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Charlie311 07-22-2018 12:00 AM

Cocaine use
Hi Iíve started doing more and more cocaine the past 2/3 months, I only ever do it on weekends when Iím off work, but Iím getting more and more side effects which is making me think I may be an addict, jjst recently, today in fact, I have a burst blood vessel in my eyeball, am I an addict or not? I donít know, I canít go out for a drink without wanting some of that, I started originally using it as self medication due to a lot of bad things in my life that has Happened recently and I feel like now it has gotten beyond my control

Phoenix 07-26-2018 12:06 AM

Re: Cocaine use
Hello Charlie 311,

You know we don't judge her but from what you've explained, it appears as if there's definitely the signs of progressive addiction.

First it's the weekends and before you know it, the potential exists for it to spill into weekdays....Even during working hours.

If you are truly serious about getting clean and sober, know that we're here for you; you won't be considered a burden....

I can assure you of that.


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