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superdave1980 04-06-2017 12:30 PM

are there others like me
hello, my name is david and its my first time ever posting anything. i am looking for answers and to see if anyone is or has gone thru what im going thru. i am bipolar and after years of taking meds i finally stoped a couple of years ago. my only issue is that i am what you could say a functional addict on cocaine.

i dont ever want to use again but at times when i get in a manic state or i get overly stressed, i find myself in a hilton or marriott hotel with plenty of cocaine and i use until my body quits. ive been on this cycle for a few years now.

i recently fractured two ribs and the doctor gave me oxycontin. ever since i have been taking oxycontin i feel as i finally have control of my thoughts and i think things thru. my cravings for cocaine have totally disappeard. im so confused. but i wana believe oxycontin is helping me overcome my cocaine their anyone that can relate, if so PLEASE let me know, thank you

Dragonfly Wings 04-06-2017 01:11 PM

Re: are there others like me
Hello & Welcome to the HealthBoards David :)

To be straight out blunt and honest, RUN away from the oxy! As far as you can! I too went through the same thing as you. It made me feel "normal", better than any psych medication had ever worked. I turned into an opiate addict and hid it for 8yrs (at a rough guess, I can't quite remember when my addiction began). I was fully functional and not even my husband knew.

I came out to my doctor and asked for help 2yrs ago now. He got me the help I needed, I went to detox and have not touched any opiates since - apart from what they're treating me with as I am still weaning down.

Please, please do not let this become a part of your life. It will ruin you. You may think you're feeling normal but I promise you it's not and will only cause you more harm than good.

See a good psychiatrist or natural therapist if you need and work through that way :-) I am down to just one psych med (two at the moment due to anxiety flare up), and my mental health has been a great deal better since things settled after detox.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask any questions :)

Mv77 04-06-2017 05:10 PM

Re: are there others like me
My mom has suffered from bipolar all her life. It's been a struggle as her family to see her go through psychotic breaks.
You absolutely need some mood stabilizers medication to stay neutral and make good decisions.
You are going to end up in a bad way treading down this dark path of drugs.
I am so shocked that a medical professional would prescribe you a narcotic such as OxyContin! Shame on the doctor!
You should check yourself in to rehab asap because not only do you have a coke problem you now have an oxy problem and you will eventually hit up heroine! Sad but true!
Get a good psychiatrist and stay on medication to treat bipolar! Exercise, clean diet, stay mentally busy, read, study! Be productive!
Good luck

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