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Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

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Old 05-26-2004, 11:58 AM   #1
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StacyVictor HB User
Cool Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

Hello everyone!!! I haven't posted in a while and felt like letting everybody know my progress. I have been on Suboxone for a year and 3 months. I take 1 2mg pill a day. Why the 1, 2mg pill a day works for me, I don't know. But I figure, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I see so many posts about people who have had a tough time coming off the suboxone and I'll tell you guys, it scares me too death. Last May I tried to come off of it, and I only made it 5 days. It was horrible. My addictionologist keeps telling me, "oh it won't be so bad, your on such a low dose". Well, let him go through the withdrawal is what I say. I am almost 38 years old and this is the first time in my life that I have felt normal. The first. I have had the best year of my life and my husband died last year, yet it was still the best year of my life! I actually have a savings account, with money in it! All of the horrible, black, sickening feelings I used to have each and every day of my life are gone!!! This Suboxone has been a wonder drug for me! If I had it my way, I would stay on it for the rest of my life! As for my doctor, well I don't know. He says you don't have to stay on it for life, but I will avoid going off of it for as long as I can. I realize I am still an addict and at only 2mg a day, I teeter on withdrawal all the time. I have to be very careful. I still have cravings but am able to control them. I just feel so darn good that I don't want to change anything. So I guess I'll just keep going on the way I am and pray that my doctor doesn't decide to stop my scripts! I feel so strong emotionally that I am just amazed each and every day that I wake up! However, it is always in the fore front of my mind that if I relax for a minute, I'll be back right back where I started! Anyway, I wanted everybody to hear a good story about Suboxone and how it has changed my life for the better and how incredibly happy I am now. I hope everyone is well and feels my post is a little helpful to them.. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day, I know I am!

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Old 05-27-2004, 04:23 AM   #2
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sadsister HB User
Re: Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

Great hearing from you-so good to hear all is well-you sound really happy!
Im still on the sub-4 mgs-my doc wants me off it-im not happy about that-cos i feel as tho im just getting some real clarity now-ive been on since last sept(?)-detoxed originally w/ it in june-tried to come off it-and relapsed.
Ended up back on-the sub since last yr.-no relapses since last november.
He feels like i should start weaning down-he won't listen to me.
I explained i was a heroin addict for 8 yrs..thats a long time-im gonna need more than a yr. to undo 8 yrs. of using drugs.
But ill try-it won't be for a while-at least 8 months-so...maybe by then i will feel ready.
In the meantime-im sticking w/ weekly therapy/some meetings/and the SUBOXONE>
I feel as you do-this medication saved my life/and my husbands-both of us-could not seem to get out of the grasp of the dope.We did manage to get close to 2 yrs. clean-and relapsed.
I do believe that addiction is a disease-one we create out of depression-and chemical changes occur-that change us forever.
I will be going down to 2 mgs. shortly-and fear the w/d and craving aspect but bupe is a powerful opiate-enough to hold you..
It seems like you are dealing w/ the low dose very well-and w/ a very slow taper im sure you'll be able to come off-(myself,as well)
But what about who we were/are before this med-will we go back to that depression and need to self medicate.
Why do the drs. not look at the bupe like methadone-some people are on the clinic for years?
Or must one go from dr/dr to maitain sub therapy?
I don't know i wish my dr. wasn't in such a rush!
How about your dr?
Stacey-have a great holiday-you sound so good-keep up the good work.
xoxo heather
Goddess bless!

Old 05-27-2004, 05:43 AM   #3
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Banker HB User
Re: Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

Stacey, we've missed you. And Heather, good to hear from you too. I'm just going to DITTO everything that you guys said....

And Heather, guess what? Went to doc yesterday.... gave me DIET PILLS! He was even going to give me the stimulants but I'm so damn anxious and opted for the other kind... basically this med will not let you eat too much fat, if you know what I mean. Your body will only absord 1/3 the amount of fat that you eat... no dangers, no side effects... well, there will be if I eat a big mac but you know what i mean... I haven't been eating those anyway. He said we would give this a try and if it didn't work, he would give me a mild stimulant until I got rid of the 25 lbs. I'm SO exicted... I went out last night and SANG! Felt great... had a ball. Things are going so much better, I love it. My meds seem all correct now. Still going to hit the shrink on the 7th... just to make sure everything is o.k. and make sure there isn't something that might be better for me or whatever. I'm taking 150 mgs welbutrin, 12 mgs sub, 2 mgs xanax, and now this weight loss pill. I'm pumped about the diet pills. Now, I just hope that I don't end up having to wear a diaper (GROSS!). Actually, sounds like it will help me with the other prob I was having, if you know what I mean. K - better get to work. Going to be late!

Stacey - again, we've missed you and I can totally relate to where you are right now.. .except for the savings. I'll get there though.

Old 05-27-2004, 07:20 AM   #4
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JCK7475 HB User
Re: Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

My sub doc is really good about keeping me on it. He told me when I started and has not said anything else that I would be on it for probably at least 5 years. He said it takes time for the brain to heal and rewire. At least 2 to 5 years depending on how long you used. I only used opiates for about 2 years heavy. One time he asked how I was doing and I said great and he said. "Now I hope your not thinking about coming off the sub yet." The only thing that has been driving me crazy is how much I have to go to see him. It is an hour drive, gas is killing me. I was going to there once a week for drug test $25.00 a pop seeing him every other week $50.00 a pop, and seeing the counseler once every other week $25.00 a pop. Then I take 20 mg a day so that is a $140.00 month my insurence makes me pay no less than $40.00 and no more than $80.00 for my prescriptons. If I could get him to write me a three month supply it would only be $80.00 for 3 months, instead of $420.00, or if I could just get him to give me a month's worth instead of 2 weeks worth it would only be $70.00 amonth for pills. Last time he gave me a months worth, but with a refill. He can be strange about how he writes the scrips. Soon I will only gave to see them once a month since I have finnaly been passing all my test the last 3 months. He has already put me on drug test every other week, counselor every other week, and seeing him once a month. But it was costing me about $400.00 a month the last 3 months. And i am in bad shape finacialy due to the wreakage of my past. It is a methodone clinic however that I go to and get the sub...

Old 05-27-2004, 08:46 AM   #5
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Re: Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

Banker, Please let me know more about this diet pill you are starting, I would love to try one also. I am pretty sure my doc. would prescribe me a script. I have not been able to loose any weight at all. And it is really getting me down, I have nothing that fits!! And Stacy I will also ditto everything you have said, I dont want to ever come off this drug, it has been a life saver! I have been on 8 mgs for the first 2 or 3 months and know am at 6 mgs and feel no differant. I just thought I would see what would happen, now I am thinking of trying 4mgs and see what happens. I honestly believe less is more with this drug. I am so happy that you are doing great, we all are very lucky that there is a drug out there that can help us addicts. Have a safe holiday!! Oh, its been 9 months all together for me on the sub.

Old 05-28-2004, 05:27 AM   #6
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sadsister HB User
Re: Just Wanted to Update Everybody.........

Wow-Banker...that is awesome-just responded on the other thread-to you..and saw this one..had to write-
Kimbee/JCK/Stacey-hi all!!
That sounds awesome-what is it called?
Im sweating my behind off everyday w/ the slim in 6-gimmee a pill..LOLLOL
Although it is working-lost 7 lbs in a month-and i can tell the next 3 weeks when i go to the next phase should help me get another 5-10 lbs off my butt! HA!Its just tough-you know-im lazy..kind of..exercise does make you feel better-those endorphins kick in-and my binge eating has really disappeared...
I was going hog-wild w/ the candy and ice cream..
So-ill stick w/ it-but let me know how this works for you w/ the sub/and other meds-cos im nervous when i take sudafed now..i feel like im constantly eating pills.
What songs?how was it?
Fill me in-details!
Jck-lucky your dr. is chill w/ the length of time-cos it seems to me the longer im on iy-the better it is-more clarity-no need for the opiates-financial things straightened out=better living.
I would talk to your dr. about the drug testing/according to my dr. legally you need to be tested 3x a year.
Refills?i don't know-cos my dr. insists on a monthly visit at 100- a pop- and the sub is 20.00 w/ insurance-the drug tests are 50.00 but i did all of them already.
Before insurance-which i just got 2 months ago-i was spending 500.00 a month to be on this program-but i was spending 500.00 a week on my habit-so money still was better-guess you got to figure-you are still saving.
Good luck all-hang in there-

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