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Hi Everyone...

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Old 09-24-2004, 06:21 PM   #1
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 120
Hi Everyone...

I hope this evening finds everyone doing well..Christine , I am sorry I have
not yet posted/replied to ya..I am NOT trying to make excuses but my time
has been extremely limited due to many,many demands from my job as of
late..I will print your posts/replies this weekend ,read them and indeed send a post your way..I feel bad I havent been to " the boards " in awhile but I am definately workin my tail off !! As for me things are going great here altho I
could deinately use some rest and relaxation as of late..Still dating and finding
it very exciting & adventurous-great for my soul...I did buy a six pack earlier
this evening and hoping to enjoy a few cold beers and some music out on
my deck...Have a Great Weekend All !!

Love ya Guys...Chris

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Old 09-24-2004, 07:11 PM   #2
Senior Veteran
Join Date: May 2003
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lisaaahubb HB User
Re: Hi Everyone...

Hey Chris...what's up??? You haven't been around much lately. You must be keeping yourself busy. Dating again, huh??? Thata girl, that is the way to get back into the swing of things!!!! You sound like you are in good spirits!!! How are you physically feeling???? Mentally you sound very secure! Chat w/ya over the weekend....just wanted to say a quick "HI"

Old 09-25-2004, 12:05 PM   #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: USA
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DallasAli HB User
Re: Hi Everyone...

Hi Chris,

Seems the way you and I have always kept up with each other was via Sara and her threads, so I decided to finally make a direct post to you as I find you to be such a lively and interesting person and such an asset to this board. Also, I wanted to tell you that I found your post on being truthful about where you live as really neat and kind of funny in a way, too. I know that since I started treatment, I find this whole honesty and truth thing very hard and so very scary. It is strange how hard it is, and I found I was telling tales even when I didn't need to, (I don't mean that to sound like there ever is a time when a person "needs to" lie!) but like it was a part of me now that I couldn't get rid of until I broke the habit. That's how much a part of my life lieing has become. It is so freeing, though, to be honest, from the smallest details (like instead of making something up for why I didn't answer the phone, now I just tell whoever the truth, and I'm surprised by their understanding and that they don't get mad when I say "I had some stuff going on and I just didn't feel like talking when you called, but if you're free now, can we talk?") to the huge "fish" tales such as the volume of stories to so many different dr's and pharmacies and people that I sometimes would jot down whom I told what and when! The relief of not doing that anymore is so huge, and that's why I related to your post on what the WI stood for in your name and also why I found it somewhat funny that when you decided to be honest, you even came clean on that, and that was very cool . I think I finally get that saying of "the truth shall set you free" now...LOL!

When you first came here, we exchanged a few posts, so now I wanted to say to you that you really do sound so much better. Being a person with suicidal thoughts in my head that tended (and still do) to rear up once in awhile, I was worried about you back then. I read the exchanges between you and Lynn, and I was so impressed with our twin's knowledge of depression and so happy for you that you found her and connected so well with her. You two really seem to relate to one another. That's what I loved about this board when I finally quit lurking (after a year of reading from behind the scenes), and posted...there were so many who were or had been going through the same addiction and self-esteem issues, so finally I didn't feel so all alone in this world anymore. Truly, though, I really wanted to say a direct hi to you rather than via another person on a perhaps unrelated thread. I'm very happy for you too Chris, in that you are dipping your toes back in to test the waters of dating again. Are there still times that you find yourself thinking of your last relationship? Do you believe in the saying that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? That is one I struggle with as the pain of a lost relationship is so very deep that I don't know if the joy of the love really balances that scale or not when it's over...and being a Libra, I like the debits and credits to balance in life! I don't mean to pry, but I do wonder what your thoughts are on that saying.

On a different note, your job sounds like it is so fast paced that I would certainly crumble from the pressure. But I am 12 yrs. older than you so I get to say now that I don't have the energy I used to...I know, I know . Really, though, when I read your post that gave more detail on what exactly it is that you do, I was thinking to myself "How in the heck does she keep up with all that on top of having her heart broken and being in the world of addiction and recovery...?" So Chris, in case nobody has told you, you multi-task very well...

Write back when you get a chance, and enjoy your weekend! The way you are spending it sounds very relaxing as these first few breezy and colorful days of fall begin, a cold beer and a a deck to hang out on sounds great. I hope things keep going upward for you as you've surely had your share of down time. I find myself thinking about our Sara a lot, don't you? Can't wait to hear about the rehab, and if I recall, you had a story yourself to share on that, am I right? If you've already written about it, would you mind telling me on what thread I can find it? I remember you saying you might have held off posting it as you didn't want anything to interfere with Sara's decision-making on her own rehab commitment was drawing near, so if you haven't still told it, I'd be really interested in reading about it. Just a "whenever," okay?

Take care Chris, sincerely--you do seem so much better, and the difference in your posts from then to now is incredible.


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Old 09-25-2004, 07:12 PM   #4
John 808
Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: MS, USA
Posts: 1,578
John 808 HB User
Re: Hi Everyone...

Hey Chris!

You left me hanging awhile back on a thread discussing my absence because the RNC was on! I thought you would jump in there and vouche for my reasons of not chatting much! We Republicans gotta stick together girlfriend!
Like you, I haven't been on the boards much myself! So busy with school, children, activites, church, etc.....!!! You'll have to dart over and read my response to HydroQueen's thread ("Dallas...") so I won't repeat myself!
You sound good though! I hope things continue to go well!
Stay in touch when ya can- K?

Goodnight ya'll!

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Old 09-27-2004, 07:23 AM   #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 112
Christine1984 HB User
Re: Hi Everyone...

Hey Chris, Sorry That I havent gotten back to u sooner, but I dont have a computer at home. I have to wait until I eathier go to the library or go to my college class to write to all ya lovely people. I am so happy you finally wrote you me!!!!! How you been? You are finally dating??? Congrats!! How is that going???? Did you find that right person yet??? Im doing alright!!! My favorite girl cousin who is 43 came up on saturday i literally love her, she is so cool and so pretty and we get along great. she is a social worker and thats what i am in college for. Why do you come on these boards? do you have an addiction?? Where are u from??? Me NY!!! I miss SARA SO MUCH!! I HOPE SHE IS FINE!!! I pray for all of you guys!! Well write me back.. Love, Christina

Old 09-28-2004, 09:32 PM   #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 120
Hiya Again Everyone...

Top of the evening to everyone tonight !..I must say it was quite a pleasure 2
hear from you all -Michelle, Dallas ,Christine....Yes, work has been keeping
me quite busy-altho I cannot " say much " ..I have indeed landed the
biggest clinical research project I have ever led..Yeah !..I am up for the
challenge...Michelle, I am so glad you wrote as I think about you often and
always wish ya the best.It is true I have been reluctant to sometimes give
my thoughts/opinions on medical matters simple because of my credentials.
So , I have tended to be on the " cautious " side yet help when I can...And,
yes rest assured altho I am a lesbian,catholic I am a true republican !..WOW!...what a mix eh?..Dallas, I was most glad to read your
post as I have felt a " connection " to you but we never seemed to connect
via one to one..Indeed, I have found " your story" ,your background ,your
struggles/battles and current MMT "reaching me in a way " that I wished
someday we would be able to connect..Thank ya for making the first move..
You asked quite a few deep, indepth questions-altho it did not surprise me
for that is simply how you " tick "...I also tend to think that way also. Yes,
Dallas- I do believe it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at
all....For Love in itself Dallas is a grand gift and one that I was glad I could
partake in, however, hard emotionally,etc afterwards when it all ended..I
am happy to report I have gone out with quite a few gals and am enjoying
the " dating scene " a lot...actually it has been quite a compliment to have
some women finally treat me as I should have been treated in the past-with
flowers, cards, making dinner for me,etc...altho I have not yet settled on
"one"...It appears, which came quite a surprise to me that quite a lot of women were and are interested in me ,if anything else, I am quite humbled
by it all...To answer your next question, as to my ex-lover I am VERY happy
to report she is now with a new lover,living together in another state and
I set her up financially before she left and changed all the locks and got an
ADT system !..I am happy for her and we still remain freinds via email altho
infrequently...That part of my life is over, like so many other things and the
future lies ahead where not only all my hopes and dreams will materialize but
more !...Hey, Dallas dont be a stranger now..I would enjoy hearing from ya
again..My Christine, I know you are young and sensitive ,but DONT think
for one minute that all of us here dont care for you a great deal and are here
to help ya out..Hang in there kiddo-life WILL get better !.and I DO care about
ya...Well Gang, Have a Great Evening and Super Day Tomorrow !

Love ya...Chris

Old 09-30-2004, 07:13 AM   #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 112
Christine1984 HB User
Re: Hi Everyone...

Hey Chris, Good Morning!!! Yes I am very sensitive and a worry bug!!! Your in the medical feild??? IM in college to be a social worker!! I love reading books regarding the body and the medical feild!!! Did you read all my posts? espesially the ones on sara's thread the one's where she admitted to her parents that she was addicted to pills. I posted all about my life on there! did you read my post on there. go to page 2 or three on this board and you will see it on sara's post!! Congratulations on meeining a gal. i hope things go great!!! thats good that u got rid of your x and set her up with a new girl!!! your a great person!!! Where do you live??? I live in NY!! Do you have any kids at all? me no! im engaged to a wonderful guy!!! but wont get married for another 5 years until im done with college!! Well i hope sar is doing good. i miss her!! What addictions did u have in the past or still have??? I got to run Chris, I got a college class. Love your friend, Christina

Old 10-28-2004, 08:16 PM   #8
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Sarandipity HB User
Exclamation Re: Hi Everyone...

Bumpin this up to the top and will continue to do so until you return. I have returned as you can see, and I would love to talk to you and know what you are doing now. I know the feeling of getting your life back and it keeps you so busy, or at least Im so frigin busy. But I miss you so much, and everyone else. There are some really cool people Ive met on this board who have helped me in my sobriety and made me laugh!

Rehab was great, but Im glad Im home. Just wish I wasn't in a concrete jungle like Houston is. But wish I was back in the Hill Country where theres no crazy drivers and a lot less stress.

Missin you, please write.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo,

"I believe that friends lift us up when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

Old 10-28-2004, 10:25 PM   #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 120
Re: Hi Everyone...Re-Hello from WICHRIS

Hey Sara ! Also a special hello to Lynn,Alice,Dallas, Banker,GG65,BC and
everyone else....Hope I didnt leave anyone out but until I got the email
notification from the boards that Sara " bumped this thread up "- I
have been MIA...Sara - Way Kewl you finished the rehab and had such
a great experience !..You as others on this board have been in my prayers
daily..Sara I am filled with questions and anticipation concerning your
experience with rehab and continued sobriety - How are your girls doing?
and the rest of your family ? Are you dating your ex?...See lots of questions!
I have truly missed you but at the same time my " sixth sense " told me
although you had some "rough spots " in rehab you were doing great..
As for me , I am way overwhemled by work right now and this upcoming
3 yr "project" and contract with my company..As for my sobriety I am
totally clean and currently not on any antidepressants-however, I am
seeing a therapist every week-imagine this--I actually like this gal and
she has helped me a lot in putting together a reasonable plan to
achieve a better "me" and has helped me realize my success as a woman
does not equate to how far I climb the "corporate ladder "..and instead
stop and enjoy life and the small pleasures that await with each dawn
of a new day..I have also met the "perfect gal " and we are doing
great with our relationship !..She simply is wonderfull and I am thinking
of proposing to her over Christmass for I intend to marry her-if she
will say yes !..I can honestly say thinking over the years and my
many relationships,etc..this is first time I have fallen in love-as I loved
before but never was in love..Sara and everyone,please dont feel
I have abandoned all of you or this board but rather I just needed
" a break "....I will further explain this in my next post/reply...

Luv ya Guys!...Chris

Old 10-29-2004, 08:50 AM   #10
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mernee HB User
Re: Hi Everyone...

I thought I would also say you I was not on the board for awhile due to personal issuses but I am home now and glad to be on. I don't know if you remember the puppy that I told you my son bought me to help me get over the cat I lost, well it seems that my little baby who is the sweetest natured dog I have ever seen extremely gentle and quiet is a Pitbull and they are ralleying here today to ban them so, I am off to the rally to listen. I was thinking this morning how I liken this to my thoughts and feelings about life in recovery and how you must be willing to totally change your views at any time. Last year, my German Shepherd was attaked by a Pitbull and was badly hurt and cost me about 1000.00$ in vet bills, after that I hated all Pits and wanted them banned, now I own one and I couldn't ask for a better dog, so I thought you know recovery is like this...being willing to change what you think sometimes even if it is totally against what you previously believed in. Well, gotta go.....have a good day.

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