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  • Pharmacies and early refills?

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    Old 06-09-2004, 07:32 PM   #1
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    Pharmacies and early refills?


    I'm trying to separate the constant grief I have over my brother and reality which is really hard. I don't really want to deal with 'anything' including insurance companies, pharmacies, Drs. - anything.

    But of course, since I am taking medications, i have to deal with it. And I have a question. Last month I got a script plus one refill from the new Dr. I just started going to. I mentioned I was pretty sick on 8mg, shaking etc. and at first took it upon myself to adjust it to the amount I was used to previously.

    Then I called his son (who is also a Dr. in his office); they're all addictionologists and back each other up and in my Drs. absence told him about my symptoms, etc. He told me it was OK to even take a little more for now, until i could discuss it with my Dr., his father when he got back. So I was adjusting, and sure enough, I've had to call in my refill a week earlier.

    My insurance has nothing to do with this, I'm paying out of pocket right now, but now my pharmacy is giving me a hard time and they want the Dr. to call them and let them know when the adjustment was made, to how much, etc. The office has no problem with doing it, but isn't that asking for alot of details? It seems that all they have to know is that this is an intiial time of adjustment for this medication (as it was last time) and the refill would be OK'd by the Dr. Maybe I'm just moody, but Im tired of being treated like I'm in kindergarten with all this. I expected it from my Insurance Company, but my pharmacy? If my Dr. is willing to approve the refill under any circumstances, what is it to them?

    Suboxone is great, but I hate being at everybody's mercy it seems sometimes.


    PS. Again, thank you for all your heartfelt things to say since Saturday. Sometimes virtual strangers can be more understanding than real life friends! So thank you

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    Old 06-09-2004, 07:36 PM   #2
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    Re: Pharmacies and early refills?

    Murphy, it is because the timing of the refill does not match the prescribed dosage, and they are dealing with a scheduled narcotic, which is a controlled substance. The same thing would happen if you tried to fill a Lortab early. Just have the doctor's office call and tell them they changed the daily prescribed amount. It's no big deal. I am truly sorry for your loss, by the way.

    Old 06-10-2004, 05:22 AM   #3
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    Re: Pharmacies and early refills?

    I have been told that apparantely, pharmacies are really looked in to because they are extremely and sometimes overly cautious about controlled substances. Trust me - it's happened to me before as well... and I, like you wasn't doing anything wrong.

    Old 06-10-2004, 10:26 AM   #4
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    Re: Pharmacies and early refills?

    Hello, I know exactly what you are going through. I take 1 2mg pill of suboxone a day. However, since I am on such a low dose there are numerous times during the month when 1 2mg pills is not enough. Like if I sweat a lot. My doctor gives me 35 pills a month just in case I need that extra half or quarter, which I always do. I have been going to the same pharmacy for 1 1/2. The reason I have stayed with this pharmacy is because when I first started takeing the suboxone last march they were the only pharmacy in my town that would order it for me. Now keep in mind I don't live in a small town, in fact a very large, race car obsessed, midwestern city. I never had a problem until last month. My pill bottle says 1 pill a day, for 35 days. I have told them several times that this is not right that the prescription is for 30 days not 35. Anyway, last month the pharmacist had a problem with me coming in a few DAYs early. Well I went crazy on him and told him that he could look through the pharmacy records and see that I always take my prescriptioin as directed. He filled the prescription but now I wonder if I'll have a problem every month. As you know, you can't go without this medication. If you do, you get sick. I always try and get my prescription a few days early because I don't want to run out and have to run to a pharmacy that is completely not convenient to where I live or work. Also, I have heard that pharmacy's like walmart, tend to look down on people that are taking a medication for addiction. Therefore, I keep my prescription where it is even though I pay about $20 more a month. It is worth the peace of mind. If you are going to a big pharmacy like Walmart, maybe that is your problem and you might want to think about a smaller pharmacy where they treat you like a human and not a number! Good luck, Stacy

    Old 06-10-2004, 11:53 AM   #5
    Twist Of Fate!
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    Re: Pharmacies and early refills?

    the pharms are cracking down big time! Bigger than ever. When I was 18 my doctor used give me 3 month supplies of "OxyContin" because I had mail order insurance. Now....

    Anything CII has to be post dated, you cant fill them, even ONE day early, it's pretty new and not all pharms are doing it yet but will soon be, they used to have a 3 day grace period for pain meds, but Sav-Ons are doing it now but my wal greens arent, You can not get extended refills on ANY CII drug and your insurance company cant deny coverage anymore. (that's a good thing because mail orders take up to a month to get) Plus picture ID.

    They are also doing it for CV drugs too now! But you still get the 3 day grace period because some are seizure meds. (Klonopin, Phenobarb) but you have to show a picture I'd now, Plus one strike and you're on the DEA list. When you are on the DEA list, the pharm knows right away and they have to call your doctor and let him know that you are on this list, at this time your doctor can say, well then dont fill it, it wasnt aware of that and he has the right to do so, with seizure meds, your doctor would most likly say, yes and fill it, that is an immediate danger I can be aloud up to 3 refills, and I drop my pills a lot so losing 3 or 4 isnt a big issue, but filling them like 2 weeks early, We did this to our selves, we cant be bitter about it

    Ill tell you a story about a very nice/great pharmacist, I was filling prescriptions for Dilaudid (bootleg from a friend MD) and the pahrmacist picked up progression, I was filling dilaudid and valium for months at a time, and fill up prescriptions for Clonidine, Neurontin and Klonopin for short periods, and did this for many years, he pulled me aside and said, "look, this doesnt look good, you're filling up prescriptions for text book detox drugs and potent narcotics weeks after, I cant fill this, (One thing I learned in life is that lying get's you nowhere, just like mom & dad always said, I just pretty much said, "so am I going to get arrested"? Ill sit here and wait, I dont want a warrent." He told me he appreciated my honesty and that im a young guy, polite and have a good head on your shoulders, ive seen you lose a lot of weight though but you're DEA record is clean. I have to report it but im going to let you leave because by these records it looks like you're actually trying plus this is only your first warning. Do you have someone to help you right now? I said, yeah, I'll just check back into Monta Vista like always.

    I ended up on that dea list anyway, but honesty paid off, Ive been pulled over at times I couldnt even stand on 2 feet, they say did you have anything to drink? i say nope, they ask if i'd be willing to take a breathalyzer I say dont bother, i was taking pain medication and I took a bunch of somas with them, I didnt know taking that many Soma was going make me feel like I was thsi drunk and it just hit me while I was driving, Should have been arrested but got a lecture and he let my sister pick me up and take me no another detox.

    Old 06-10-2004, 02:49 PM   #6
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    Re: Pharmacies and early refills?


    I realize that the pharmacies are under scutiny also. It's just that I have been gong to this same pharmacy for 20 years! And I also understand when the refill does not exactly match the exact dosage. But as someoone mentioned, even tho the Dr. OK'd an inreased daily intake, even if he hadn't, I usually like to call in a refill a few days ealier, especially if it's heading toward the weekend, because it seems that inevitably something goes wrong, or there is a problem, and then no Drs. can be reached over the weekend.

    I recently called in a klonopin prescription 1 mg/day, I had 30, on the 29th day, and they would NOT give it to me. Knowing that I have been compliant for 10 or more years, this is a little over-reacting I think.

    I called the Drs. Office and hear it's on his desk, to do today (call the pharmacy and made a daily adjustment), and will OK the refill - but the pharmacy had told me they want to know what date he made the changes, to what dose, all the details, and I know that Drs. don't want to get all involved in such details with the pharmacy. Shouldn't it be OK for the Dr. to say, yes I adjusted her dose, it's OK? What's with the 3rd degree. Anyway, i'm going to check back later with the pharmacy and Drs. office to make sure it has been done as I'm finished on Saturday.

    There was also the possibility earlier this week that I would travel to the East Coas to see my SIL, and was going to leave this Saturday (that's off now) so I was also concerned about that. I would need to take the refill with me and therefore getting it today would have been important. I FAXEed that info the beginning of this week.

    Stacy, how does 1 2mg pill work for you? Has it always worked for you, or did you wean down to that amount. I also think that Drs. knowing this issue should at least give some leeway on the instructions, ie in your case instead of saing 2mg/day, should say 2-4 mg/day to give you that extra lattitude in case you need to take that extra 2 mg every once in awhile. ie. I may be taking 8 again soon per day, but 8-12 in the directions would help resolved the issue of calling in too early.

    Stacy, I've had very similar problems with my pharmacy, esp. now when there has been a big transition with Drs. and quantities of medication give. I went from inpatient hospital, back to my outside psychiatrist, and now a new Dr. and they all have been giving different instructions. My past psychiatrist used to give me a script of 90 klonopin, saying take 1-3 as needed for anxeity. But I only took "1" (rarely 1/2), so I never called it in early, and never had a problem with insurance coverage.

    I don't want to have this problem every month, so I plan to talk to my Dr. when he gets back on the 24th. For all I know, he may be angry that his son adjusted my medication (I was very sick with w/d symptoms). But I plan on asking him, whatever dose he wants me back on to give some leeway in the "instructions" so I don't have a problem every month.

    I've been going to Walgreens for years; and I even used to take my pain meds there. I have NEVER gotten the impression that anybody looked down upon me since I started taking suboxone, in fact there is this one pharm tech that has been very helpful in sorting things out if there was a problem in the past. And if they do think any less of me for that, I don't care and it's none of my business; as long as they do their job, which in general, they seem to be doing. They're just not used to a change in Drs. etc. And they do know me there, by face, and they always are very nice.

    I don't understand about being on a DEA list. How do you get on that? I also had an experience long ago where honesty paid off and just in time. In my early addiction days (7 years ago) to vicodin, I used to call in scripts to different pharmacies. I was caught by a large chain (and W/G found out too) but the W/G I'd always been going to never said an unkind word to me. But at the same time, before the pharmacy called my Dr., I had already confessed to my Dr. a week before, so he already knew when he got the call, and told them I would be getting help, which was the truth, so honesty paid off in this sense.

    There could be something on my file at W/G but they have never made me feel that way. Always, nice, courteous, kind and on a first name basis. The other W/G (in my neighborhood) there is a pharmacist who years afer this happened, I went straight from the ER to that pharmacy after a cat bite for an antibiotic; I was in a lot of pain. Not only did he not fill it; he slandered me in front of all the other people in the waiting lists, calling me a felon, etc. And I screamed back a him as well because a this time, my life was very much in order. I wanted to report him very badly; at the same time, I didn't want my past dredged up. There will ALWAYS be people like that!

    so, it's possible I'm flagged from way back, but never seem to have a major problem with the pharmacy I've always used ... they know I'd had a problem and now they know I've sought treatment for addiction or (suboxone can be prescribed for pain too, you know?). I think they're being extra cautious right now because of he Dr. changes ... and who knows what this jerk Dr. S and Marcia told my pharmacy, etc. I know for a fact that they told my insurance Co a lie,, that I was abusing klonopin, which never happened. I've been flawless there.

    Anyway, I'm getting ready to call the Dr. again! I sure hope there is no problems. I can't handle any problems it seems, right now.....

    I hope your all doing well.

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    Twist Of Fate!
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    Re: Pharmacies and early refills?

    welp, you're right, you're going to get profiled, sorry, that's how these things go, im sure you knew to the same pharmacist for 20 years but my mother knew me for 25 years and she wouldnt write me a prescription for milk of magnisia! When I was on methadone I had to be at the cinic by noon EVERY day just to get one sippy cup. Lost my keys, lost a tire, lost a leg, I would NOT get my methadone if I showed up at 12:01, If I wanted to go on vacation, I had to book a flight, book a rental car, and book a damn clinic in that area before I went, I tried to be sneaky and I "acquired" 5 pills for my last vacation, and when I got gome, they cut me out of the program. Trust me, it get's worse....


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