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spark-o-cet 05-17-2004 08:14 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
chelle good to hear from ya.the computer has been screwed up off and on now for over two months and am gonna get another while under warranty.for the past two months i have been stayin clean mon-fri and usin sat and sun only.this has helped with the w/ds some but it has been rough.i am now goin on two weeks clean with no useing over the last weekend and i am startin to really feel good again.i cant get any pills at all cause im broke flat but this is a good thing.i hope that the dr will give you some hope and light at the end. if he has been addicted before then he will know what it is like and maybe help you.try not to go back on the sub if at all possible.i think it is just a scam between us addicts.hope all goes well and you can be clean and happy again.-spark

John 808 05-17-2004 08:48 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
Good to hear from you and CONGRATS on two weeks! Gosh, I can't wait to be able to say that! You stay strong, now, Spark! K?

I'll try to flag you down next week and tell you what this doctor said. Let me tell you this real quick, when I spilled the whole sordid tale to him, his first response was, "Don't take another sub..." I asked him why and he said it was not "proven" yet and an extremely powerful drug. He said he has never prescribed it and never will! Strange, huh? I asked him how messed up my brain probably was and he said there was probably some damage but not enough to worry about if I get straight now and stay that way! I have to do this- I am going to end up dead taking 30 pills a day (my intake these last few days) but I am out now. Thank goodness- I pray that he can give me some guidance and I can put an end to this nasty cycle.

Well, don't be a stranger, k? Hugs,

sleeplessinpgh 05-21-2004 10:23 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
Hi and help, not sure if we are doing this right or not. But my spouse and myself have been addicted to oxycontin for four years we got on subs may 2003 stayed clean from the ox until aug 03, made a bad move and got back on them until last week, we have now gone 10 days without the ox, we had been mixing the subs with the ox all this time, now want off of subs too. We were taking 2 mgs daily recently just cut back to 1 for 3 days and 1/2 for 3, but neither of us can sleep, have severe muscle pain and tremendous anxiety and we cannot get anymore subs, because the doctor wont give us anymore, she said there is no detox from the subs, so who is crazy her or us? What should we do only have 2 more subs? How long with this last? Does anyone know or have experienced this. In recapping we have 4 years addicted to oxys approximately 240 mg per day, then subs without oxys for 3 months 8 mgs a day, then mixing 80 mgs of oxys for a couple days and then 2 mgs subs on the off days, done to 1 subs for 3 days and 1/2 sub for 3 days. Someone help us!

tryinmybest 05-22-2004 05:45 AM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone

Pgh was home for me for a long time. Anyway, my suggestion would be to get a few more suboxone tabs. If you are taking 1 mg and it is getting you through the day here is what will help. Start taking 1/4 of a 2 mg tab. You got to stay completly away from oxys. Go as long as you can. Preferrably 30-36 hrs. Then take another 1/4. After 4 or 5 days doing this start taking even smaller peices of sub. I got off sub after 6 months and at the end was taking crumbs, maybe 1/8 to 1/10th tabs. Wait each day until you feel withdrawal symptoms. After a week or so you gotta go to zero. Will you be sick? yea, there is no way around it. Because of the taper the symptoms will be slight. The trick to this is space you sub as far a part as possible. Ideally you could go 36 hrs, then 40 and so on. You'll make it. I did the same and am over two weeks clean. Good luck.


Murphy555 05-23-2004 01:00 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone

I was recenly hospitalized to get off of suboxone (which I had been taking for 6 months, 10mg) and a binge on valiums for about a month, which was I admit a huge mistake. Altho, I have never abused my useage of klonopin.

I don't know what my symptoms are a result of, but I'm still shaky from the inside out after a month and have reached the point of "I can't stand it anymore". So, I'm fearing I'm going to relapse,altho I'm taking it day to day.

So whether the symptoms I'm having are from abrupt suboxone withdrawal (they basically have the same protocol as when you withdraw from any opiates, the clonidine patch, etc.) I only was in the hospital for 3 days; then discharged and then to intensive outpatient which didn't leave me time for anything else really.

Now I'm on my own and the counselor asked me what do I want? I sincerely want to get back on the suboxone for awhile, and still continue to take 1 mg of klonopin as I have, for years. No mistakes this time.

I too was put on klonopin at a time many years ago and it really helped me alot, so my doc just kept me on it all these years and does not think I should stop. After all the bad press that benzos are getting now, I wish way back then I had never agreed to get on it; altho at the time, I was quite dysfunctional.

I personally am having a hard time.


dschne 05-23-2004 01:35 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
I am so sorry to hear that thas has happened to you the klonipin is no different then taking xanax and has to go I only take 1 at night was at 2 and only have taken them at night for sleep but will be soon off them.As far as the Sub go,s I think you really need to work with the doc on this and do a slow taper with it this stuff is really good in my opinion My doc told me to take 3 tabs a day 8mg and I am taking 1.5 a day and feel great so am slowlly working down.Will say a prayer for you and hope things get better.

tryinmybest 05-23-2004 03:32 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone

What dose sub were you on and what were you doing before the sub? I'm about three weeks clean from sub and it really wasn't that hard to come off of. I was on 4 mg for 5 months. I then went to 1 mg for over a month. Played around for awile going from 1/2 mg to 1 and finally started spacing doses longer and longer. I don't take anything else. Maybe the low dose helped me. I am a long time addict. I've kicked more times than I care to recall. Sub wasn't all that bad. Good luck.


Murphy555 05-24-2004 05:54 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone

What dose sub were you on and what were you doing before the sub? I'm about three weeks clean from sub and it really wasn't that hard to come off of. I was on 4 mg for 5 months. I then went to 1 mg for over a month. Played around for awile going from 1/2 mg to 1 and finally started spacing doses longer and longer. I don't take anything else. Maybe the low dose helped me. I am a long time addict. I've kicked more times than I care to recall. Sub wasn't all that bad. Good luck.


Thanks for the caring responses.

I was on 10mg/day for about 6 months. I also took 1 mg klonopin as I have always did. This Dr. did know about the klonopin. However, I made a pretty stupid mistake by ordering valiums from and E-mail out of curiosity. I thought they were the same stength as the klonopin and just wanted to try them and see how they compared.

I told this to the Dr. and his assistant, and they told me they were going to hospitalize me to get off the valium; instead he took me off the suboxone as well, using just a clonidine patch, the normal amount of valium, etc. He told my insurance company that I was abusing the klonopin which is not really correct. So for this mistake, I am paying dearly. And that Dr. is a horrible little man, and even if he did offer me suboxone again, which he has (except this time it's either the suboxone OR the klonopin) and I don't think that's fair since he knew full well that I was taking klonopin resonsibly.

I just want another chance and to see another Dr. who I met at the hospital who will prescriber suboxone (I'm not sure yet) and allow me to continue 1 mg klonopin which is acceptable in his eyes. But I would have to pay out of pocket for both the Dr. and the suboxone now because my Insurance refuses to cover it.

I've learned a lesson and don't plan on ever doing that again..and I was doing so well on the suboxone, so grateful that I didn't drug-seek for the pills, and yet, out of ignorance, my Insurance Company (what I heard from my counselor) thinks I'm drug-seeking because Im trying to find a Dr. that prescribes suboxone. I thought suboxone was a treatment modality that is now available? I'm not drug seeking I'm treatment sinking.

Before the sub, I was taking about 25 vicodin/day and wanted to end the madness. So I went to this Dr. (who I never really saw that much) every week, but my insurance covered both the Dr. and the medication.

I don't know what I'm going through now, but I still wake up trembling and it's driving me crazy. I slipped and took a few old darvocets that I found that I put away for a year....and they helped a little, but they are old and really give me a horrible taste in my mouth.

Given all this, I'm feeling a little helpless and rebellious against the beauracracies, etc. that I almost feel justified in taking things into my own hands, yet I don't want to go down that path of addiction again.

Was thinking of switching Insurance coverage, but I cannot do that until November. My Insurance Company has never been able to give me a decent experienced psychiatrist that is covered and address some complex issues in my life. I've tried on 3 separate occasions and came up with zilch and obviously, noone there seems to understand addiction.

I'm just really feeling miserably and angered by all the blockades. I take full responsibility for the mistake I made, but I know what I lost and I've learned a big lesson from all this.

I REALLY would like to be off all drugs and feel normal, but I don't have the fortitude to do it. I have been going to meetings; they don't help me much. I've worked hard and even done a first step before I left the hospital, but I don't know that telling my life story to a group has helped me physically and mentally.


dschne 05-24-2004 06:30 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
I am sorry to sound like this but in the end the result is you want to be clean correct? at least that is my reason for doing this so I rather than mess around with my insurance etc just went to a addiction Doc and paid for it becouse all I want is NO MORE HYDRO. So to me I feel you are using all this ins stuff as a reason to aggrevate you then what happens we all know the answer to that.So my thaught is just take care of the buisness at hand get clean and stay clean.Every day that goes by my head gets clearer and I get stronger in all ways especially looking to my god for help and dont let any of the little things that use to drive me crazy worry me those things just dont matter anymore. What does matter is I love myself today and need to take care of me so I can be the husband,daddy,member of society that I should be.So in the end my freind just stay clean and do whatever it takes to get that.

maggie0704 05-01-2007 10:15 AM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
Hi Everyone,
I am new to this site and it is so refreshing to find people that have the same issues as me. My husband (who is also in recovery) never has any problems staying sober. He has been clean 2 1/2 yrs. and doesn't even like taking Advil!
I am on Subaxone and worried about getting off it. I have chronic headaches/migraines daily and can not live with out being able to have something to help with the pain. I can not take NSAIDS because of previous ulcer so there are very few things left.

My Dad introduced me to Subaxone because "like father like daughter" he has struggled with headaches his whole life also.
I've found that this really helps - even though i still have pain, it is nothing like before. It helps me be able to function and live a normal life (which is impossible when you are in constant pain).

Anyways, long story short, i am planning on getting pregnant soon. I had 2 miscarriages last year. Of course taking this is not allowed when pregnant (nothing is allowed when pregnant!) and i am supposed to come off it.
I am a "recovering addict" and I can honestly say that i feel like living life is impossible for me at this point without something. And the Subaxone is perfect because it helps with pain as well as cutting any craving for pain meds. I was in rehab 2yrs ago and relapsed. I just don't know if i can handle being sober , not being able to take a thing but Tylenol (that is kid stuff for people with pain) AND feeling the VERY uncomfortable feelings/effects of early pregnancy. Not to mention that my headaches get worse from it because i have a hormonal problem.
I do know that Methadone is noted to be the hardest drug to come off of and it WAS hell on earth. So, hopefully the w/d from Subaxone will be better. Although, like i said, any "extra" problems added on to early pregnancy is bound to be difficult.
I'd appreciate any feedback and/or prayers.

doddsgirl1 05-01-2007 10:22 AM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
Hey John, I just read your post and you may want to do some research on the ultram/tramadol. It is very addicting and w/d's from them are harder then others. They say they are not addicting but speaking from experience and others I have talked to we beg to differ. Just do your research. Good Luck and God Bless.

tonic33 05-03-2007 10:49 PM

Re: Now getting off the Suboxone
It took me two attempts to get off subutex completly from heavy opiate use. The time I quit and stayed clean, I started at 24mg the first week, and the doc dropped the dosage every week. I dropped the dosage faster then he recommended as the longer you stay on the sub the harder it is to jump. I jumped at approx 2mg, as I would cut up the 8mg pill. Didn'y want to buy the 2mg pill as they were just about the same price. You feel real tired and ****** after your off sub completely. I did coke for about a week when i was off the sub so I would have energy and this helped me alot. I used about 1/4 oz of blow for two weeks, then quit the blow. Haven't touched the opiates in over 6 months. I do a lil blow every now and then. Max is I'll pick up like 1-2g for the weekend. I'm going to quit this too also. But quitting coke is nothing compared to opiates. To me there is basically no withdrawal.

My daily dose of opiates before sub was approx:
32mg Dilaudid and between 400-600mg Oxy.
If I didn;t have any D's I would just due a bunch of roxys, never a day without least going through a 10 pack.

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