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    Old 03-09-2004, 10:47 AM   #46
    Join Date: Aug 2003
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    yinksy HB User
    Re: Ladies & Kinda!

    OK Lynn - just found this - will reply tomorrow?

    Aye - and we'll be having a wee chat about that drug reduction plan too? Or else.................LOLOL!!

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    Old 03-13-2004, 07:20 AM   #47
    Join Date: Aug 2003
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    yinksy HB User
    Re: Ladies & Kinda!

    Hi Lynn
    YOu must have wondered where I had got to? Sorry for being so long in writing back - just pressure of work!
    Just loved your post. But you ask such a difficult question - I have tried it out on my pals............

    Class structure............... well............ all that stereotyping was most definitely something which existed in our parents generation........... my mother still talks about the "working class" as though she had a nasty smell under her nose!!!!!! She being "middle class" of course............ and looking up to those better than her..... the upper class! ho ho ho ho.......
    But in truth - this is all dying very fast - the new "upper class" being those new mega rich millionaires - who - in my book - just got lucky! But doesnt our societies now just revere money?
    We aspire to be like those people, Richard Branson etc - who make quick bucks in the market place. Or types like Posh & Becks! Need I say more? Not many "heroes" in our lives now who are not mega rich? So - our class system is largely on its way out - very politically incorrect too! Political correctness is everything now.
    But - how your mother in law would get on with my mother!!!
    But we are still a divided nation. Used to be that the conservatives came from London and its environs and everyone north of the Watford gap - to include poor old Scotland, Wales and Ireland voted labour. All northerners being united in a struggle for the "working class". But - so many of the "working class" have now become "middle class" and that is what Tony Blair recognised, and used and successfully got into power on the backs off! All a huge con really - he is more right wing than Magt Thatcher - no wonder he and Bush form an alliance!
    But the division most noticeable now in UK is between the "haves" and the "have nots"! The haves - those will oodles of dosh, the have nots - not enough! And certainly this gap widens. UK really needs socialism again for this whole thing to be redressed. But socialism has lost its appeal. People here forget how lucky they are to have an NHS - a result of a window in history when we had a socialist government. I doubt we will see anything of its like again in UK - certainly not in the forseeable future. I fear our NHS will be starved and we will end up in the appalling situation as in the US as regards healthcare for all our citizens.
    Mind you - there is still a subtle "super" class working as a mafia - there are certain jobs that you just cannot get unless you have been to Oxford or Cambridge - government and diplomatic posts....... But I expect the Yale Harvard thing works that way too in the US?

    And - humour - well - of course a cat has to sit somewhere! Indeed - we laugh at anything and everything! You have no idea of the jokes doing the rounds now about Iraq etc. Dubya is just fodder for our satirists. I have long learned that I cannot even try humour in here (esp about Dubya) or I get shot down (and that's not friendly fire!! LOL).
    I think though that humour is always at its most vicious and blackest in those dark human situations? But we do all indulge in it here. I really think our humour does not travel - esp to the States.
    Do you remember "Spitting Images" when you were in the UK? Sheer unadulterated political satire - was tremendous! Well - it was so very successful that it was sold around the world. Now - they had a very successful series of skits named (The President's Brain Is Missing) - during Regan's reign - humungously funny............... well when the whole series was sold to the US this mini series was removed before shown on US tv! We just could not believe it. Political satire at its best - too strong for Americans? Hmmmm?? Thought policing more like?
    Of course, this sort of censorship just makes the whole situation worse!!
    Again - we now have Dubya - the satirists just think it is Christmas!! Dubya was made to be parodied.......... and the political satirists are having a field day with him. I would love to share some of those jokes - but I would be run out of town for so doing - in here!!!

    Your friends - the Nunns - dont know them - but could certainly find out in a second who they are and where they are - the world of the anaestheologist is small here in Glasgow! May well be that their kids are now practising medicine here in the city too? Maybe my kids went to school with their kids? My eldest son is a doctor!
    Small world!

    Lynn - you will just have to come back to have a holiday - walking in the hills ............... you will find no change in the country side altho I hope that Glasgow has changed! No more slums here now (so they say)!. But we have huge council estates that are worse than the original gorbals. But - its to be found everywhere in the western world?

    Poor Theo - trying to get you out of bed this morning? Yep - know the problem - my lab tries the same trick! And the oral hygiene problem? ha ha ha....... my kids describe the dog's breath as emanating "from satan's a**" LOL

    Have seen Seamus signing on - off to see if I can catch him!
    Speak soon

    Old 03-14-2004, 11:42 AM   #48
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    Twinlynn HB User
    Talking Re: Ladies & Kinda!


    Loved your long post answering some of my questions about how Britain has changed since I lived there. (At first, earlier in this thread, I had worried about leaving others out...that others might object to reading a post they think is exclusive..not pertaining to everyone...but then I thought,'s not that we never discuss's just that we are also comparing and contrasting where we were brought up...and that's really no different from the posts where Kinda talks to those from the American South and they joke about the differences. I've been told by a couple of my Southern friends that I come from another planet!!! LOLOL. ..."Earth to to Lynn..."

    Anyway, this note will be Part I of II--I am expecting a friend over very shortly. (This friend stopping by is my English friend, Pam, who in 1971, got a green card...and came over to share an apt. with me...and to test the air in New York. She stayed for 33 years!! (although she made constant visits back and forth to see friends and family, as she worked for British Airways...and got free tickets!) We'd originally met in 1969...during my first 9 month work-stay in London...when an old penfriend arranged for me to share a flat with her (Pam) and another friend, when I arrived that April. Amazing how our life changes forever because of some small decision made years ago! (When I was 13, at the suggestion of my mother, I wrote to a Pen Pal center overseas, asking for the name of a girl my age from England, to correspond with. The girl was NOT curent friend...but a friend of her's, Jacquie, who visited me..and vice versa, when we were about 19. Jacquie was the one who arranged my flat-share with Pam in 1969, when I got a visa for short-term temporary work. It's so odd where life's twists and turns take you, isn't it!? (Obviously, I took a wrong fork in the road when I met pain pills!!! But it seemed such a beautiful road at the time.....)

    So much for my history! Yes, I do remember the hilarious Spitting Image. And, I also split my sides laughing over the weekly spoof of the news, "Not the 9 o'clock News" with Mel Smith, a Pamela..?...and two others I can't remember! They made fun of those Angela Rippon type newscasts. And, they later came out with this hilarious magazine issue spoofing "Charles and Di"--I still have that magazine-in fact, I just laughed at it for the zillionth time about 3 months ago.

    We do have a few political comedians here, who hold nothing sacred or sacreligious. One is Bill Mahr, who just cracks me up. He used to have a daily, late-night program on a major network here--but lost his sponsors and was cancelled when he made some statement about 9/11!!! (He was the first victim of censorship after our War on Terror began on 9/12.) And, he was sorely missed by those of us who find absolutely everyone and everything up for a humorous potshot! (Hey...I laughed at the Clinton jokes, just as much as I now laugh at the Bush jokes!!! Nobody's immune from target practice.) (And Bill Mahr had not said anything awful about 9/11--he made a comment about the minds of the terrorists in those airplanes.)

    Incidentally, yes, there are loads of people who tell political jokes, no matter who is in political office. If you look closely under the carpet, you will find all those dreaded Liberals hiding out, waitng for Vengeance Day. LOLOL!! I really believe that once we lose our abilility to laugh at ourselves (a great way to difuse tensions), we are doomed!!! By the way....Bill Mahr is now on a pay channel--HBO--which has a large audience who look forward to his barbs on society each week. I don't have that channel...but my cousin does...and she always tapes it for me. America is a hu-u-u-ge country...and you never know just where your own sense of humor may be lurking...but just trust's everywhere...infiltrating even unexpected pockets of our country. LOLOL!

    But I truly do respect everyone's views..and I always want the chance to hear them. I don't think we should get so angry that all we do is sling insults back and forth. I think we should hear each other out...and then, if our distances are still vast...just "agree to disagree"---with ourl friendships still intact! Where I work, in a news environment, NO ONE agrees with one another! But, because of that fact, we have absolutely the most wonderful...and humorous....debates. You have to be willing to be poked and prodded if you wish to remain upright...but you will have a heck of a lot of fun!!! My boss and I argue over every political issue out there...and we AGREE with one another!! Imagine if we didn't. LOLOL. Yes, what I loved about Britain was how any dissension that caused a "wee disagreemnt"--was fought with words--the better the "barb"--the closer you came to winning. It was such a war of wits!! I always loved to listen...but it did take me several years to learn how to take part in the "battle."

    Okay...gotta go. More tomorrw. I've got the day off for boring errands and appts. that had to be cancelled yesterday with this sudden horribly painful attack of this pleurisy-type thing I get from time to time....a horrible inflamation of the nerves leading to my shoulders and neck and upper back...which makes it impossible to do much more than lie stiff-as-aboard in bed and read the papers. (And explain to two whiny dogs just why their walkies have been cancelled for the day. Both of the them use the newspapers I tuck into a corner of the, at least I do not have to worry about moisture..or things even worse... in unexpected places!!

    Have a good Sunday. It's a sunny day here...but...what's it to ME?!?!?! Okay, my friend will be arriving very shortly to tend to the sickly. Hope she brought me something fatty and greasy....or gooey and sweet.


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