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  • addicted to pot ?

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    Old 02-29-2004, 06:26 PM   #1
    Princess Oolong
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    Princess Oolong HB User
    addicted to pot ?

    If anyone is out there that may have some viable information regarding my situation, I certainley appreciate a reply. I have some concerns regarding my own pot use. At what point would one be considered an "addict" ? Are thre any good sites, quizzes, resources that may be of some assistance ?

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    Old 03-01-2004, 12:07 AM   #2
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    Paine HB User
    Re: addicted to pot ?

    There is no absolute guide to tell you when you are addicted. Or maybe there is, I dunno. I think the fact that you came on here looking for help might show some inkling of you knowing that something is not right with your weed usage.

    For me the only important questions to (honestly) ask yourself is:

    -Is weed becoming a NECESSARY part of my life?
    -Does weed overrule many decisions in my life (for example: should I pay my bills or buy weed? Hmm, I'll buy weed!)?
    -Does my life revolve around weed (thinking about it a lot, smoking it a lot, etc)?
    -Can I imagine my life w/out weed?
    -If I wanted to, could I honestly quit now?
    -Is my daily life (job, social life, school, etc) being affected by my weed usage?

    Even if just one of these questions applies to you, that still means that pot is a major part of your life and once it gets to that point, that's when things can get dangerous and you might start seeing the effects of being addicted (loss of jobs, loss of memory, loss of coherentness, etc).

    But medically, your body cannot get physically addicted to weed. But there is a very strong mental addiction that can occur, which to me is just as serious. Also, medically, there hasn't been any known occurance of weed destroying your brain. But I and many others can testify that after many years of usage, you do suffer from brain abnormalities which include loss of memory, difficulty with speech, difficulty processing things, difficulty making decisions, difficulty thinking in general. It is noticable, to you and others. If you think you may be addicted, I strongly urge you to quit or at least taper off your usage right away. Your brain will be happier the sooner you quit.

    Here's some sites you might want to check out, though you also might want to run a search for yourself and find other sites as well:

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    Re: addicted to pot ?

    Paine - excellent post. What is your story? Were you once an addict?

    Old 03-01-2004, 09:39 PM   #4
    Junior Member
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    Paine HB User
    Re: addicted to pot ?

    Oh woops, sorry about posting links. Well Princess Oolong, just do a quick search on google for "marijuana addiction" and you should find plenty of sites. Sorry, this board doesn't allow us to post links.

    Anyway, yes Banker I was very much an addict. I was mostly a pot addict, although I would take anything I could get. But where I lived, any drug that is "harder" than pot was extremely hard to get and was usually of awful quality or was a placebo. I think I was addicted to pot mostly bc it was so cheap, reliable and easy to get (I lived right next to my dealer). Another reason for me becoming addicted to pot was my addictive personality. I started losing friends, so I guess I had to replace it with something (drugs).

    Of course, when it boils down to it, there are no real reasons for becoming addicted. Me and my continuously bad decisions are the only reasons to blame. Anything else is just an excuse.

    My "bad decisions" started in college. I guess smoking and experimenting with drugs are part of college life, but I think I took it a step further than most normal experimenters. It became an obsession. My save-for-a-car fund turned into a save-for-drugs fund. What started with a simple joint and a beer night with friends turned into a psychadellic mushroom trip night, a raging acid bender with a little ice thrown in, or an excessive ecstacy and coke night, or usually, a combination of all of these, and usually alone.
    As you can imagine, with one ecstacy pill costing up to $40 (here, anyway), 1/8th ounce of weed costing around $100, and one trip of acid costing around $50, just one night can cost $200 or usually more. Which is why I decided to stick with pot. It's just cheaper and at times, more effective since many times me taking a whole bunch of things seemed to counteract each other and result in a null effect.

    But it wasn't long till I was smoking an 1/8th ounce of weed all by myself in just one day. I could easily smoke much more than that and would often do. So things were still expensive. As you can imagine, smoking 1/8th ounce of weed takes quite awhile.

    So I started spending all of my waking time smoking, till I was literally smoking every single waking moment. I'd smoke when I'd eat, smoke when I watched tv, smoked on the toilet, smoked in the tub. So after a short while with all that smoking, I no longer had time for school (so I dropped out of college), for work (I just stopped going), and for friends (I just stopped talking to them, mostly bc I was ashamed at how I was becoming). I was no longer living in this world. I was living in a constant high state, in this pseudo life I had created. Nothing else mattered in my world. Groceries? Nah, food isn't important...

    So I lived as an addicted hermit for about three years, till I had absolutely no money left and was forced to move back with my family in another area. The good thing is that I don't know anybody here, thus no drugs. So I've been completely sober for about a full year now. I'm still struggling with it, still wishing for one last joint...And I still haven't gotten a job or really gotten my life back on track yet, which makes being sober that much worse. And that brings you up to date and that is my entire story.

    Sorry this was so was more of a mindless rambling (and depressing) trip than a story. But yeah, hopefully that will give you some background on me and you can understand how empathetic I am to others who are going through similar things. Take care and be healthy-

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    Old 03-02-2004, 08:00 AM   #5
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    Re: addicted to pot ?

    Hey Paine, thanks for the reply to my post, I posted a few days ago about reducing my weed smoking from every hour to once on the weekend. I'm doing it too. I finished the last of an eighth on Sunday and I will not smoke until the week is over.

    Stay strong man, you've made it a long time and although you haven't fully gotten your life filled out, we're on the right track. I've done more studying in 2 days sober than I usually do in a week when I'm stoned. You say you yearn for one more joint, but I think that might be like a recovering alcoholic having one drink. It will just open the flood gates and you'll probably rationalize like I do and say well since I slipped and had one I might as well just party the rest of the weekend then stop, then it ends up being a week, then you're right back in the hole.

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