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ADHD meds suggestions

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Old 11-26-2012, 04:29 PM   #1
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flyboykjc HB User
ADHD meds suggestions

Started seeing Dr. 2 months ago about ADHD.
He tried Wellbutrin....made me sleepy
Ritalin 36mg Er.......roller coaster feelings of tired/normal but no additional energy that everyone else talks about.
Now he's got me on Nuvigil 150mg x1/day.....tried it additional energy, kinds feel mellow like I did years ago on Valium.
I've always been the type needing constant mental stimulation, always on the go, etc.
I only/ always have slept only 5-6 hours/night irregardless of how tired I was the night before.
I have a high tolerance to caffeine, as I normally drink 4-5 20oz cups dark blend coffee each morning...don't know if this matters.....
Also, before I started seeing doctor, a customer of mine gave me a green Adderall to try and itworked excellent!!! Lot's of energy, not slowing my thoughts or anything. The best results I think I've gotten over anything the doctor has tried.
I've never been a pill/seeing the doctor person so should I suggest Adderall??
Thank you.

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Old 11-27-2012, 12:15 AM   #2
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MahaVailo HB User
Re: ADHD meds suggestions

dont, quite understand the "pill/seeing" part of the last sentence. But yes, you may wanna suggest adderall, the problem with adderall is tat the side-effects can cause "motor tics", lose of appetite, and illogical rage.

If you are looking to just up your "awareness", dexedrine or vyvanse may be a viable option. Dexedrine, however CAN cause motor tics (don't see it as often as adderall, then again... adderall is one of the popular ones. So, you have more case files.), and lose of appetite for sure.

vyvanse, I have only started for less than a year. So I can't really speak of its side-effects as of yet. (was on dexedrine for most of my life, 15 yrs old to maybe 1/2 years ago, only switched because I built up a resistance to its effect.)

Also, it seems that your doctor is trying more meds to treat either type 3, 4, or 6. without more information on your emotional and daily tendencies, I can only assume that he might be staying away from wtimulants because that would treat less of your symptoms.

But, it is still worth a soht to try other meds. Word of warning. Stimulants can make you wired to the point that you forget your mental exaustion, even though you are physically exhausted as well. So, expect them to mess with your sleep patterns.

Old 11-27-2012, 01:39 AM   #3
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flyboykjc HB User
Re: ADHD meds suggestions

TYVM for your reply :-)

The pill/seeing part was just that I meant I'm ignorant to the whole ADHD scene and am not familiar with treatments and methods. I posted on here to get suggestions from those who have been dealing with this.

I have always been the type that needs to be doing something constantly, mentally or physically. When I was younger and had less responsibilities, it was easier to be on the run all day, hanging out with friends, road trips, etc.
But, now that I'm older and have to work/pay bills, etc., doing that isn't so easy any more. So, I've turned to computer games.
I really would rather be out doing whatever, I like being on the go, it's just that work/home/family responsibilities pretty much eliminate anything like that, so I'm stuck using the computer as an outlet.


1) get up at @ 3:30 a.m. ((5-6 hours sleep/night (always been this way)).
2) when I wake up, debate whether I want to play on the computer or try to go back to sleep until I have to get up at 5:45 for work, the computer usually always wins because I need the mental stimulation more than sleep. And it's pretty much the only time I get to myself.
3) Drink 3-5 20oz cups dark blend coffee before work, although it does nothing for me anymore, I just like coffee.*
*(I could have a cup of coffee at bedtime and still sleep the same.)
4) 7 a.m., at work now until @4-5 p.m. then home, etc.

**************LONG STORY SHORT:

My life revolves around work/family responsibilities. I can't take enough time for myself. It's always help a sick family member or work, which is pretty much the same as we both run the same company and when he's out, I compensate.
So, I'm stuck trying to find alternate ways to satisfy the constant need for something to do. I could really be on-the-go almost all day long , exploring, researching, investigating, whatever, I LOVE anything new but am so heavily weighted down by my life now.........


My life won't change any time soon and I'm intelligent enough to realize it. So, let's focus on getting me the proper energy to deal with everything as opposed to trying to make me focus or trying to slow me down or whatever.
I try supplements, eating the best I can with my schedule, exercise when I can but still always feel tapped.

Old 11-27-2012, 03:16 AM   #4
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MahaVailo HB User
Re: ADHD meds suggestions

Personally, It sounds like you are an "addiction hopper" just like me, you need something to throw all this pent up mental stress at. In a nut-shell, this seems more than a mid-life crisis than an ADD related problem.

But, I can't really vouch, since im neither a psychologist or psychiatrist. So, I suggest that if you don't have one, try investing some money in one. Who knows, this could all be just a rut. Seeing as it seems you aren't suffering so much from a lack of focus, but rather a "lack of direction".

All I can do is give you some advice that my psychiatrist gave me: Draw up a chart of what you want to do, or where you want to be in the future. And plan steps that will help you get there, even if it only one step at a time.

And if it truly is the lack of direction that is bothering you, that is normal for ppl with ADD, we aren't so much forward thinkers, but rater; live day by day in the here-and-now. Or, you could have slight tendencies towards type 3 &/or type 5 ADD.

However, I wouldn't suggest you take Adderall just because it gives you "energy" (because then you might as well go call yourself a manicdepressive, going through highs on the meds and lows off them.), bt that adderall gives you "drive".

Hope my suggestions help...

Old 11-27-2012, 01:43 PM   #5
Join Date: Nov 2012
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flyboykjc HB User
Re: ADHD meds suggestions

I'm ashamed to say it's my psychiatrist that's been giving me these meds....and that I think you've given me more advice in your posts than he has.
Our appointments usually go like this: (Dr.: how r u doing?, (I talk for 5, maybe 10 minutes, he writes out a script and gets up out of his chair to open the door for me.))
Guess it's time to find another psychiatrist.
You're right though, it is a rut, my mind is still going as fast as it has all my life and life's applying the brakes
I went to him wanting some insight into why I think like this, the way people think/act has always fascinated me. And hey, if he could have actually done something that help me deal with the "life slowing me down" thing, then cool.
I can/have dealt with it for a long time now, just guess I was looking for a break from it.
I've put a lot of thought into solutions and, I'm being very truthful about this, I really never have been a person to look toward drugs as a solution. Just with my work and family issues, it would be an easier way to help.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the time you've spent on this with me, appreciate it.

b.t.w.- Don't know if you've tried it yet, but this Nuvigil stuff had me feeling like a bad hangover all day
((second day using it......))
Thanks! again~

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Old 11-28-2012, 11:13 PM   #6
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lb0689 HB User
Smile Re: ADHD meds suggestions

I am currently on adderall xr and it does work great. I would think maybe telling you doctor you were talking about your adhd frustrations with a family member and they take adderall and they said it works great and see what the doctor saya. This drug is very addicting is why doctor do not like to always prescribed it. It is a schedule 2 drug which means it is the most addicting drug prescribed by doctors. Best of luck to you in your adhd battle!

Old 12-17-2012, 03:41 AM   #7
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Thunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB UserThunor HB User
Re: ADHD meds suggestions

It's possible that you have ADHD.

That said, however, I don't think you could get a proper diagnosis given the chronic and rather extreme fatigue that you're dealing with at the moment. It sounds like you're looking to replace the energy that your long term sleep debt is robbing you of, and I don't recommend using Adderall to bring you that energy.

Adderall is an amphetamine (it's actually 4 amphetamines, but why split hairs). Amphetamines are a class of drug with a very high abuse potential because of the energy and euphoria (increased sense of well-being, increased confidence) that they can provide, especially at the wrong dosage. The problem with amphetamines in a case of chronic fatigue is that you will probably develop tolerance very quickly to the energy boost, and will need to increase the dosage to maintain the effect you're seeking. This will happen again and again until you butt against the top of the therapeutic range, and end up looking for something stronger.

Unfortunately, once you top out with amphetamine, the next, more powerful option is cocaine (or methamphetamine, which isn't any better). Don't jump on that treadmill. See the doctor and try to address your sleep issues first. Make sure your diet is excellent, and exercise regularly. Get a full physical, and look for physical issues that may be causing your sleep/fatigue problems. If, at the end of that process, you're still concerned about ADHD, look at stimulant treatment.

As things stand, I feel you simply won't get what you need from stimulants, because they'll be too busy fighting your fatigue and exacerbating your sleep problems, rather than helping with attention or getting that chaotic mind under control.

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