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Tandn22 01-08-2019 05:48 PM

Smoking out of tinfoil
Not sure if this is exactly the right section, so apologies if not.

So, not only did I start smoking marijuana at a fairly young age (somewhere around 16 years old), but I also smoked out of tinfoil, and did so for maybe about a year.

I've been clean now, but sometimes I wonder if not only did my early use, but also the tinfoil aspect cause, or at least contribute to some of my mental health issues.

I don't necessarily have 'severe' memory and/or attention issues; but I do display a few mild symptoms of ADHD and Autism. To name a couple, I have trouble making social conversation (partially due to anxiety, but also just having trouble thinking of what to say in general) and accurately putting my thoughts into words. I don't really have too severe of a memory issue, but I do occasionally have trouble remembering certain small little things.

So even if it wasn't the main contributing factor to these types of things, could the tinfoil at least have had a small impact on my overall brain function?

MSNik 01-09-2019 06:02 AM

Re: Smoking out of tinfoil
You are asking a question which is better answered by a doctor. We are not medical professionals and for us to say yes or no would be a guess. You need to have some testing done to find out if your functioning as you should be....but anytime you take unprescribed drugs- you are rolling the dice on the outcome.

Please talk to a doctor.

esker 01-09-2019 06:49 AM

Re: Smoking out of tinfoil
Tinfoil is aluminum foil. Aluminum is the most common element in the Earth's crust. Our bodies are already well adapted to handling aluminum. You don't need to worry about the tinfoil.

Your issues with making social conversation can be addressed through group counseling which may be available for little or no cost depending on your insurance and the resources in your area.

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