morning and it really helps me get through the day. I'm a 28 year old female who is still finishing college because I was always unable to take full-time loads before, and this semester I finally decided to take 5 courses because I can actually concentrate and get work done!
    Concerta makes me feel a little speedy, but if you take Ritalin than you're probably used to that feeling.

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