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Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

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Old 09-30-2004, 01:35 PM   #1
Senior Member
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sammi HB User
Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

Hey guys, just would like it if you all could read the thread, "I'm in serious trouble, advice from Suboxone users please and quick" PAGE 5, post by WA2. What an encouraging post!!!!! I know everyone's w/d's are different, and I know I have said this a 1,000 times, but I truly believe if you do a slow taper w/d's will be much easier. My Dr has told me that from the moment I walked into his office.

Lynn and Alice, read how he said he would go the Suboxone route all over again and how it saved his life. I will pray that my w/d's will be as easy as his were and that Suboxone will work as well for you two as it has for many on here.

Love you guy's,

By the way, I didn't mean to exclude anyone, I just know Banker and ggrl are wanting to taper and the twins are wanting to get on Sub.....

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Old 10-01-2004, 05:47 AM   #2
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Twinlynn HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

Sammi - thanks soooooo much for alerting us to WA2's suboxone post. After reading it, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! It was so positive--and just what I needed!

I could so easily have overlooked that thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynn (and Alice) :-)

Old 10-01-2004, 05:55 AM   #3
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goddessgrl65 HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

That was a post i won't holding on to those words for dear life..
Thank you/thank you...
Theres hope!!
I had read so much crazy stuff on bupe w/d-now im feeling much better...
(*a sigh of relief*)...just knowing someone had a positive experience-.
Thanks honey-for bringing this to my attention...
Its gonna be a good day..
peace/love to all

Old 10-01-2004, 08:53 AM   #4
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Best Friend HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

Sammi, thanks a MILLION!!!! Gives me so much hope. You are a gem.

Old 10-03-2004, 02:11 PM   #5
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Banker HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

Thank you, Sammi! I've been gone for a long time. I've been trying my best to taper too fast from Sub. I'm really not doing so well on it. I mean, this morning I could not even put my shoes on because my feet were so swollen... and I mean swollen like I was 9 months preg. But... I've tried to drop from 12 - 10 and staight to 8 in about a three week period... yeah, that doesn't work. I was on my 4th or 5th day of 8 mgs and about midnight that night I was in pretty bad withdrawals... slight fever and chills but of course, no bathroom problems... heck, if I had that I probably would have stayed at 8... (kidding, but not... you guys know the prob it causes) but anyway, I not only had to take an additional 4 mgs, but another 4 just so that I wouldn't be sick anymore. So, since then I've been back at 10 but even to taper 2 mg in a four week period isn't bad. I'm just going to continue to go as fast as I can with as little discomfort as possible. Again, I swear if I didn't have this weight problem, I would never get off.... it's just the weight. I'm at the point now where it's just not coming off. I'm eating next to nothing and exercising but I'm stagnant. I think my metabolism is screwed and I know that within two days of me stopping this drug completely, this weight is going to melt off. Trust me! But I am praying every day that I can handle the cravings. I just can't imagine what they will be like because it's been so long since I've craved. Anyway, better run but I wanted to say hello and I hope everyone is doing well. Take care guys!!!

Old 10-03-2004, 04:47 PM   #6
Join Date: Sep 2004
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octomon HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

Hi Banker,
As the person who pulled me into this site [via google], I somehow feel a bit more tied to you, especially because up until recently we were on the same daily dose of suboxone.

I don't know if you read any of my recent posts, but in 3 weeks I have successfully gone from 12-16mgs per day to 4mg, and am currently feeling NO discomfort at all, except maybe less overall inspiration toward the end of each day. I experiemented in a big way with my taper, and though I don't know what exactly has worked for me most, it seems I have made quite a large jump in a short time compared to most tapering down from the sub. I guess the fact that I feel good makes it a success so far.

I'm sorry to read about your overall discomfort. Believe me I was there and it was hell. It sound's like you will be doing fine with a slower taper, though. But if you want any info on how I have been doing this, feel free to ask.

I also had to be absent from the board for a few days initially when I was feeling bad, but it's good to be back now, and great to read a post from you.

I wish you all the best. We can do this!


Old 10-04-2004, 05:37 AM   #7
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Twinlynn HB User
Smile Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...


I had decided I would give you until Monday (today) to post...but then I was going to call you out from your hiding spot...and tell you that I was worried!! But, then, this morning...I opened this site....and there you were!! I gotta tell you that I've missed you so much!

(Octomon - I'm sorry that you had been going through a rough patch, too, I just haven't been able to read most of the I missed all of yours. So glad you're so much better.)

I did worry, Banker, that you might try to get off Sub too quickly--you've got so much determination, when you make up your mind, that I knew you'd rev up from "0 to 70", if you could possible make it!

The fact that Octomon can taper more quickly just highlights how differently each person reacts to the same drug. But you will notice that others here have had to taper down very, very slowly...taking "crumbs" in the end. Have you spoken with your doctor about your withdrawal discomfort on your taper? Does your doctor even know that you are doing this trial and error? Quite honestly, the doctors seem so uncertain, themselves, as to getting the amounts of Sub right for both stabilization...and taper, that I can understand you and Octomon trying your own educated tapers. You know your own body--and how it reacts. It told you pretty quickly that you'd tapered too much--too quickly. But I do think your doctor should be up-to-date on how much you're taking. Or is he/she already aware??

That weight gain is sure crummy! People seem to vary on that issue, too. But, are you on a bonafide diet---eating smaller portions? Have you stuck to it for a long time, say, a month? Is it that a diet no longer works? Or that you're much more hungry than you were without the Sub?

You know me....that when I diet, I just eat small portions of whatever I want. I just believe these energy bar diets...or ANY diet that depends on drastic measures is just not realistic. We need to work out a balanced diet that incorporates our favorite foods. Otherwise...once we are off the gimmick diet....we'll go back to our old ways. Our bodies really need the chance to learn portion control without completely banning favorite food as totally taboo. You land up spending all your time concentrating on what you CAN'T eat, if you do that! Gimmicky diets can become an addiction in obsess all day over what you can and can't put in your mouth.

I've been wondering, so often, how things are going in your life. I know you were having ups and downs with certain issue--so..if you have the time, I'd love for you to fill me in. And...speaking of "filling in"--I'm still stuck in bed with this crater-shaped foot wound that refuses to close. Top-of-the-foot tears and lacerations are listed as one of the most difficult areas of the body to heal! Great!!! I only wish my odds in the Lottery were so lucky!! LOL!

Next visit with this doctor (I've had to see a plastic surgeon), he will decide whether or not to do a skin graft...which I'd hate, because it means 4-5 days in the hospital..and not getting out of bed--AT ALL!! (How'd ya like to deal with THOSE bathroom problems!!) Anyway, I'm hoping to avoid this operation like the plague (the one-day operation I had several weeks ago failed...the skin just up and died when he stitched it together.) Uh oh....I wasn't thinking--I hope you have a strong stomach, Banker. I forgot that many people turn pale green and start running, after they've made the mistake of asking "'s the foot?!" (And you didn't even ASK!!!)

I'm going to try to find a Sub doctor this week. I am so confused as to how it would affect an operation, taking these oxys. I'd have to get this straight with dr, the anaestheologist, etc. ahead of time. Let them know exactly what I'm on...Sub or pain pills. And exactly how much.This part is totally scaring me. In fact, I'm pretty anxious 24/7, now! Time to make big decisions and heal the brain, as well as the body!! It's probably just as well all this happened. (Tho it's hard to convince my mind of that!! LOL!)

Re. your cravings, in the future. I guess you just won't know until you are either off the Sub....or close to being off it. That's another area where each person differs. But it would certainly make sense, that after all this time without opiate drugs, the cravings might not start again. I think that it's often the depression that causes cravings. And you're okay at the moment? Still taking the Wellbutrin, like I am??

I sure have missed you, Banker. Please stay in touch! (I'm going to behave shamelessly, here, and pull the "sympathy card".....and tell you that I need you for my recovery!!)

Please write soon and let me know how you are!

Love, Lynn xx

PS Theo still walks "funny"--but at least he's walking! :-)

Old 10-04-2004, 05:54 AM   #8
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goddessgrl65 HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

My friend!!!I miss you...
Im so ****** off w/ this weight gain-as you know-i worked out for 3 months-solid-6x a week..hardcore-zero results..
Ive cut down on the eating-but stopped w/o and im back up in weight.
This is a HUGE problem for me-cos i hate the way i look-PUFFY.
I can't believe its me-in the mirror-i am way down in dose-3/4 mgs-but no change..
I know if i get off it ill lose the weight-
Im thinking of trying weight watchers-and if i can't lose-i gotta get off-
i got to anyway-but also-what am i up against.
Also having a hard time coming off this low 2 mgs..
Am i screwed or what!
its aggravating..
what can we do?

Old 10-04-2004, 08:32 AM   #9
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sammi HB User
Re: Banker, Lynn, Alice, GGRL65 Please read...

Banker I was so glad to hear from you. I too have been wondering how you were doing. Remember, just take it slow! I know the weight gain has been a big issue for you and ggrl and I know that in itself is depressing enough. Like Lynn said, it's funny how differently our bodies react to the same drug. I know for myself and I think it was Octomon that Sub did not affect our weight. Go figure!! One suggestion for you and ggrl, there is a book out, if you go on Amazon you can buy a used one for 1.50 by a Dr.Cliff Sheats, the name of the book is Lean Bodies. It is a national bestseller, he happens to be located here in Dallas, however it really does work!!! My husband has done so well by following this "lifestyle change". The good thing about it is as a family I too started cooking better and all three kids love the food. Dr.Sheats beliefs are by taking in more calories, so which means you get to eat lot's of food, you will lose bodyfat quicker. Within a two weeks period my husband lost 9bls, which doesn't sound like a lot, but he decreased in waist size by a couple of inches. This book also gives you a few weeks of menus including what to eat for snacks. You get to eat three meals plus two major snacks. It's all food that you can actually find in the grocery store and it's easy to prepare. Dr.Sheats also also gave him a two page "grocery list" which I would be glad to post on things that you should keep in the house. (snacks, the right butters, veggie..) Do a search on google for Dr.Cliff Sheats and you will find more info out. Like Chili's and several other resturants around here use him to make menus for their resturant. I promise you it works!!

Sorry I went to rambling but when I believe in something and I know it works I like to be able to share it with everyone.

Lynn, if I were you, I would wait until your foot heals before starting Sub. Just my opinion....that way you won't be mixing any meds with the Sub because honestly if you're going to have to have another surgery and obviously you will need to take something for the pain, the pain med will not do you any good. I'm sorry to hear it is taking your foot so long to heal. What a bomber!!!

GGRL, please don't think your screwed!!! Don't give up!! Have you tried decreasing your Sub even by 1/4's, I know it will take a little longer, but that's okay. I sure hope I won't have that problem. Please don't get frustrated and depressed, you have been doing so good, just take it one day at a time.

Well I guess I have been rambling enough, hopefully I didn't bore you guy's to badley, we can and will get through this together!!

Have a great day everyone,

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