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Help Quitting Oxycontin

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Old 05-13-2004, 12:50 AM   #1
Join Date: May 2004
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ocquitter HB User
Help Quitting Oxycontin

Hi, I've been doing Oc's for almost a year now. I started off doing barely anything, but that quickly lead to doing 40mg, and now it's up to doing 80-120mg a day. I'm gettin to the point where I really wanna kick the habbit and have tried a few times, but could never get through the w/ds. I stumbled across this site looking for web sites that could assist me in quitting. I began reading some posts here, and decided this very well could be it. I'm asking for people who have had the same addiction to oxy or a similar pain medication and have quit, for their help. I was wondering if I should just straight up and drop the habbit or gradually keep lowering my doses to ease myself off the w/ds? Also I was wondering if anyone has used anything to help them through the w/ds such as Suboxen or Methadone, and would you recomend using it? I really can't stand the w/ds especially since the type of work I do is manual labor and it is really hard on my body making them worse. Also another ? for any succesful quitters is how long do they last,and what is the worst day/s (ex. the 1st,2nd,3rd)? In the past one of the times I've tried quitting I was successful for about 11 days and feeling pretty good, but then I figured I can do 1 40 and be fine but quickly realized that it doesn't work like that and I was right back to where I was. So if anyone could reply with a little info on the subject I would be very Thankful.

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Old 05-13-2004, 04:37 AM   #2
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windysan HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

I'll offer my advice for what it is worth. Quitting by yourself is tough. If I were you I'd go into treatment. I would get medical supervision for a detox then do a 28 day treatment program. It will keep you away from the drugs and you'll have some time to get much-needed rest. I would definitely NOT do methadone. I've got no experience with buprenex or suboxone. Turning to any other chemical was not an option for me. The worst of the kick is about a week then it eases up after that. It is much easier in a detox/treatment center. Good luck with it.


Old 05-13-2004, 06:52 AM   #3
User 205000
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User 205000 HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

Quitter, I cold turkeyed a 225 mg./day hydro habit, which escalated out of control due to disc degeneration. I personally did not believe I could taper, as I would consume whatever I had just to deal with the pain. Further, I am not convinced a taper works with hydro, as the people I know that did try it still went through withdrawals once the taper ended. Unfortunately, narcotics withdrawal is something once has to go through, and the symptoms of such are well documented medically. The good news, at least for hydro, is that the worst part is over in 3-5 days, with the 3rd generally being the worst. For me, it was like having a bad case of the flu, and it won't kill you. Your doctor can prescribe clonidine to help ease the withdrawals symptoms, and trazadone to help you sleep. Both of these are non-addictive and do provide some relief. Like Windysan, once I made the decision to quit abusing narcotics, I wasn't about to substitute another one in its place (sub), and go through withdrawal a second time. I wanted my brain and body clean. Once you get past the first week, things get much better in a hurry, as your body detoxifies, and you will feel like a new person. Now, if you really want to quit, you must get rid of all narcotics in your possession, as you will take them if they are around (as you know). I will also tell you that I was able to work the entire time (yes, it was uncomfortable, but possible). Staying busy helps immensely. I hope you decide to do this, and I will help you any way I can.

ps: another point; when someone decides to quit abusing drugs, it is normal to fear relapse, but I think one must own up to the fact that relapsing is a personal choice, and one that will test your will. You must resolve not to put drugs into your body. You can't relapse if you don't take the drug!

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Old 05-13-2004, 07:20 AM   #4
Senior Member
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DannDees HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

Do not use methadone!!!! I would do it cold turkey as no matter how you do it , you will eventually get w/d ..I would work it out so your 3rd and 4th day without is on your days off..Good luck to you...You can do it and will be glad you did!!!

Old 05-13-2004, 10:26 AM   #5
Senior Veteran
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Banker HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

Hi, I take Suboxone and it has helped me tremendously be able to stay off of hydros. Now, withdrawing from oxys is not the same as withdrawing from hydros. Oxys are a longer lasting opiate and the withdrawals might last a little longer than hydros, but not by much.

Everyone has their own way to get off of drugs. You need to be sure you know all of your options and then choose which way you want to go because nobody knows you better than YOU!

I will tell you honestly, that Sub is an opiate where you do not get any high from it at all... it attaches to your 'receptors' and will not allow you to 'feel' any kind of opiate that you take so it sort of ensures you will not relapse. However, it is still an opiate and a strong one... therefore, the withdrawals will be there. I've heard they are not as intense as hydros or oxys but they will last longer because it is also a LONG acting opiate. Some people only take Sub every other day but I don't. If I'm just a few hours late taking it... I start to get really sweaty and feel a little bad. However, do not get on Sub if you can attend meetings regularly and are really, ready to quit.

People CAN be clean... without maintenance but I believe it just depends on how much of an effort they want to put forth or for whatever reason, they may just need to take a maintenance drug to assist them in living their life without the 'high' for a while, then they can taper and get off. Unless you are planning on taking Sub for at least a year, I would not even entertain it... Well, not true. You could take it for about a week to help you through the oxy withdrawals and then get off of it but if you take it for longer than around 14 days, you will be addicted to IT and then have to withdraw from it. Suboxone has no abuse potential as it has a ceiling effect which means you could take twice your dose and not feel anything. It does not give you a high but it does help w/the cravings. I mean, I wouldn't even think of taking hydros now because I have no desire too. It's just all up to you.

This is just my humble opinion (and I'm saying this so you can be informed of your choices) that I would either continue to taper (if you have the control to do it --- I absolutley never could). If the drugs were there, I would take them until they were gone, searching for that 'last high' so if tapering is an option, I would try it because it's proven that your symptoms will not be AS BAD if you taper down and then go cold turkey rather than doing so now. In addition, you can come clean w/your doc and get clonodine and go cold turkey. Clonodine helps with many symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal. However, you will be very tired while on this med. Oh, also... the Suboxone can make you tired too so if you are doing physical labor that requires your mind to be at 100%... I would not recommend Suboxone. Even though it doesn't give you a high, it can still make you sleepy so be careful in what you decide to do.

My recommendation is to go to your doctor and fess up. This way, you can have a medically supervised withdrawal and I just think those are always safer. Plus, you should be monitored since oxys are so much stronger than hydros.

Take care and let me know if you have any other questions or need anything. You are doing the right thing. My mother accidentally overdosed on lortabs so these drugs WILL kill you - it's just a matter of time. Save your life and take the plunge. You will be so happy that you did. And please keep us posted!

Old 05-13-2004, 11:50 AM   #6
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pillzpillzpillz HB User
Cool Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

Methadone has been a savior for me personally - I have always struggled with pain pills and have quit them several times over, only to go right back to the pills - I am convinced that I have a disease - why can some people have pain medicine and when they no longer need it, don't think twice about it and get off, while others, like myself, find that when I take the pills, I feel NORMAL, not depressed and more confident? To me this says that I no longer (and probably never did) can make enough dopamine on my own to satisfy my brain receptors and once you get addicted to the pain pills, your brain receptors are waiting for you to feed them every day, but you can't produce enough dopamine on your own to do so.

Methadone does NOT get you high, all it does is satisfy those receptors so you do not go into withdrawals. I will say it gives you a "lift" but not a high... Methadone is also helpful for depression - back in the years, narcotics were used as antidepressants for people who were clinically depressed (before all the medications now available were around), so that explains why for some of us, narcotics help our depression. There are side effects like there is with any other drug out there, but don't believe the false ones like it going into your bones and rotting your teeth, that is all a bunch of made up garbage and not true!

I wouldn't listen to anyone who says "DON'T DO THIS or DON'T DO THAT" without educating yourself on methadone AND buperenorphine. I started with bupe but it wasn't strong enough for me personally - I have a long history of narcotic abuse, I never did try heroin, only b/c I was afriad I would LOVE it....anyway, educate yourself before you listen to others and that includes me.

Good luck!


Old 05-13-2004, 12:24 PM   #7
User 205000
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User 205000 HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

Originally Posted by Banker
My recommendation is to go to your doctor and fess up. This way, you can have a medically supervised withdrawal and I just think those are always safer. Plus, you should be monitored since oxys are so much stronger than hydros.
Quitter, I couldn't agree more with Banker on this point. Your doctor can assist you in making this process as comfortable as possible, so please consider it.

Old 05-14-2004, 11:36 PM   #8
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doggreensector HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

oc, I quit vikes almost a month ago, the wd's are a pain in the neck and I felt like dogmeat for about two weeks. Taking motrin helped a bit and drinking a ton of water. Also if you can force yourself to do some excercise then the wd's are not quite as bad. Now I know that oxycontin is a different opiate, however from most of what I heard the wd's are almost identical.

The unfortunate thing is at about two weeks into my quitting the vikes, I ended up getting a horrible ear infection and fluid built up in my ear that the pain was excrutiating. My doctor gave me ultracet to deal with the pain which is also addictive, although not as much in my opinion. The ear pain finally went away a couple of days ago and now I am tapering off of the ultracet. The ultracet definately carries worse physical pain for me then the vikes did. The vikes carried physical and emotional pain along with the horrible craving. I should be off of the ultracet competely by the end of his weekend. I am down to two 37.5 tablets per day and with the worse pain I took up to eight on one day. Wd's are not fun and a big pain in the neck, but you can get through it.

One thing I was hooked on the vikes for about 14 months and was never successful tapering off, I could not stick to it. I had to cold turkey. With the ultracet I can do it because I don't get that "I can't wait till my next dosage feeling." The ultracet was necessary for horrible pain the vikes were for some initial pain in my back and I kept taking them for much longer then indicated. You maybe able to taper everyone is different, I will say one thing is that I agree if you don't stop taking them it only gets worse. If you quit you will look back in a little bit and feel a heck of alot better.


Old 05-18-2004, 03:31 AM   #9
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sueinoz HB User
Re: Help Quitting Oxycontin

Good luck to you which ever way you decide to go. My partner takes 10 x 80mg a day and says he needs them for the pain. He will not listen to anyone and he is getting his scripts legitimately. I think even his doc has given up trying to get him to cut down. He briefly went to a pain clinic that offered him hospitalization to get him off and he wouldn't do it saying he was scared. I can understand his fear, but I don't think there is any other way for someone to quit such a high dose. So I suppose I'll just wait for the day when I come home from work and find him dead from a heart attack because his body just can't take anymore.
I don't know what is your method for taking them, but he chews up to 3 at a time

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