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lisaaahubb 09-17-2004 09:08 PM

I had my dental procedure today!!!!
[COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=3]Hi everyone, got some catching up to do. I spent allllllllllllllllllllllll day in the dentist office. We ended up not going to denture route and went with the root canals, casts and porcelain veneers.....$14,000.00 :eek: But so, so worth it to be smiling again. It is KILLING me right now. I had 8 teeth in the front done. I told the dentist up front about my addiction. He still wanted me to take vicoden and advil, just for two days. He wants me to have someone i trust hold onto the med. and use my "support" which will be here and my NA meetings. I really don't see me having a hard time with it. I was in the "chair" from 11 this morning til 8:30 tonight!!!!! It was a very long day for me, but soooooooooooo worth it. Unfortunately tonight it is a little painful to even smile, but i am doing it anyway!!!! :) :) :)
Today feels like my birthday, i am reborn. To be able to smile again is beyond my believe. My husband and his family really pooled together to get us this cosmetic loan. He was really supportive today and i am greatful. I am just greatful in general. Life is good.
I gotta play some catch-up tomorrow morning.....
Hope everyone is hanging in there.
I gotta do some reading and ice my cheeks for a few....

rockingham 09-18-2004 04:58 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
for lisa,

aww that is so cool to "hear" the happiness in your post. these things are life changing to me i think. congratulations on your marathon day. smile pretty now and say....cheese :bouncing:

lisaaahubb 09-18-2004 05:14 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Thanks Rockingham!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Twinlynn 09-18-2004 06:30 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Hey Lisa!!

Your letter sounds so happy, that I distinctly heard bells ringing!!! :D Or maybe it was your new teeth chattering with excitment!!
I've always thought that dental work like that should not be called "cosmetic", so that the insurance companies can refuse to pay. Having a happy smile and all that wonderful relief is as important to the body and soul as my foot surgery last week!! It is sooooo important to feel good about yourself. (And I know all about "teeth" and "smiles", having put off the massive backwork I've needed, over and over again.!!) Isn't it the total pits how addiction moves even the most important medical necessities further and further down the "must do" line!

Anyway, just for all those hours in the chair, there should be some sort of Purple Tooth awarded for bravery!! Yea, Lisa!!! :bouncing:

xx Lynn xx

DallasAli 09-18-2004 03:15 PM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Hi Lisa!

That is so cool! I'm so happy for, let's smile together :D! Isn't it wonderful to have that work done!? I am just so very happy for you, I wish I could see you in person, but then I'd have to put my shades on :cool: as I would surely be blinded by your pearly whites and your dental "afterglow!"

I agree with Lynn that cosmetic is not a word that should be applied to dentistry when it alone can change a person's entire self-esteem and how they view themselves and how the world looks back at you. What you had done was huge, and I hope you can reach far enough to pat yourself on the back. I'm happy for you, too, in that for the first time it seems, your family has rallied around YOU and has given YOU the attention and time and treatment you deserve. You take care of everyone else, and so seldom is there any time left over for you.

Now let's just hope your husband's jealous side doesn't show itself as now that along with already being a beautiful lady, you have an inner glow and a gorgeous smile that is sure to knock some socks off! I bet your daughter, and the other kids too, is so happy for you (I mention her specifically because I remember how close you have written that you two are, and I figured you probably have confided in her about how this has made you feel in the past...?) The trickle down effects of this is beneficial to everyone--when mom is happy, everyone is happy, am I right?!

You deserve this, Lisa, now get out there and blind a few folks!

Love ya,

Dallas Alice

lisaaahubb 09-19-2004 05:57 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Hey Lynn and Dallas :wave: :D :wave: :D :D are you feeling???? I hope you are healing and resting that foot of yours. I was just reading a post between you and Dallas about shoe fetishes. I am guilty too, of having to most fashionable shoes, even if they KILL my feet. Although, with my 2 yr old now, i have switched to good 'ol Nike sneakers. My feet really appreciate it too!!! Well i hope you are on the up and up..... always bring out emotion in me in your posts. I love the way you express yourself and gosh you hit the nail on the head with my hubby. He was feeling insecure about me ALREADY!!! I just try to keep reassuring him that this work was done for ME, not to go out and find a new husband LOL...Gosh if this marriage doesn't work out...there will NOT be a husband #3!!!!! I can guarantee you that!!! LOL LOL
I have been smiling away, although it hurts like hell. But that "mental" pain is long gone, I still have to catch myself covering up my smile like i used to. I am even thinking about calling this week for a family portrait at the photo shop at the mall. They do some really cute pictures, adding in props and such. I don't want the traditional family picture, i want it more casual and fun. I had so many visitors yesterday. Everyone was in tears when they saw me. I gotta get rid of the rest of my vikes today, whether it is flushing them or giving them away, it is gonna be done with TODAY!!! I don't want to start on that crap again!!! Or ever feel "day1" again. Today will be 3 days on them and the pain is gonna be decreasing every day now. So it is time.
Well i just wanted to thank you for your post to always can make me smile no matter what type of mood i am in. You are quite an asset to our "family" here and am thankful you found your way to this board. You certainly have a way with words. Well Dallas....i hope this Sunday finds you well. Thanks again for all the encouragement!!!!!
luv ya tons!!!!

goddessgrl65 09-19-2004 07:34 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Hi lisa-
Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery-w/ your dental work/etc..but it sounds like you are happy-and i bet you look like a million bucks-
14,000.oo worth of work=beautiful teeth!
Divinci veneers????Did you see "The Swan"???
Its amazing what a new smile can do for people!
I was lucky to have "strong straight teeth"-but i could use a whitening-due to ciggs-i heard that the white strips-are a good OTC whitener..might go to target to get some-you inspired me..
Wishing you a speedy recovery!
GGrl65 :angel:

lisaaahubb 09-19-2004 07:41 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
[COLOR=Purple]Hey goddessgirl!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the well wishes. I HAD beautiful teeth until my last pregnancy w/my two yr old....i threw up like 15 times a day and was CONSTANTLY in the hospital for dehydration. The bile is what they say ruined my teeth. I think the meds helped along the decay as well. The dentist claims that Zoloft and alot of anti-depress. cause an extremely dry mouth, which promotes tooth decay. So it was worse for me to have HAD a beautiful smile and then lost it....
I keep looking at myself in the mirror and "practicing" smiling....i'm officially a lunatic LOL LOL
Hey what is going on with your therapist??? I'm trying to play some catch-up over here....clue me in. Are you tapering off of the sub too??? Fill me in, i am lost. This morning i actually had some free time to play catch-up with you guys. It is a beautiful fall day here in CT......only about 50 degrees and brilliantly sunny with a cool, crisp breeze. I'm gonna go out and get some frest air....
lots of luv,

DallasAli 09-19-2004 09:01 PM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Hey Lisa,

Thanks for what you wrote...what you said made me feel really good :). I'm glad for any smiles I can offer, but I'm sorry if hurts your mouth! I hope you start to feel better, and I think a family portrait is a wonderful idea! What a perfect thing to do together and celebrate so many things. I would love to see it and see what thoughts it creates because it is surely true that a picture is worth a 1,000 words...

Husbands, seems like the minute you do anything to better yourself, that guy wants to drag you down. On one hand, I understand that it is nice to not be alone, I am having some trouble with that part of all this...I don't like being alone while doing this! And it's like that old rhyme, "when he is good, he is very, very good, but when he is bad, he is horrid!" There is some comfort there whether he's supportive or not. Then on the flip side, there are times I'm sure that you want to scream "I can do this without you!" and carry on by yourself with the kids. I don't know if this is the case with you, but for me, when my ex was only seen as a paycheck in clothes, well...I finally couldn't do it anymore. Now, six years later, do I miss that paycheck? Yes!!! Sometimes I wish I could have it all back...even the cruddy parts, because the future is so very, very scarey. But what is done is done, and I do think I am a better person now than I was then. I would never be making big decisions like I have all by my little ole' self if I was still under his thumb, that's for sure.

Yes, please toss the extra pills! I don't know if you know that I followed you and the others here for almost a year before I joined and you all welcomed me in so much. As someone who has read from the outside looking in for a very long time, I probably don't need to remind you how many of your threads started out with "Day one...again." But that is what makes you so special and so never stopped, never. You've always tried so hard in the face of so many hardships, that I was glued to your posts. Every time I logged on I would wonder what I would find had happened to you. You were about to go to court when I started lurking...doesn't that seem like a lifetime ago? And look at you smile, new program, and a new period of being clean. Another thing I always admired about you was that if you did falter during a period of being clean, you never hid it or stopped coming to the boards. If I fall by the wayside during my methadone maintenance treatment, I hope I can be that brave. Will you pick me up if I do? Thanks, I knew you'd say that...


lisaaahubb 09-20-2004 05:11 AM

Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!
Good morning Dallas...i was happy to wake to a post of yours today. I am still in a bit of pain, but hubby took it upon himself to take my meds w/him to work. I really had to catch myself this morning. My addiction was FURIOUS, although the real "lisa" knows he is only doing it for my own good.
Boy are you right about hit the nail on the head with that one....when he is good, he is so, so good, but when he is bad....WATCH OUT!!! Sounds like you and I pick the same type of "partner" :rolleyes:
It is weird how well you know a sixth sense or something. I guess i have used this board as a form of a journal at times, and i never hold back as i am writing. So you have been following my story for over a year now. I have been thru hell and back, but i wonder if all of the b.s. is self-inflicted. I wonder if most of my issues and drama stem from my addiction. I don't know, i am still ****** at hubby for taking my meds with him. he knows it too, but i gotta let go. It is too dam early in the a.m. for me to start obssessing.
My upper lip is all puffy today and it is almost impossible to smile, hopefully this will pass soon. Swelling really started yesterday. I hope this is supposed to happen. I just want this to be over, but on Thursday i have to have some more work done on the bottom. For 14,000.00 it had better be more than one sitting in the dentist chair!!!! I do feel so selfish for spending that kind of money on my mouth...but i have suffered and suffered. Maybe a part of me feels like i don't even deserve it....i don't know.
I am a bit cranky today, don't know what it wrong with me.....
It is very interesting to hear from people that have followed "my story", and hear their view as an outsider. It always seems to help put things into prospective for me.
I will always be here for you DAllas!!!! Whether you are going thru good times or are a very special person to me. Weird how someone could be so special to you and you've never even met them face to face!!! I do have a mental image in my head of everyone here on the board...wish the board would let us all get together for a sobriety bash!!!!
Well its gonna be a rough monday for Lisa today. I am worn out today. I did waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy to much over the weekend...had some kind of adrenaline rush going on...with people calling and stopping by. Time to unwind today and get cracking on my sobriety. I could sense i was starting to "look forward" to my next dose...but i guess that is what makes me an addict. I'll get over it, i always do :D
Well my 2 yr old is up and about already at 7 a.m. :eek: that is 2 hours early for him!!! Gotta go!!!
luv ya tons, Dallas!!!!!

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