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prayforpeace 01-23-2020 08:13 AM

Hello struggling with addiction

You would never know that I had an addiction to Benadryl and Valium. It started about 1 1/2 years ago. I was diagnosed in 2017 with a rare disease. I was in the hospital for 16 days, 6 of those in ICU and 9 on a regular ward. The disease I was diagnosed with could have killed me, if I had not gotten to the hospital at the time and got the treatment I needed. It is a very rare disease and I am in remission currently from it. It can come back at any time. In June of 2018 I started to take Benadryl to sleep at night. I was/am currently seeing a psychiatrist and therapist to deal with these issues. I started to take more of the Benadryl to get a high effect, sometimes taking upwards of 25-30 some days others I would only take 10-15. I also have OCD and was scared I might be doing damage to my kidneys and body by taking it. So I stopped it, I relapsed this past January taking it again a couple of days on 10-12 and no more. I got my prescription filled for valium and took about 70 within 2 days. I have since stopped that because I am scared I ruined my body and kidneys. Mind you my test for my blood work on kidneys was normal back in December. I don't know how to stop this addiction. I am scared of my disease coming back, because if you don't recognize it in time, it can kill you. I don't want to live this way anymore with taking Benadryl and valium. I just need some encouragement. I was never like this before I was diagnosed with this disease. Any kind words or advice would be appreciated.

Pray for peace

MSNik 01-23-2020 01:50 PM

Re: Hello struggling with addiction
70 valiums in 2 days is an overdose and I cannot believe that didn't kill you.

Please, please, call your prescribing doctor and let them know what is happening, you need to be seen asap and you need to be referred to a facility which can monitor your meds and your medical condition.

Whoever is prescribing your valium needs to be aware of what is going on...and how did you get that many pills? They can only prescribe so many at a time- and you can only fill it every 30 days..

Call your doctor and ask for help. Please. It could save your life.

dwo2016 08-10-2020 04:05 PM

Re: Hello struggling with addiction
I can relate to what you are going through and although my situation is different we both have had the same struggles with addiction. I came to this from an accident and being prescribed pain pills to ease the pain and one every 4 hours became 3-4 every 4 hours in a relatively short period of time. It got my mind off of the complications of life and distracted me from the pain. It took time to get past this and a lot of set backs before I realized that I didn't want to live like this anymore. This is where I believe that you are and this is the first step to overcoming this demon. You have to want to get better and not use the drugs as an excuse to keep using. I know you can overcome this if you stay focused and surround yourself with good people. I dont know where you stand with your spiritual beliefs but for me I found comfort and hope through Jesus Christ! With God on your side, all things are possible to them who believe in him! Best of luck with your trials!

dwo2016 10-01-2020 11:14 AM

Re: Hello struggling with addiction
I was just following up to see how you were coming along with the issues discussed in the previous thread. I know this, you can not do this alone. You need to open up to someone and let them in....someone you can trust and that will stand with you when times get tough and someone that will hold you accountable in a moment of weakness. It is only human to second guess yourself or want to fall back into your old ways or habits so having someone there to steer you back on track will definitely be a plus in your walk to recovery. It is a day by day struggle, but know this.....each and every day that passes by will progressively get better and one day in the future you will honestly be able to say that you are not that person you used to be. You are a new creation and one that is not looking back but is pressing on to brighter days. It is possible if you believe it to be and work hard at keeping a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up and not bring you down. Keep God first in all your decisions and He will pave the way through life and guide you right where you need to be. Best of luck and keep your head up...God bless!

dwo2016 07-12-2021 11:31 AM

Re: Hello struggling with addiction
Yes, I agree with the previous post. I would definitely recommend seeing someone to deal with the issues your having concerning the meds and also to talk about the underlying problems leading to this situation. You need to surround yourself with people that care about you and understand what you are going through. I know it is sort of embarrassing to discuss addiction with others that are not in your circle because they don't understand the pull that these drugs have on you physically. They can quickly dismiss the fact of addiction and blame it on you as just being weak, but know that it is real and you need to face this head on! With the right program and medications to help you transition, you can get back on your feet and begin to structure you life in a positive way. I hope this helps to encourage you and keep your head up.

dwo2016 08-10-2021 05:59 AM

Re: Hello struggling with addiction
It takes time to heal most wounds but in this case you need to make the effort to move forward. When dealing with addiction we can’t stay put and just wait for the changes to take place like you would with a broken leg. What is broken in addiction is not just physical cravings for more but has a lot to do with the mind and what got us here in the first place. Once you decide that this is not the life you want to live then true healing can begin to take place and then getting a support group around you will help you succeed even more. I hope you stick with it. Life is so much better once you realize pills can’t fix everything!

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