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Top of the mornin to ya..Lynn!

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Old 09-18-2004, 08:07 AM   #1
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
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Top of the mornin to ya..Lynn!

Hiya Lynn...Hey Alice...How you two been lately?.Just thought I would
catch you two and everyone else up to date regarding the " new me "-
which I must say I am absolutley thoroughly embracing and really enjoying
life for the first time in a LONG time...which in turn ,Lynn, has made me
realize that I was probably suffering " bordeline clicincal depression " for
quite awhile without even realizing it until I hit bottom a few months back
and found myself in that very dark,scarey place,devoid of emotion,feelings,
purpose,etc..That place Lynn , you were able to "reach out to me " and
help me get out ,you shall forever have my thanks,friendship,love as you
have indeed etched a very special place upon my heart and soul...On a
different note ,here is where I find myself lately.I am almost back to work
fulltime ( yeah I know ,what can I say ? is the type A,overachiever in
me ! )..Work has been going great and they are quite happy to have me
back ( hmm...maybe they finally realized how valuable I really was to their
bottom line,etc..)..So Sara, I see has made you President , Dallas-VP ,
and myself treasurer-it appears she must have remembered me mentioning
my daily reading of Barrons,Wall Street Journal and working on that NASDAQ
software trading program ,and my intense love of micro and macro economics...maybe it is time I finally take my Series 7 exam,have put it off
for a couple of, I dont really know how I ended up with
my current degrees and professional credentials except suffice to say my
dream was always to be professional student altho I am seriously considering
relocating at present to take that tenure track position in another state.
your thoughts ?...It would mean a fulltime return to Academia for me with
a 50/50 split between teaching and clinical research , I guess my only
concern is at 35 yrs old , I wonder perhaps if I am too old to begin a tenure
track position , although I recently "upgraded " my CV and am in weekly
contact with my counterpart at that big 10 university.. I have begun to
actively date again , and it has been fun,exciting altho I have yet to
meet that one special gal ,I hope to build a new future with..However, I
am currently casually dating a few women right now - hey I consider myself
a pretty great catch..your opinion??..Umm, time to make an amend to ya
all..I do not live in WI but rather another state in the midwest ,I have always
felt very bad in misleading everyone as to where I live ,however,regarding
my present position it WAS extremely important to me that none of my
colleagues,employer,etc..ever knew WICHRIS was me..let me assure you
all though I DO live in the midwest altho not WI and everything else about
myself I have shared is indeed true and factual..35/lesbian/catholic/republican
and my profesional credentials etc...So please accept my apologies for
misleading all as to where I currently live...I am sorry for I consider honesty
and integrity to be # 1 upon on my " personal inventory "...thus why I am
now trying to make ammends to all...please forgive me all..There, that feels
much better !!...Most of my off time ,in between work pages,the laptop,
calls and faxes at home has been spent on truly enjoying life on my OWN
terms...reading,working-out,listening to music,taking long walks and much
shopping as of late ( wanna look good for those dates of mine ! )..Some
of the books I have been reading as of late include a lot dealing with
" corporate athlete " , Ed Foreman , etc...trying to recapture much of my
late twenties and early 30s while climbing the corporate ladder...Waiting
to hear from everyone ASAP as I have missed conversing with you all
a great deal lately...and today is tough , I am really missing Sara already,
but I didnt want to let her know before she left...

Love ya Guys...Peace and Recovery to All....Chris

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Old 09-18-2004, 10:46 AM   #2
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Location: New York
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Twinlynn HB User
Talking Re: Top of the mornin to ya..Lynn!

Hi, Chris!

It's literally the top of the morning here--noon!! So, it's probably 11 where you are? I need a time zone map. Funnily enough, I had not even thought of the "WI" as meaning Wisconsin. I just assumed they were initials in your name...or some such secret thing! So--I never even "suspected" that you fibbed! LOL!

Okay, now let me get this straight--I am SO confused about your profession-I know you're involved with the medical profession? You are a professor? And the economics? (And what is a Series 7 test?) I feel like somewhere along the line, I missed some vital clues in your posts! Either that, or you are a true Renaissance Woman--partaking in as many varying joys of life as possible!

I know you can't be too specific on this Board, because you certainly don't want business colleagues going "AHA!!!"....but I get the feeling I am missing knowledge of some of your many talents!! (By the way, I was so surprised and happy, that, when I mentioned that book 'Noonday Demon' to you, as one of the better, more "visceral" accounts of the magnitude and monstrousness of actually bought it immediately.) Even in the depths of that pit you were in...your survival instincts were so strong. Many people at their worst during a depression would find the simple act of looking for and purchasing a book near impossible!! I have told so many people about that book--even offered to loan it to them--and not ONE could follow through. My own personality is such that when clinical depression hit me (and like you, I was "borderline" for ages). I needed so desperately to learn as much and as fast as I could about this condition! And, mostly, I needed to read of others who could reassure me that " think you will die from its savergy and the attack on your senses ....but, NO, you won't!! No matter how extreme, you WILL pass through it.. and you WILL be "normal" again. Able to read and understand the words on a page, able to talk to another person, even able, once again, to "tolerate" the simple sound of your watch ticking on your wrist." This is the nature of true clinical depression--a disease that attacks and "dissolves" your senses to the point where only a monstrous fear of something indescrible filters through to your brain. And, you, Chris, unfortunately know, that I do not exaggerate this illness.

Anyway--the fact that you immediately bought the "Noonday Demon"--so that you could learn what you were facing, said a lot to me, about your strength of purpose.

So--why am I not surprised to learn that you're a woman of curiosity and determination! And those two qualities combined with your strength of purpose....all add up to a woman who's going to have a lot of interest in more than just one career path or hobby!! And...THAT is why I'm confused about just what is your work? And what are your hobbies? Am I being awfully nosy??

Seems to me that if you want to change gears in mid-stream---that you're the person to do it! This "tenure" thing is supposed to be quite a nightmare for professors. Would it create a lot of stress? Of course...if you're an "A"'ll LOVE that aspect of it! LOL!! (Although I have endless curiosity about many things--I am definitely not an "A"!! I am more a dilletante, interested in everything...but expert of none. My background is BA in English (typical "dabbler"), enjoy writing, research, etc. I work with the Financial columnist of a news magazine, tho I am no financial expert! My research for her is never on the eco stats kind of stuff! More like looking for info on health care, etc. And, also, I do all her PR for television radio and speeches, etc. One thing I DID learn from this job...was how to read a financial paper! LOL! WSJ, Barron's, Fin. Times, Bloomberg, etc. (But that will never be my "forte". Now, my DAD (who died in 1977) was a CPA, who LOVED the stock market and the whole psychology of investing. Yet, he landed up with three daughters in "the Arts.")

I also have an insatiable appetite for both fiction and non-fiction, and you've heard me mention my hobbies like skiing, collecting antique ski books, making cartoon greeting cards, training my dogs in obedience, etc, etc. Alas...I am a Democrat...and you mentioned that you are a Republican. And never the twain shall meet! LOLOL! But "some of my BEST friends are Republicans"!!) Really! They are. We just don't talk politics!! Ho ho ho.

Well, I can't sit at the computer any longer with this horribly aching foot--gotta get it back elevated again. I can't believe this thing will EVER heal! I am soooo pleased that you feel well enough to be heading back to work. You really do have some big choices to make, tho, don't you?!

It was so nice to get your long note! And I wish you the best on the dating scene! That must be tough on your nerves! My friend at work makes it easy on herself...she dates both men AND women! So...she's got no lack of on-line services to choose from. LOL!!

Have a good weekend, Chris, and thanks again so much for writing. :-) Lynn

Old 09-21-2004, 12:00 AM   #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 120
Re: Top of the mornin to ya..Lynn!

Hi Lynn...How ya been ?...How is that foot of yours doing? seem
confused as to my profession and hobbies,etc.. Aww Lynn, a Renaaissance
woman you referred to me as...thank ya ,but indeed I am very blessed and
quite humble concerning " my place " on life right now..Geez , trust me-
great thing you are straight !...with compliments such as that ,well it makes
me smile...My educational background includes post-graduate level education,
2 degrees..first one went thru honors program and obtained a B.S. in sciences
with a dual minor in women studies and economics, my second degree was
obtained from another university out of state where I obtained my professional
health care degree also thru the honors program..,sorry but regarding my current position involving my health care professsion ,I am not comfortable
regarding my " exact title" people always seem to want " medical advice"
when in fact they should be receiving their dx,tx,etc..from their PCPs,etc..
No, I am not a professor but rather my current position does involve teaching/
mentoring health care students while " on rotation "..altho quite honestly
at my current level most of my position involves HR,Recruitment,Overseeing
a Dept,Payroll,etc..A series 7 exam is what one takes to have their " stock
brokers license " as opposed to people that are certified with annuities,etc..
Yes, I have a great love of micro and macro economics and thus why I
would like to take my series 7 ...not for a career move but rather for
the challenge...Lynn, so kind of what you spoke of concerning me immediately
buying and reading " Noonday Demon "..Lynn,because of you " carryng me,
guiding me thru that time "..I can honestly say I wake up each morning with
a stonger sense of purpose and truly enjoying every minute of my life..most
of my days and nights are consumed with the " old me " laughing ,going
out,just enjoying life to its fullest !..Hmm, my hobbies you asked ?.I am
an avid the way ,Bloomberg is one of my favs !...I am currently
reading " Angels Along the Way " , " The Da Vinci Code " , " Plan of Attack ".,
I absolutley love music.a wide range- Boston, Jefferson Starship ,Journey,
REM, Sugar Ray, Ehtridge ,Yamagata,Classical,Jazz,Oldies,etc..exc ept
" twangy country "...Some of my other hobbies include surfing,snorkeling,
boating - sailing , water skiing ,waverunning ,biking,gardening,golfing,
traveling and walking and hiking..I have a tripped planned for summer 05
to go to Belize and snorkel and stay in the rain forest....I also enjoy winter
sports-downhill skiing,snowmobiling,ice skating,cross-country...I am currently
thinking of getting a puppy ( would love to leave and come home to a wagging
tail ! )..and somehow I fear should I become involved in a relationship my
gal might " resent me " asking me her to wag her tail for me ! am
absolutely enjoying the dating scene at this time in my life !...I thoroughly
enjoy the romance , etc of it all...Lovin life here !...Please write soon when
you get a chance !...missin my Lynn...

Peace..Love Ya...Chris

Old 09-21-2004, 12:24 PM   #4
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Join Date: Aug 2004
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Christine1984 HB User
Re: Top of the mornin to ya..Lynn!

WiChris, Did U get my messages??? I sent u 3already???? One on the board saying message to WICCHRIS another on the post that sara wrote talking about how she finally admitted to her parents that she was addictted to pain pills and another pst by me saying message to fisherpard and Christina??? Do you not want to chat to me?? Im a very nice person. I have changed my life enormously. I am a good girl now.. Check my messages you will learn about me. some messages are on board 2. so please write back. How are u?? Im doing good now. sleeping now. I miss sara!! She is my friend too!! Gotta go now!! Love Ya, Christina

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