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  • ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(

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    Old 02-11-2004, 04:32 PM   #1
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    ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(

    I have been seeing a pain specialist for a year now for lupus and fibromyalgia and when he diagnosed me with this he started me on oramorph, percocets, oxycodones, oxycontins, vicodin es, lortab, norco, well - you get the picture. He asked me to tell him which one worked and which ones didn't - needless to say, if they worked or not, who cared? I took 'em. I'm addicted now (go friggin' figure) and because he is so expensive and takes no insurance I would just call in to renew my script and sometimes he would without asking to see me but usually he would mail me my script - it was x-filish because both he and his assistant Mary were so moody - sometimes they treated me like a junkie and sometimes they treated me like I was their daughter. All the sudden he writes me a letter stating that he never sees me and that that he can't work with a patient who "dictates" when, what and how much meds I should take so find a new doctor. So, I started looking around town and it takes forever to make an appointment plus it's so expensive. I faxed him a letter telling him this and that if need be I would be willing to visit with him one or two times a month so e won't say he never sees me. His assistant Mary called saying that he wrote on the letter I wrote him that he will give me a last prescription to hold me over till the end of March (who is he kidding?) by then I should have found someone else. I asked her point blank why is he firing me - she said, "I wouldn't say he's firing you as a patient".

    What are my rights as a patient and I feel that after all the meds he gave me then suddenly, 'buh bye', just doesn't cut the mustard. This just downright sux! I cannot afford clinical rehab but, I am up to 20 (twenty) 10mg Norcos a day!!!! What happens if I cannot find another doctor? Should I tell this new doctor of my tolerance as I am also getting meds from another doctor to support my addiction. I'm really scared. I've tried rehab when I had medical insurance but I relapsed two days later and home detoxed three times, but I've never gotten this out of hand and out of control.

    I wonder who I can talk to regarding my rights as a patient as clearly, he is firing me and won't tell me why. Is he even obligated to give me a reason or not? I'm really concerned over his evasiveness and I've told him in the past that I was developing a high tolerance and he continued to issue me the same amounts of hydrocodones or oxycodones - now - he has stopped and that's that. Surely he does not see my predicament.

    Any comments/advice/anything-at-all anyone??? Thank you, Anna

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    SnowyLynne63 HB User
    Re: ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(

    If you didn't do as he asked of you,he can refuse to treat you............

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    Re: ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(

    Also - even if he does see you, he probably won't give you any more pain meds. Sounds like he knows that you are abusing them. He doesn't want to be liable for your addiction (not that he already isn't). Do you/have you ever attended meetings? You need to find a doc because the wds are going to hit you as soon as this medicine runs out. A new doctor can give you a listing of meds that will help you with withdrawals. Also, you can think about getting on Suboxone for maintenance or methadone for real pain, if you still have it. Sounds like it's time to try and become clean since your source has been cut off. What do you think about it? You know it's rare for someone to just stop taking drugs without a 'support system' such as AA/NA. I think that if I wasn't on Sub, I would have to go to a meeting every day to keep me from using. Also, Good luck and keep us posted, please!

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    Re: ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(

    I am not sure why he just cut you off either unless ,from the way it sounds, he might have recieved a little warning from someone that he was being looked at for over Rxing pain meds.He can get into heaps of trouble for Rxing those class ll pain meds without actually seeing you on a regular basis.If the DEA decided to take a look at the charts of his patients, it sounds to me like maybe he has been a bit lax in his record keeping and following all those new Rxing rules set forth since the wonderful little 'war on drugs was declared".Alot of Drs have been shakin in their boots since the DEA has decided to look into Drs Rxing as opposed to getting the drug dealers off the streets.Drs are a much easier target,and it makes really great headlines. I would contact the state medical board in your state and find out just what your options are at this point.This Dr is really cruel in the way he handled things,and he really needs to be looked into.You also need to find a doc who is going to treat your pain as I know that the pain caused by FM can be pretty intense at times.My cousin suffers from FM so i know you have very legitimate reasons for taking the pain meds.i have seen her really suffer from the effects of this disease.I don't know too much about lupus.Unfortunetly,it sounds like you were left hangin here and you are going to have to hurry before your last Rx runs out.You need to find a new doc who you can be truthful with about your addiction so he can treat your pain accordingly.There are other options out there that are availiable to treat your pain other than the huge amount of narcotics you have been taking.Any good pain management clinic offers seperate programs that are specificly geared toward treating patients who have ,because of chronic pain issues, have become addicted to their pain meds.Right now, i think this is your best option. I wish you the best of luck.

    A fellow pain sufferer, Marcia

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    Re: ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(

    I'll tell you the problem with what he did - god this makes me MAD. I don't care what his reasons were I don't care what he may or may not know about you abusing the pills. I don't care what DEA agent is poking around in his books. If he thinks for one minute that you are having a problem with your medicatin and he is a REAL doctor out to heal people and "to do no harm" then he has a responsibility to you as a patient to TALK to you and find out what's going on and at least offer the help and/or point you in the right direction to get help.

    To bow out at the first signs of trouble in the patient HE put on the medication in the first place is wrong and immoral and unethical. He's a lousey excuse for a doctor and shouldn't be allowed to work with narcotics if he can't treat his patients that begin to have problems with it.



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    Re: ): Can my doctor fire me and not tell me why? Do I have any rights at all??? :(


    I read this story, and I had a few mixed feelings.

    On one hand, there is such a thing that a patient has some sort of obligation to see the Dr. a certain amount of times when they are administering you medication, particularly pain medications, even if it is a 15 minute consult or something. He may have begun to feel like your dealer if he just continued giving you refills for so many, many pain pills and you, as a patient, did not fulfill your obligations as a patient. Patient's have obligations too.

    Also, I had known a Dr. 15 years (and still see him today) when I confessed to him, and after a few other problems, when I became addicted to the paiin pills he gave me for my back, that I was calling in pain meds. He was very understanding, and kept on treating me until I went inpatient detox, and detoxed since I was clearly abusing my meds and very addicted. It doesn't sound to me that your Dr. just kicked you to the curb and said,enough. It sounds that he did things appropriately. That he gave you a certain amount of written notice, thus giving you time to find another Dr., and I wouldn't be surprised if he gave you more time if you hadn't yet found a Dr. It sucks, but maybe he just felt you were becoming too much of a liability with the abuse and everything, and he has the right to do this. It's unfortunate.

    As for my Dr. he continued to prescribe oxycontin for me until the day I went into the hospital. After I recuped, he wrote me a letter; that if I ever got a script from anyone other than him and another Dr., that he would not be able treat me any longer. I felt heartbroken, but that's what I agreed to,and that's what happened. He is still my Dr. 6 years later. AND, is very pleased that I am doing so well on suboxone.

    Take care,

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