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imillnotsick 12-09-2011 09:00 PM

I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
I'm kind of annoyed when I googled Ritalin all I saw that came up was people saying how much better adderall is. Why didn't my doctor just prescribe me adderall if everyone thinks it works more effectively? I just don't understand. Does anyone else take Ritalin and have any luck with it?

janewhite1 12-09-2011 09:26 PM

Re: I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
Many people do quite well on Ritalin and find it is the best medicine for them. Others do better on Adderall. It's tough to guess which one you'll be, so try it tomorrow morning and see what happens.

imillnotsick 12-10-2011 10:17 AM

Re: I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
Thanks I was starting to feel like my doctor hates me.

addventurous 12-10-2011 01:52 PM

Re: I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
I don't remember where, but I read someone describe Adderall as more of a "shotgun" approach to ADD medication. Apparently it contains a combination of amphetamines while Ritalin is much more basic. If that's the case then I'd personally rather have Ritalin work. That being said it's going to take some time to determine what medication works for you and at what dosage.

Good luck!


LessStress38 12-10-2011 04:56 PM

Re: I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
Don't knock it till u try it and take it slow....
I am actually considering going back to it after trying adderall...

janewhite1 12-10-2011 08:27 PM

Re: I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
When you do try it, it may take some tinkering to find the proper dose. (Do ask your doctor's permission before taking MORE than prescribed, though!!!)

The correct dose shouldn't feel like much. When I was on the right ADHD medication, it just felt like I was having a particularly productive day. If it makes you very jittery, or keeps you up at night, you're probably on too high a dose. If you don't notice any improvement in focus, it's probably too low. The right dose varies a lot from one person to another.

Once you do find the right dose and medicine, then it's time to begin other treatments for ADHD. But one thing at a time.

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