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Seeking advice on non-med measures for 10 yr old

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Seeking advice on non-med measures for 10 yr old

My 10 year old daughter has been diagnosed with ADD- inattentive type. She is not hyperactive but fits into classic symptoms of the inattentive type. We do not want to put her on medications. Need some advice on what non-med measures we can take, specially at home, to help her. E.g., I read somewhere that even tuning her diet can be of some help. To get started, can you direct me to some book is helpful?

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Re: Seeking advice on non-med measures for 10 yr old

I don't have any books to share, but I do have a lot of experience....

I have ADD, and have been on adderall ever since being diagnosed back in 1998, maybe? My oldest is 8 and though she hasn't been officially diagnosed by a doctor, I am pretty sure she has ADD. The inattentive type, like your daughter. I have no problems taking Adderall, but I will NOT put my daughter on it. There just isn't enough information out there on how it can affect a young child's developing body. So we decided to make changes at home.

It's a long history, and I have posted a lot about it, so please refer to my older posts on the board if you want details (I have a two year old in my face at the, moment and she is making this much harder than it needs to be!).

Basically, through trial and error, I have learned that ALL artificial colors, and even some "natural" colors can aggravate ADD/ADHD symptoms and make them worse. ALL foods made with artificial ingredients can aggravate ADD/ADHD symptoms. Fatty and fried foods, foods with high sugar content, high fructose corn syrup, MSG.... all can aggravate ADD/ADHD symptoms.

Recently, we have discovered that annato, which is a "natural" yellow, orange, or red color (maybe others, but those are the colors I know it makes), is one that can make ADD\ADHD worse. I am planning on posting a seperate post about that. My daughter struggled through second grade last year. She is super smart, but had a hard time finishing her work in class because her mind would wander. She almost always forgot to turn in the work she had finished, too. Last year she ate meat and cheese sandwiches for lunch almost every day. She ate goldfish crackers all the time. She ate a ton of other things that used annato in them, too. This year, we cut out annato from her diet, and suddenly she is finishing all of her work on time, she turns in her work, and so far, she has never scored less than a 95 on any of her schoolwork. So annato is out!

Diet is very important!!

Sleep is another huge factor. Look up how many hours of sleep a 10 year old SHOULD be getting, and make sure your daughter gets it. Sleep is crucial!

Exercise and play is another factor that helps manage ADD. Half an hour outside three days a week. Doesn't have to be strenuous, it can just be a nice walk in the sunshine (my daughter loves riding her bike), or just playing out with siblings or friends. Kids NEED to be able to get out and play. It is how they work through issues and resolve problems they might have encountered throughout their day.

I have found that by making sure we follow a god diet, get good sleep, and get out and exercise or play as often as we can, my daughter's ADD symptoms have greatly been reduced. Hope this helps!

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Re: Seeking advice on non-med measures for 10 yr old

On top of Marisula's sage advice,

Lots of fish, (salmon is good), lots of nuts, green veggies, 100% whole grains, tons of exercise and all of us ADHDers young and old do interaction well but
hate lectures, teachers and books that don't talk back to us. Parents that interact with their ADHD kids and set up school programs that do the same rarely need meds. Caveat: Some of us that are severely ADHD do need the meds. Always, always, no exceptions ever - go no meds first.

Why risk the formidable medication risks if not absolutely necessary. My advice, BTW, is consistent with the latest ADHD Guidelines published by the shrinks about 6 months back and Marisula's "published" stuff ~10 yrs. back


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Re: Seeking advice on non-med measures for 10 yr old

Remember how frustrating it was when you asked your parents "why is the sky blue" only to hear them say "Because God made it that way".

That is what ADD feels like when you are a child.

I was first diagnosed ADD (classic, inattentive) 22 years ago. I know how it can be.

I am not exactly sure of your parenting style, but as someone who has lived with ADD for 22 years I can say honesty can go a long way.

Again, I do not know your daughter, but if she is anything like I was at 10 years old she deserves to be in the know.

For me, homework was really tedious. I was not told why I had to do it if I was passing the tests at the end. In my mind I saw it as time out of my day to prove I knew the knowledge that I would again prove I knew on the test. Don't underestimate kid's, they are more perceptive than they lead on.

To an uninformed 10 year old, it is a very logical conclusion that busy work is not necessary if you already grasp the concept. Though clever, this mentality of the 10 year old is misinformed. If this perception is not challenged logically, then the initial logic remains.

So, if homework/classwork is the issue try giving them some context. Just tell them the truth, Yes, homework may seem illogical (especially if you are Acing the tests on Friday). But the true reason we do it is to prepare ourselves for personal responsibility. Show them your tax forms, and your bills that have to be paid. Draw the line between responsibility and homework. Let them know that you have "homework" too.

Rest assured, this is not a perfect solution to the issues brought on by ADD. However, if you level with your child, it may make them feel less frustrated with the things that don't make sense to do. Most kids with ADD are too smart for their own good.

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Re: Seeking advice on non-med measures for 10 yr old

My son has inattentive ADHD, I have come to find several natural remedies that help. At first i started my son on Ritalin, and never felt right about it.I did tons of personal research on Ritalin, and there is no study that can give you a definite answer to the long term side affects of it, so i decided to give it a try. My son seemed to act funny, he was too calm for a child, he seemed to have a daze in his eyes, and then at night he would become so agitated, not normal. I monitored his heart rate and blood pressure everyday, since this is used as a stimulant it affects your heart rate. His heart rate increased, the longer he was on Ritalin, even though we were taking breaks on and off of it, also known as drug holiday.

I decided to look into non-pharmacological ways to treat my son, i purchased books on ADHD, and eating right for the ADHD child. i made changes to his diet. I included cod liver oil, a food derived multivitamin/mineral (that include magnesium,calcium iron), flax seed oil into his daily diet. I got rid of with white rice, white floor, white sugar, gluten foods, high fructose corn syrup, and high sodium foods in our diet. I only allow my son to drink organic milk with no-hormones, no artificial flavors or colorings. and he can drink water. On rare occasions will i allow him to drink any juice. I had never allowed my son to drink soda's, so that stayed a no-no in our home.

i read all labels carefully. we only eat vegetarian fed meats. We only have brown rice, red rice, basmati brown rice, (we use Earthly Choice basmati brown rice it is gluten free, sodium free,, high in vitamin E, magnesium and iron) i increased our intake of tuna fish, and salmon (check with your fish department for where they get there fish before purchasing, make sure the area they get there fish has been tested, and is not high in mercury). I started seeing drastic change in my son's mood, attention, concentration, and his agitation went drastically down, without the drug affect. His grades have also increased in school.

I have come across Naturopathic physicians, purchased there books and researching more about ADHD and how to improve my son's life.

I encourage you to do research on the drugs and vitamins being prescribed to your children, a lot of these drugs and vitamins are synthetic and the body does not absorb it. Check out the vitamins you are giving your children. In the beginning i had purchased those Flintstones vitamins, after learning so much about vitamins, and the body, i don't give them to my son, and my family only take whole food derived vitamins.

I will not lie to you, the change has been expensive for me as a single mother. However, looking at the holistic view it is worth it, my son's life is worth it. I want him to live a long, prosperous, healthy life. i battle with him sometimes to take his vitamins and to eat right, but it's a battle worth fighting. I have just started adding GABA to his regimen. GABA is naturally derived in our brain, however autistic spectrum children, ADHD children and children with learning disabilities do not make enough GABA. However, GABA works better with the combination of multivitamins, iron, and magnesium because it does not cross the blood brain barrier. Please verify with your doctor the proper dosage of GABA your child may need. And buy one with the highest potency.

Too much GABA can increase the incidence for a seizure.

Please consult with your child's physician prior to making any drastic changes. I recommend you find a good Naturopathic physician. Don't forget, you are your children's advocates!

I also have my son listen to classical music, like Beethoven, or Bach during homework time, that calms his mind. I recently switched from using the cod-liver oil to krill oil. I give my son Source Naturals Neptune krill oil. It has worked better than the cod liver oil.

highly recommended books, ive also read:
special needs kids go farm free by Judy Converse
special needs kids eat right by Judy Converse
ADD Nutrition solution, a drug free 30 day plan by Marcia Zimmerman, C.N.
Vitamins: Herbs, Minerals, and supplements The complete Guide

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