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J10 05-01-2012 09:07 AM

I'm new. :-/
Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with AD/HD - Combined on February 27, 2012. I have made realizations about myself and my behaviors throughout my entire life that have been profound, discouraging, depressing, humiliating, and humbling.

I also believe, although it is not confirmed, that I have a serious case of Codependency.

Admitting to, and identifying these things has been the single most important step I have ever made in my entire life. With as lost as these realizations have made me over the last 2 months, I decided I needed to try to find a support system outside of my psychiatrist (monthly visits) and psychologist (biweekly visits).

My psychologist says that I am also a "gifted" individual (educationally? mentally?) and that we gifted ADHDs need different therapy that others do not. Although, she has not elaborated on what exactly that means (at least not yet; or I can't remember that she did). If you have any insight into this please tell me.

My psychologist also suggested that I may have ODD. I have been to 2 therapy sessions and have been prescribed Adderal XR 30mg for the mornings, with an Adderall IR 20mg booster in the afternoons (both of which I forget to take about once every 3 days).

I found this message board when I searched for Adult ADHD and Codependency. I look forward to reading and learning about myself through your experiences, and through your advice on my experiences.

I placed an order on Amazon yesterday as soon as I found the item (impulsivity anyone?). lol. The book is called "Is it you, me, or adult ADD?". It seems to be highly recommended and a very realistic account of how ADD/ADHD affect other people in an ADHD person's life. The reviews are stellar, and with the awards that it has won I decided that it may just be the most important book I ever read. If any of you have insight into this book please let me know as well.

This intro to me is getting long so I will cut it short. One of these days I will put a full post about me and my story. Maybe some of you will be able to relate and give me advice about how to proceed.

I am at a point in my life where I feel hopeless, and helpless. I don't know what to do, where to go, or how to do any of it at this point. I hope that I can find encouragement and support within these virtual walls.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies.

Have a splendid day!


janewhite1 05-02-2012 07:08 PM

Re: I'm new. :-/
Hi, welcome to the board.

It is intense, being diagnosed with ADHD. Why do you also say you are codependent? Who is it that you think you have a codependent relationship with?

ADHD can affect many aspects of your life. It might help to set specific goals or identify specific areas of need. Are you in school? Do you have a job? Is ADHD causing issues at work or in school?

You mention that you forget to take your medication frequently. If you have a cellphone, you can probably program it with a daily reminder. Or, lower-tech, put a note on the door, or just leave the medicine next to something that you usually touch in the morning, like your toothbrush or hairbrush.

I was diagnosed 12 years ago, at age 19. Accurate diagnosis was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I now am so much better at dealing with life than I was before, but I still have issues and struggles.

Yes, being gifted with ADHD is a particular issue. Part of it is just growing up "knowing" that you should be doing better, you should be bringing home those straight As, but somehow you never get it together. Part of it may be that you've developed coping mechanisms that aren't the best.

However it happens, it's good to know that you have ADHD if it helps you understand yourself better.

ArcticWolf 06-04-2012 07:17 PM

Re: I'm new. :-/
Ohai there! :wave:

I agree with what the person said previously. Being diagnosed with ADHD is a difficult thing to handle. But it is definitely better then leaving it unnoticed.

I have had ADHD for 8 years (diagnosed at 10) and growing up with it was very difficult. Even to this day I still have a severe lack of focus at times. However, my diagnosis was one of the best things for me. I was able to get access to certain resources (particularly relating to school) that helped me greatly. Also, I learned that having specific outlets (for me it was Karate) and great support, is of great importance.

No matter where you are in life, living with ADHD is very doable, it just might take some accommodations. Taking advantage of your resources and maintaining good support is something that should be done. If your ADHD proves to be an even bigger problem, seeking medical help or counseling is always an option (though I never did it myself).

Anyway, best of luck! Remember, we're here for you whenever you need it too!

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